Chapter 325 – Returning to the Academy

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1164 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Riding Whitey’s small Dragon, we were transported to the Magic Academy. After dropping us off at the gate, the White God once again straddled her Dragon.

She probably found it amusing that the gate guard’s knees gave out after seeing a Dragon appear so suddenly.

“Huh, are you going somewhere again?”
“Yes. As much as I would like to take it easy, I am quite busy. I have something I have to do after this.”
“If you just let that Dragon burn down those Goblins, you could have ended everything faster though.”
“We gods also have our customs. It’s not very good to get involved directly. That’s why I let her do all the work.”

Now that she mentioned it, it was indeed Michelle who had exterminated the Goblins. While she did cast some assisting spells on Michelle so she could discern the enemy and her arrows could reach them, she did not get involved any more than that.

“Thus, once again, I withdraw coolly without stating my name. Adieu.”
“I at least know your name! And what’s with that phrase anyway!”

The God of Destruction left without listening to my retort. She disappeared beyond the street, and then, her Dragon started to fly away from the other side of the buildings.

Seeing that, Adventurers from all around became weak-kneed, but that was a story for another time.

As I got back inside the Magic Academy, I noticed that it was quite noisy inside. I could even feel the gazes of men focusing on me.

“What’s going on?”
“Maybe… It has to do with your appearance, Nicole.”

I only realized it after Michelle pointed it out, but I was still completely drenched now. That meant that my clothes were now moist and see-through.

As I was lending a shoulder to Michelle, my small chest that was pressed together by my stretched clothes was in plain sight.


Because I instinctively covered my chest, Michelle ended up flopping onto the ground. She fell on her face while her knees were still raised, making her posture quite lascivious in its own way. But there was no time for that now.

“M-Michelle, lend me your mantle!”
“Ehh, I can’t even move my hands now.”
“You’re doing it intentionally, aren’t you! Are you trying to bully me!?”
“Well, I think it would do you good to reflect some more.”
“I did already! I am properly reflecting!
“Really really!”
“Okay, I’ll lend it then.”

Fortunately, I managed to gain her permission and borrowed her mantle. When I put it on, I heard regretful sighs from the men around us.

I couldn’t match Michelle when it came to the chest size, but in terms of the overall physical femininity, it seems I was above her.

When it came to things like slenderness of the waist and suppleness of the limbs, Michelle was still on the childish side.

I on the other hand had an air of composure that didn’t match my age, and I had learned the feminine conduct from Maxwell which seemed to be making me give off a womanly charm.

Incidentally, Michelle was full of charm directed at Loli-pedo purveyors. I mean, I don’t really care about that part.

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I glared at the surrounding men while becoming slightly teary-eyed. But that strangely caused the men to blush too, and then—

“Thank you for the treat!”

They yelled back. Okay, this city is doomed. It might have been better if it got destroyed once. As the light faded from my eyes in despair, my number two ray of light, aka Finia, had arrived.

“Lady Nicole!”
“Ah, Finia. Sorry for worrying you. I ended up falling into the river, so I was delayed.”
“As long as you’re safe. But it would have been better if you contacted us ahead of time.”

With those words, she hugged my wet body without any hesitation. Being embraced in her slender yet warm body, I could tell that my feelings that were on the edge due to battles were coming untied.

But as I calmed down, I noticed one more strange thing.

“Actually, Michelle, why were you there?”
“There? Oh, you mean on the spire?”
“Yeah, it surprised me when I saw arrows raining down from there.”
“The goddess took me there. She told me I had to settle the situation inside the city first before we started searching for you.”
“I see. True, you couldn’t have started searching the city in that situation. But you went right for the Goblin Lo-, I mean, you started shooting outside from the get-go, right?”
“The goddess said I had to get rid of the source first.”
“So we were dancing on her palm, huh.”

That Whitey managed to use Michelle’s worry to turn her into a fixed turret for exterminating the Goblins. Certainly, if you stood atop the spire that was inside the Academy protected by Adventurers, you could keep attacking with practically no worry for counterattacks.

As for the arrow range and vision… Well, it’s that god we’re talking about here. She definitely held a number of aces up her sleeves.

I was a bit bothered about where she could have gone after she did all that, but her movements were a total mystery to me. I’m sure she was doing something bothersome where I couldn’t see now.

“Lady Nicole, you will catch a cold if you remain drenched. You have to change quickly.”
“Ah, right.”

I answered readily, but the truth was that I was completely drenched from the moment we set out from this town. The magician used Warm to blow away the moisture from us so there was no actual harm then… And well, as expected of an expert magician, he didn’t make a blunder as I did.

I mean, I was also trying to become an expert in bestowal magic.

“Ah, I see. I should’ve just done it myself.”
“What do you mean?”
“Finia, go hold Michelle. I’ll dry my clothes.”
“Eh, ah, okay.”

She was still unsure of what I was trying to do, but she saw me as her master so she still followed my directions.

Following that, I used Warm and warmed up all my clothes. If I raised the temperature too high I would end up like Cloud, so I set it at around 40C.

“Warm… Oh? Ohh!”
“W-What is the matter?”

Unlike the failed edition, this Warm spell managed to instantly warm my clothes up without any excess heat. The problem was that this warmth felt too pleasant, making me feel a strange sensation as if I was taking a bath while walking.

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“This… Might be good.”
“I feel like I’m taking a bath.”
“Ah, the water on your clothes heated up, is it?”

This pleasant sensation naturally flushed my face, loosened my expression and moistened my eyes.

Seeing my state, the men around became elated once again, but this was a story for another time.


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