Chapter 34 – Flying is Really Just a Cheat

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Author: Bankuru Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2369 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1344 words
Editor(s): Fire

After days of repeated training and working at the café, it’s finally time to depart.
Even though it’s still so early in the morning, Cain and Firu also came to see us off. Chris wanted to come too but since it was hectic at the cafe yesterday, it looks like she overslept. It was really packed yesterday after all……

「Hey, take care on your trip.」
「We’ll be fine with managing the café, so please don’t worry about it.」

Cain should be busy with his own work too, so I’m glad he came. Also, Firu is really reliable. I need to do my best when I return.

「Be careful, alright? I’ve already said it before but you can’t get injured, understood?」
「It’s not like I’ll be gone forever, so don’t make that kind of face. I’ll be back in no time.」

To help her relax, I lightly kissed her and hugged her tight.
I also need to charge up some Rutinium while we’re still here after all.

「Now then, it’s about time to go.」

Starting today, I’m going to be together with Nera-san for a while. But to be honest, we didn’t have much stuff to bring with us and also, since Ruti isn’t coming along, I thought that we would have to carry a lot of baggage, but Nera-san has a so-called magic pouch with her. It seems to be a bag with the space inside expanded with magic just so a lot of stuff can be stored inside. When we put the tent and other things inside, it went in really smoothly. It’s like that thing, that blue racoon’s pocket.1 I really wanted one and unconsciously stared at it with envy but to my surprise, it looks like it’s actually a provision from the Order. They said that there’s just an issue in mass producing them, so ours haven’t been handed out yet, though it’s going to be provided sooner or later. I can’t wait.

「Then, everyone! I’ll see you all later!」

Since I got flight permission, I immediately expanded my wings after leaving the gates and began flying.

「Nera-san, don’t grab just my arms, hold on to my belly and tail too, okay? Because if you fall, you would probably die.《Faster than a bird, faster than an arrow, turn my body into a bullet tearing through the air.》」

「Understoo…… Eh? That chant? What are youuuuuuuuuuuuu!?」

I really thought that I can only use Breath as magic, but then I thought “If flying uses magic power, then can’t I add in a chant as an extension of it?” and it worked.
Eh? Wasn’t I just warned the other day not to simply do things because I feel like I can do it? Ah~h, I can’t hear you~

And since I’m circulating magic power in full force as well, I’m gradually accelerating. The scenery around me is moving at amazing speeds.
With this, we should be able to reach the town in no time!


After flying for ten minutes, I’m running out of breath. Well yeah, you obviously don’t see a marathon runner running at full speed for a reason. I was in so much of a hurry that I completely forgot to think about this.2

「You did fly with so much momentum, this is just a natural result from it. However, thanks to that, we’ve managed to reduce our travel time quite considerably. Let’s see, from this location…… We should have traveled 5 days worth of walking on foot.」

After getting our current location from the surrounding scenery, it looks like we’ve traveled reasonably far. It should be good considering that I only flew for 10 minutes, right? But from here on out, I probably won’t last if I don’t slow down, huh…

After resting for nearly an hour, I flew considerably slower so that I could fly for a longer period of time. Still, I’m flying at the speed of a car driving on a highway though.

『Ah, that’s right. Nera-san, how about you try learning telepathy while we have some time? It seems really useful in investigating and such after all.』
「Can I use it as well? It certainly is true though, if I can use it, I do think that it would be quite convenient. How do you imagine it?」

Since the dragon transformation incident, I practiced telepathy repeatedly and can now use telepathy on both groups of people and just specific individuals. Second to flying, it’s one of my precious non-Breath magic. Still, can I really classify flying as magic? Well, who cares about the specifics anyway.

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However, in this scenario, I can only communicate on my end, hence I really want other people to learn it too, you see? Also, when I’m using telepathy on someone, it looks like they’re just talking to themselves after all.
By the way, Ruti already learned it. And since telepathy can reach about anywhere if it’s just inside the city, I can now feel relieved even if anything might happen to her. But well, as you’d expect, we can’t actually reach each other when we’re this far away though. Sniffle.3

『There isn’t really much merit in chanting for this, so use it with just your imagination, okay? So then, for the crucial mental image part. In my case, when talking to groups of people, I imagine my voice rippling like a wave. And when talking to a specific individual, I imagine connecting a string to who I’m talking to and make my voice pass through that string, I guess.』

For example, like waves on the water’s surface and a string phone. I wonder if there are string phones in this world too…… if there is, then it’ll be a lot easier to explain and all.

「You say it like it’s so simple…… Still, if everyone in the Order learns it, it should make coordinating our movements drastically easier. So even if it’s difficult, there’s enough value to learn it.」

For now, there’s no use thinking about it until I can use it myself. Saying so, Nera-san immediately started practicing as I’m carrying her in my arms.
However, since Nera-san generally uses magic with chanting as a basis unlike Ruti and I, who generally use magic with only our imagination, it seems like she can’t quite get the hang of it.

I fly through the plains while occasionally resting every now and then. Most of this country’s land is composed of grasslands, so it’s nice that there’s a lot of places I can land and rest at. After all, I can just cut the grass if it’s too tall. When we were flying above the forest, we really needed to choose where to land after all…

After several more breaks, Nera-san suddenly stares straight at me.

『Hm, like this, is it…… Can you hear me?』

Woah, somehow Nera-san can already do it pretty well.

『Yup, I can hear you. It might be surprisingly easy to learn it.』
『Well, a part of it was because of my pride as a captain. I am glad that I’ve managed to learn it before we started the investigation.
Since we should be seeing the town any time now, I’ll be practicing to just get even a bit more used to using telepathy.』

Telepathy practice equals chat time. Still, since the sound of the air isn’t getting in the way even while we’re flying, it was a really comfy chat time.
While we were exchanging our grumbles about the leader under the guise of practice, the town entered our sights. The time is about late into noon and in the end, we managed to reach the town without stopping for even just one night. What 20 days on foot……4


  1. Silva: Doraemon?
    Fire: Excuse me but raccoon? Thought Doraemon was a cat, heh
  2. Lyly: Airhead Natsuki, always a welcome addition to a chapter
  3. Lyly: Sad-tsuki
    Fire: Big sad
  4. Lyly: That’s cuz you cheating!!!!!!!
    Fire: It’s a bug

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