Chapter 332 – Sham Battle Review Meeting

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1097 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Now then, time for the review meeting.”

After rolling about on the hard ground and getting my head all dusty, we moved to the corner of the training area and started our meeting.

Letina was in the same state as me, making her seem as if someone had assaulted her. I mean, she actually did get assaulted by Michelle.

Michelle in question was currently sitting on her knees and reflecting on the fact that she ignored the end of the battle and kept shooting at us.

“Let’s start with Cloud. It’s not bad that you started actively attacking, but it’s not quite good enough.”
“You’ve been all into defense until now, so this change isn’t bad per se, but you have to consider the balance. If you reflexively try to take back the shield that has been pulled from you, then you have to actually make use of it or you’d just be wasting time.”

Back then, when I pulled his shield towards me, he reflexively tried to take it back, but then changed his mind and swung his sword, so his initial attempt ended up being a wasted action.

It was better if he devoted himself to defending or used his pulled shield to push me aside.

If he wanted to focus on the offense, he could’ve also just let go of his shield. After all, I was his only opponent and he had strong supporters like Michelle and Letina behind him.

“I see. Looks like I still can’t quite mix them properly.”
“Well, it comes with experience, so you just have to get used to it through trial and error. Next, Letina.”
“Should I have ignored that dagger and not dodged it?”
“It’s dangerous to not dodge a dagger heading straight for your head. Rather, your mistake was to attempt firing a spell at me right after dodging it.”

Magicians being weak at close combat was a fact set in stone since the old times. The moment I was allowed to approach her, she should have prioritized taking her distance from me.

She ended up reflexively counterattacking due to her unyielding nature, but I couldn’t help but point out that it was a bad move. I had to properly remonstrate her actions for the future’s sake.

“And Michelle, you had to shoot me without caring about Letina’s corpse.”
“Yeah. But I was just really reluctant to shoot you through Letina.”
“Well, that is part of your good points.”

She was a kind girl by nature, so she felt an aversion towards shooting through her friend’s dead body. That kindness was her strong point, but in battles, it ended up being a heavy burden.

“And you’re last Nicole. You shouldn’t overestimate your physical ability so much!”
“Grabbing Letina and running is just impossible for you, okay?”
“I thought I could at least handle Letina’s weight.”
“I admit that I am light, but your way of putting it is slightly irritating.”

I thought I could handle Letina who still had a childish physique even with my strength. However, I was growing day by day. I was over 140 cm now, and my chest was also growing, and my buttocks were gaining roundness.

My waist and limbs on the other hand were growing thinner, taking on a womanly balance.

Despite growing taller, my leg size wasn’t growing at all. With my chest swelling while my legs stayed small, my center of gravity kept rising up and worsening my balance.

This might have been similar to pregnant women being unable to catch up to the changes in their body shape and becoming prone to falling.

“My chest feels heavy as of late, so my body balance has turned bad.”
“Ah, I know what you mean!”
“Are you taking a jab at me? You are, aren’t you!?”
“You sure have it nice not having to worry about it, Letina.”
“Hey, uh, can’t you talk about that stuff when I’m not present? I have been having it tough lately.”
“You saw mine and Letina’s panties, so of course you would.”
“That was beyond my control okay!?”

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Cloud has been receiving tough training at the Guild by higher-ranked opponents. He often had it so tough it wouldn’t be strange for him to ruin his condition, but since he had an aptitude in defense, he was handling it without problems.

And despite their remarks, the Adventurers were actually quite fond of Cloud who was going along with their harsh training.

In the end, they wanted to take care of a youngster that was doing his best.

“Well, let’s leave the review meeting at that. Leaving this aside, Cortina is planning to take us to the hot spring on the weekend, so how about it?”
“Unfortunately, I have to help with the mansion cleanup this weekend so I can’t come.”

Marquis Yowi’s mansion was crammed to the limit with the evacuees during the Goblin attack. The citizens were thankful for that and only left after doing some cleaning, but that mansion has many special objects in it, so there were still places left that needed cleaning.

Normally the servants would be dealing with it, but as expected, this time they were short of hands.

As such, the Marquis had commissioned Letina to clean the mansion as a personal Adventurer commission.

“Ah, I also have to help with the delivery of goods that day…”
“I see.”

Michelle’s family were hunters. They butchered the hunted prey and turned it into meat, and sold skin and fangs at the workshop.

Given the fact that Raum was situated in the forest, there was never a shortage of prey and they always had a huge stock. It was quite natural that she would get called once a month for this reason.

“Cloud… Will peek on us so we don’t need him.”
“I w-won’t do anything like that!”

I haven’t forgotten when he was instigated by Maxwell to peek at us at the training camp. Well, I knew full well how good that old man was at tempting people, but I had Finia and Cortina with me this time. I had no intention of showing their beautiful skin to that b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲.

“Cloud you perv.”
“Not you too Michelle!”
“Well, leaving the jokes aside, let me ask you just in case. Wanna come along?”
“Uhh, Lady Cortina is coming too right?”
“…I do wanna come but I’ll refrain.”
“What did you imagine just now. Spill it out.”

I decided to give him some beating for imagining this and that about Cortina.


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