Chapter 352 – The Final Body Measurements

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 964 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The meat we brought back was dealt with accordingly in each of our respective houses. We brought about 7kg each this time, which was quite a big volume to eat in one family, so it would last for quite some time.

In Cloud’s case, they made a stew with it and shared it with me too.

Honestly, our meat reserves were the most excessive, so I didn’t know what to do with it, but as a return gift. Finia prepared a lot of stewed meat and forced it back on him, so everything ended well.

The other day, I secretly brought back the excess Mixus mushrooms home, and they proved to go very well with the stewed meat as a seasoning and left good impressions.

Thus, the academy days gradually neared their end, and along with it, the classrooms became noisier.

When it came to the pre-graduation interval, there were a lot of events planned too. Body measurements that were performed this day were also one of those events.

The goal seemed to be to combine it with the results of the enrollment and report how much they grew during their academy period to the students and their parents.

We were also given the papers with our enrollment records, so we could confirm it ourselves.

“Ugh, I sure had no waist back then.”

Seeing my enrollment records, I couldn’t help but call it a child’s figure. Though I guess it was only appropriate.

That said, someone next to me was frowning even more than me. Needless to say, it was Letina.

“You haven’t really changed, huh, Letina?”
“M-My height did a little! The BWH measurement ratio simply hasn’t changed much…”
“L-Look, Lady Letina’s breast measurements have changed slightly.”

Matisse suddenly popped her head from next to me pointed it out. She had grown a lot during these few years, too, and her breasts have swelled up to a conspicuous degree.

She seemed to be living a luxurious life, so her body figure was quite full. She was probably the best representation of what Finia used to mean by squishy.

Moreover, the thing she pointed out in Letina’s measurements was so small it could be dismissed as a measurement error.

“More importantly, let’s get changed already. We’ll be late.”
“Ah, you’re right.”

As expected, when reaching upper primary grades, it was already beyond the stage where you could change clothes in the same room as the boys.

As such, the classroom has a curtain installed on one side, beyond which was the place where girls changed.

We put on coats as we headed to the doctor’s office where measurements were taken.

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The girls grouped up beyond the curtain and pulled the curtain to block the vision.

But then, there was some rustling from beyond the curtain just as they started to change.

“Hey, how about you go.”
“Huh, no way. Still…”
“This is our final chance.”
“Then I’ll go…”
“Be my guest.”

As it seems, the gentlemen on the other side were trying to go on the suicide rush for the last look at the girls’ bodies. I realized that and popped my head from the curtain and gave them a warning.

“You can’t, okay?”
“If you do, I’ll tell Cortina all about it.”

The group of naughty boys beyond the curtains lost their drive in dejection after my warning.

They were attending the Magic Academy, so the majority were nobles and rich people. Such people that catered to the powerful people would never get on someone as influential as Cortina’s bad side.

It was natural that my warning would make them crestfallen.

But then, while I was preoccupied with the boys, I failed to notice a threatening presence sneaking up on me from behind.

That demon crept up on me and put their vile hands on me.


The one who pushed my back with that yell was none other than Letina who I had thoroughly ridiculed earlier.

Naturally, the push of a frail Elf like her would normally never be enough for the job, however, as I was completely taken by surprise this time, I failed to endure her attack and ended up tottering one step forward.

And since I already had my head popped out, taking one more step meant that I would end up one step beyond the curtain.

As the end result, I ended up laying my naked upper body on display in the presence of the entire company of boys.


I would probably never forget the yells of delight that they raised that day.

I’m gonna get rid of their memories. Through physical means.

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“Hahaha, serves you right for toying with me earlier.”
“Letina, that was still too much!”

I objected while covering my chest. Still, I was witnessed by a lot of students at that moment. And some of the sharp-sighted ones noticed one more thing.

“Huh, wasn’t Nicole’s breast a little red?”
“Wasn’t it just her nip—I mean, it’s not that?”
“No, I mean something else on the side, or horizontally of it.”
“You mean, it was a k-k-kiss mark?!”
“What did you say… But by whom? No, we don’t even need to ask!”

The row of boys chattered in excitement. Or rather, the death row of boys.

Then, yet another problem child showed up in the noisy classroom.

“Heey! Hurry up and come to the—Huh, what’s going on? Is Nicole doing public humiliation play?”
“As if!?”

I reflectively threw the coat that I held in my hand at Cortina, so I ended up even more exposed, but that was a story of another time.

In the end, Matisse offered me the coat.

I’m thinking of assigning you as my healer number three, after Michelle and Finia.


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