Chapter 330 – Countermeasures

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1002 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus


When Maxwell had heard of the danger that threatened Raum, the Goblins had already been repelled.

He immediately used the Guild’s communication magic to contact Cortina, and discovered that someone had been getting in the way of establishing contact with him. That someone had been obstructing the information.

Someone had snuck into the room where the automatic recorder was installed and removed only the letter addressed to Maxwell. This fact was confirmed after they discovered the scorched cinders in the corner of the room.

“In other words, someone had snuck into this Guild and destroyed important information.”

Maxwell said as he tapped on the reception table with his finger in irritation, displeasure apparent on his face. It was unusual for him to express anger like this. But he found the fact his comrades were exposed to danger just that unforgivable.

“Yes, um, use of magic inside the Guild is limited aside from the training area, so we cannot deny that there was an oversight…”

The Guild Master of the Adventurers Guild of the Northern Alliance was sweating buckets while trying to protest in front of Maxwell.

It wasn’t just this particular branch, but every single branch on this continent. Setting aside the hall, underground training area and the doctor’s office, the use of magic was banned. This was so that no one could falsify important documents.

If magic was used, the one in charge of defense would be notified and they would examine who used what spell and for what reason. However, there was no such trace of it this time around.

“Are you saying that someone had taken the key to the recording room without using magic, disposed of the document, and then escaped?”
“T-That appears to be the case.”
“Is there a possibility that there is a traitor among the Guild staff?”
“I was also suspicious of that, however the person in charge was at the counter processing commissions that day. There are their signs on the commission forms, so the possibility that they are a traitor is very low.”

Seeing that Maxwell’s target of examination switched from him, the Guild Master started explaining the details of this incident.

When the key had been taken out, the staff member in charge that day had been at the counter, which was proven by the documents too.

However, Maxwell wasn’t satisfied with just this question. If similar incidents happened frequently, it could delay him in the future too.

“Even so, that still leaves me dissatisfied. Perhaps they left their seat to go to the toilet or something and used that timing to hand the key over to someone else. This would have taken mere minutes.”
“Indeed. However, one of these staff members was handling complaints during that time and was in a reception office facing Adventurers. They hadn’t left the room during that time, so they are almost certainly not the culprit.”

The suspicious person had been spotted after about five days. During that time, the key had been illegally taken five times. The one in charge of the key changed every day, so there were five people responsible, however, one of them was apparently handling the complaints and was shut inside a room with Adventurers while the key had been taken out.

Based on this case, it was unlikely that they managed to hand over the key to someone else. It was impossible during that day at the very least.

“Then, what is the possibility that they made a duplicate key during some other day?”
“That is also unlikely. Due to maintaining secrecy, the lock is replaced every morning.”
“So they would have no time to make a duplicate, is it?”
“The one that replaces the locks is on friendly terms with the guild so it is hard to think that they betrayed us.”

Maxwell nodded once and started thinking.

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The Guild Master’s countermeasures so far weren’t anything novel, but they were still quite proper. He had managed to interrogate everyone, and even managed to procure alibi for the suspicious staff members, so he could be said to be quite competent.

However, Maxwell couldn’t leave this case be just like that. He had to take some measures. Otherwise, doubts would sprout in the Guild’s communication means.

“Alright, I understand. However, we have to take some measures.”
“Of course. It involves the trust of this Guild, after all.”
“Maybe you should release the spell to the public?”
“That’s… My apologies. Even if it’s Lord Maxwell’s request, that is an important matter for the guild so I cannot make that decision at my own discretion.”
“No, I was at fault for asking something so unreasonable. I apologize.”

Nonetheless, they couldn’t continue without any measures. If they didn’t do anything, the Guild communication network would lose its trust.

“Increase the daily staff members in charge to two people and prepare two keys. This way, they would need two people in disguise, and it would put more burden on the invaders.”
“Hmm, it is not perfect but it would certainly be enough to prevent it for the time being.”
“In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the monitoring at the entrance to deal with disguises that do not rely on magic.”
“I will increase the security appropriately. Since the spell isn’t able to serve its purpose here, the only choice is to make up by increasing our numbers.”
“Yes, please do. Please continue the investigation as well.”
“Of course, leave it to us.”

Maxwell accepted his answer, but he didn’t expect a satisfying result. Mateus who had invaded Raum hadn’t been caught in the end either. They only managed to catch him because the other party did some excess meddling.

This current incident also smelled of the same level of slyness as Mateus. The fact that the trick behind this trespassing had yet to come to light was proof of that.

“It appears that more troublesome fellows have appeared.”

Maxwell lightly dropped his shoulders and heaved a big sigh.



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