Chapter 344 – Yet Another Evolution

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1128 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Maxwell and I came to Maleva’s mountain, as usual, to ask Aste for a favor.

But first, we headed to my hideout to get the compensation that we needed to pay him. Den who had undergone complete change was here, so instead of heading right in, I knocked on the door… or rather, the window. I was a gentleman. Or a woman.

Well, honestly speaking, I just didn’t want to get attacked like before if I entered as-is.

“Den, are you in?”
“Oh my, Lady Nicole. I am glad that you have come.”

He answered in a middle-pitched tone that was even more polished and stable than before. His calm demeanor was charming even from the perspective of a man like me.

Rather, what the heck is up with that baritone voice?

After a while, the window opened… And there stood Den who had changed even more.

“Da heck are you?”

Seeing his form, I ended up retorting in a western accent in shock. Den who was about three meters had shrunk to two now.

His arms that were long for his height had been reasonably adjusted too, and his square face had gotten rounded too.

His smooth bangs hung over his slitted eyes, and his fangs peeking from his mouth had grown small enough to be called canines. He was practically overflowing with charm.

His horns had grown less conspicuous now, so honestly, you could call him a Half-Demon with a large body and it wouldn’t feel strange at all.

“Huh? It is I, Den.”
“I mean, you’ve changed too much…”
“Ah yes. Even I was surprised at this change. Sir Aste may know more about it.”
“There are questions I need to ask him, including that. But I have to request something from him, so I came to get some money.”
“Understood. Please do come in.”

Invited by Den, I stepped into my hideout.

The interior was illuminated by lights, and it seemed to have become an extremely comfortable environment to live in.

“These reforms never stop either huh.”
“Do you not find it to your liking? I made improvements in my way so I could welcome you with better hospitality.”
“No, it’s fine. I have no problems as long as it feels comfortable.”

S̲h̲i̲t̲, this hot guy voice coupled with his puppy eyes is just unfair.

As I headed underground under his guide, I saw that my treasure house had been ordered in a clean and tidy manner using the shelf that had been carried in. The entire hideout was undergoing a dynamic change at this point.

“T-This is…”
“The treasure had not been classified, so I had allowed myself to sort them. I put monetary items this way.”
“I-I see.”
“This is surprising. He is being more attentive to cleaning than you, Reid.”
“Hey, why not just fire Mateus and hire Den instead? He wouldn’t even stand out in the city the way he is now.”
“I shall refrain. His current appearance may cause a fuss among the nearby ladies.”

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While he had a big two-meter build, he still could fit in the human category. He still had fangs and horns, but they didn’t stand out that much, and he could just claim to be a Half-Demon.

Few would associate Den with an Ogre if they saw him now.

But he was too hot-looking. I might even be feeling jealous of him.

“Lady Nicole, I prepared a hundred gold coins for the time being, is it enough?”
“Oh, thanks. I’m not sure of the price, so I guess I’ll take that much. If it’s not enough I’ll just come back.”
“Understood. It is a little heavy so I shall carry it for you.”

I take back what I said. He was very sensible. A hundred gold coins weighed quite a bit. I probably won’t be able to walk with it, and Maxwell would need to use Cargo too or he would feel burdened.

“You were dealt quite simply, Reid.”
“Don’t call me simple!”

Ever since I reincarnated in this body, weights have been my one big problem. There’s no harm in thanking him when he offered he’d carry it for me.

Then, my eyes were stolen by one of the corners. There, books from my black history… I mean, the collection was displayed on a bookshelf.

“D-Den! I have a favor.”
“Yes, what is it?”
“Please cover that bookshelf with a curtain so it’s not visible. Please. And as soon as possible.”
“Huh? Oh, that… Understood.”

S̲h̲i̲t̲, my hobbies got found out by Den too? I should’ve expected this from the moment it was decided that he would live here.

At any rate, no use crying over the spilled milk. I didn’t even want to think about it.

I then hurriedly fled from the treasure house.

Taking Den along, we headed to Aste’s hideout halfway up on the mountain.

We were talking about that mystery of a man here. He should’ve already been aware that we arrived here.

I was worried about leaving my hideout empty, but since this place was under this guy’s supervision, some third-rate burglars shouldn’t dare approach.

As expected, when we arrived there the door was already open, giving off the aura that he was inviting us inside.

Maxwell and I exchanged looks and shrugged with wry smiles. This weird way of inviting was quite like him

We entered the cave and knocked on the door deep inside. Immediately, his grumpy voice came from the other side.

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“It’s open. Can’t you tell? Hurry up inside.”
“It’s called manners, you know, manners.”

I ranted back at him and entered. There, as usual, was Aste, carving a silver ring.

“You came again? What is your business this time?”
“Well, we feel apologetic for relying on your power all the time, but this time even I have no good ideas to deal with this situation.”
“Oh? Something that is beyond old Maxwell who is famed as a wiseman?”
“Hey, isn’t your attitude too different from when you’re dealing with me?”
“Treating you who lacks any manners and this humble old man similarly would be impolite.”

I pouted in disappointment at his words. He pointed out my gesture and argued further.

“And you’re a little girl now. Your gestures seem to have become quite girly too, haven’t they?”
“This is all due to the acting I have to do!”

While Aste and I were having a back and forth, Den entrusted the money to Maxwell and headed deeper in. He seemed to have gone to brew tea. This guy seemed to have been swallowed by Aste’s territory too.

At any rate, It was convenient that he excused himself.

I decided to start by asking Aste about Den’s changes.


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