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Chapter 328 – The Post-Battle Townscape

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1373 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The Goblins have been mostly exterminated within the day.

After they were freed from the Goblin Lord’s maddening, they split into groups that continued the raid, fled, and hesitated, so they all started getting in the way of the other groups and the Adventurers swooped in and attacked all of them.

It turned out to be impossible to completely wipe them out, but they still managed to exterminate close to 80% of them, with the remaining 20% scattering and running everywhere.

Given their state, it was already impossible for them to make the same organized raid. The surviving Goblins too would, before long, be slain by the Adventurers.

We who survived couldn’t follow with our pursuit right away. I only learned it later but about 40% of the Adventurers have suffered injuries, and they were in no condition to continue the battle.

And albeit few, there were still deaths, and most of the harm unexpectedly came to Raum’s Adventurers. The newbie Adventurers that patrolled the city had suffered the most damage.

The newbie Adventurers felt unsatisfied for being pushed to the rear, so they commenced a reckless attack at the invading Goblins to gain achievements but were met with a counterattack. This is what you’d call getting carried away by youthful ardor.

Anyway, Michelle’s super bombardment was quite a big deal too. The impacts from her attacks caused quite a bit of injury among Adventurers. However, they would have lost their lives had she not done that, so there was no one who seriously blamed her.

The citizens couldn’t immediately return to normal lives either. The houses on the main street had their entrances and windows tightly plugged, so it would take a lot of pain just to return them to normal condition.

Even so, the morale gained from this victory was enough to make them forget all the hardships to come.

The Adventurers that came out safe raised cheers, and even the townsfolk became excited as they listened to their talk about the fleeing Goblins.

The sense of liberation after being crammed into shelters was perhaps another thing that gave them a push.

The fact that they started the reconstructions in smiles despite the mountain of problems they had to face was perhaps one of the strong points of the common folk.

Marquis Yowi who had tried to shelter and protect them also started tidying up his mansion the next day. Letina was also helping with the clean-up, so she probably wouldn’t be able to show her face for a while.

Michelle and I, and also Finia, were currently strolling such townscape under the pretext of patrolling it.

This was a proper request from the Adventurer’s Guild since the trouble tended to happen during the times of post-emergency elevation, so they asked us to cooperate with the gate guards and patrol the place.

Thus, we were patrolling while wearing the patrol armbands on us, but as expected, we could notice the traces of destruction all around.

In particular, the Goblin corpses that haven’t been fully disposed of were scattered in various places, and it seemed that incinerating them was taking a lot of time.

Apparently, over a hundred Goblins managed to sneak inside, and while it was a good thing that the chivalric order took it mostly upon themselves to subjugate them, these numbers still exceeded the limit that people could dispose of.

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Even if you wanted to burn them, most of the wood necessary for it had already been used to seal the roads and plug the windows of the houses, so they first had to collect all that scrap wood back lest there wouldn’t be enough firewood.

Additionally, there were craters gouged out on the stone pavings. They were probably the result of Michelle’s bombardment with the Third Eye.

While we were going around the streets, I felt like I was being detained. Each of my limbs was seized and I couldn’t move.

“Umm… Won’t you let me go?”
“If we do, you’ll probably run off somewhere Nicole.”
“That’s right. Lady Nicole is known for acting naughty the moment we take our eyes from you, so this much is fine.”
“Not you too Finia…”

Well, I actually did sneak out to battle the Goblin Lord, so I couldn’t make an excuse now. If they knew it, I feel they’d scold me even more, so I couldn’t say a word about it.

“That aside, maybe we should also be getting ready to celebrate.”
“I don’t think we have time for that, do we?”

What Finia was talking about was the victory celebration party at my house. But Cortina would be particularly busy these few days, so there was no knowing when she would come back.

Because she managed to succeed in the surprise attack and managed to repel the enemy that was nine times our numbers, her fame had grown even more.

However, the fact that she led the Goblins and made the chivalric order fight them, and that she sent a familiar to the Elven settlement to ask for the reinforcements, was something that part of the nobles have found disagreeable.

Dragging the Goblins inside the city and having the knights fight them was the target of criticism in particular. Thus, she was still busy explaining herself for her actions.

As such, we still had yet to celebrate the victory.

“Let’s cross that bridge when we get there. It should be fine to prepare for it when she returns, right?”
“Well, that’s true. But there doesn’t seem to be a lot of ingredients in the markets, you know?”

The damages inside the city didn’t end with humans. The ingredients that couldn’t last for a long time had grown spoiled during the evacuation. For that reason, though the stores were open, the goods they sold were few in number compared to usual.

“Then, let’s go buy food from that stall over there! They should be fine even tomorrow.”

Michelle’s gaze was stolen by a skewer stall that was selling roasted chicken. Meat would have spoiled in these three days, but the spit-roasting stalls pickled the meat in salt or sauce, so it somehow managed to last for a long time.

Still, just this time her idea wasn’t bad at all. The food sold at stalls was the kind that would last for some time, and above all, they were quite cheap now due to the festive mood going around.

I was worried about Letina, but Marquis Yowi, who had accepted the evacuees, was in the middle of dealing with the aftermath. We weren’t familiar with that stuff, so if we suddenly barged in we’d only get in the way.

Cloud also had his hands full with taking care of the orphanage children. It seems that he was receiving a hero treatment there because he defeated Goblins during his patrols.

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“Hey, let’s go already!”

In Michelle’s head, it seemed to be already decided that we would eat the stall food, and she was dragging me by the hand with all her strength. Naturally, Finia, who was holding my other hand, was dragged along too.

“Uncle, give us some chicken skewers!”
“Sure thing. How many?”
“Let’s see. There’s me, Lady Nicole and Lady Cortina’s share to consider too, so if we get six…”
“Ten for me!”
“Coming right up!”

The skewer stall had quite a lot of chicken skewers.

They were big enough that a normal girl would have gotten full with just one skewer. If you got two, you’d even have leftover snacks for dinner.

So ordering ten of those was a bit too much, wasn’t it? I wasn’t much of a glutton myself.

“Michelle, isn’t that too much? I’d have a hard time eating even one…”
“It’s okay. I’ll eat all of these myself.”
“………Is that so.”

Oh well, she played the second-biggest part in this time’s incident, so she probably spent a lot of energy during the process. Let’s just think of it like that.

In my case, I’d be stuffed with two of them, and a third might make me vomit.

Despite my fears, she showed us the gluttony suitable to a hero who managed to defeat over a hundred Goblins on her own.


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