Chapter 272 – Party Attack

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1183 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The Fang Wolf headed our way as it growled. Cloud and Finia also rushed to intercept it. I positioned myself in the center of vanguards and rear guards so I could support either of them as the situation required.

Cloud, who had a shield equipped, was a step ahead of Finia. This wasn’t because he was faster than her, but because she intentionally lowered her speed while Cloud stuck out to make himself the target. They learned the importance of this kind of timings in the previous battle with the Floating Wakame.

And of course, the Fang Wolf rushed towards the prey that was sticking out. Just before they were about to clash, I cast support magic on both of them.

“Crimson one, Ultramarine two, Jade one—Protection.”

Magic power strength at one, two targets, ten meter range. I cast the defensive magic at Finia and Cloud with those parameters. This was a spell you learned right away even in the Interference system.

The defensive effect it granted was on the level of a layer of quilt. However, that was still an important defensive measure early on, when you had no equipment to use instead.

Depending on your equipment, the priority of it fell down. When you became a full-fledged Adventurer, this spell would lose its usefulness. In a way, it symbolized the Interference attribute itself.

Just as the spell reached us, it wrapped around them to show its effect. The two were not surprised at that. This was something we planned in advance, so there was nothing to be surprised about.

Not caring about that protection, the Fang Wolf jumped at Cloud from the front. Cloud, on the other hand, stopped its charge with the shield as planned.

His advance came to a stop with that, but so did the Wolf’s.

While they were engaged in the contest of strength, Finia used the opportunity to stab at the Wolf with the longsword from Cloud’s flank.


Her attack, given her lack of strength, was not enough to deal a deep wound. Still, it dealt enough pain to the Fang Wolf, forcing it to retreat from Cloud.

As if to match with that timing, Cloud shifted his position diagonally back to the left, with Finia also imitating him.

This was partly due to their vigilance against the Wolf, but it was also to open up the shooting path for the rear guards — Letina and Michelle.

I also lowered my posture and moved to not get in their way.

Next instant, an arrow and Firebolt spell flew above my head.

Michelle’s arrow was true to its aim and landed accurately on the Fang Wolf’s hind thigh.

Letina’s spell also impacted almost the same location. This was far off from being fatal, but this should have restricted its mobility quite a bit.

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With Michelle’s aim, she could have aimed for its head, but this was a high-ranked monster. It was never wrong to be extra careful.

Not to mention, the skull was hard so it might have failed to pierce it and only amount to a small wound.

The two rear guards decided to go with the method that would leave a definite damage on the opponent.

Receiving the blow, the Fang Wolf faltered, losing power in its hind leg. Making use of that opening, Cloud swung his sword down.

Naturally, he was specializing as a tank. His lower body was shifting his center of gravity a little back, so his sword didn’t have that much power behind it.

Even so, having a sword coming right at its face made the Fang Wolf instinctively dodge it. But that action further collapsed its posture.

If they kept restraining it while Finia and Michelle dealt damage, even this formidable foe was bound to lose its strength.

Group actions as a party — their combined might was capable of trampling down even higher-ranked foes like this. This would be a good lesson for them to make them realize that fact.

The situation unfolded as it was expected.

Fang Wolf’s stamina kept decreasing every moment, and the longer it passed the better I could support them too. At this rate, we were bound to win before long. Convinced of that, I was about to bestow Enchant on Cloud and Finia… But then, I felt a chill down my spine.

It felt much like a shudder. Just as I turned behind towards that feeling, Maxwell was already starting to chant.

“Michelle, behind you!”

I yelled and sent my thread flying at the same time. My thread stretched out about 10 meters behind her, landing straight on another Fang Wolf’s face.


An animalistic shrill followed right after.

Finia was here too, so this could have gotten me busted, but this was a state of emergency. Glancing behind… towards the first Fang Wolf, I saw that Finia was only just turning back. It seemed that she didn’t see me flying my thread.


Then finally, Michelle realized that she had been targeted.

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The first Wolf attracted the Rock Hound and our attention, while another one sneaked up on us from behind.

This was a tactic that wild animals often employed. The Fang Wolves probably also used it now.

It was especially effective because they had such a good stealth ability. We were about to fall into their trap.

Right as I restrained the other wolf, Maxwell finished his Fire Wall spell. It stood tall to defend Michelle. With that, it couldn’t carelessly attack her.

“Cloud, focus on what’s in front of you. I am here for situations like this!”

My position was that of a middle guard and assistant attacker. I was there in case the vanguard’s defenses were breached, and also for situations like this.

I stealthily winded back the thread back to the gauntlet so Finia wouldn’t see it. Instead, I set up my dagger and moved behind Michelle.

Thanks to Maxwell’s Fire Wall, Finia and others couldn’t see the wound I dealt to its face.

I was impressed at Maxwell for choosing the spell that both defended, prevented another attack, and also blocked the visibility.

“I will take on the one behind, so you focus on the first one.”
“O-Okay. Please do.”

I briefly conveyed to Michelle as I passed by. And just as I passed her, the Fire Wall disappeared, leaving me face to face with the Fang Wolf.

It was a difficult opponent for the others, but not for me. It was impossible to finish it off immediately with my current body, but it was plenty possible for me to keep it restrained.

After fighting foes on the level of Gideon and Mateus, my body was already used to fighting against opponents with excelling physical prowess.

As I planned, Cloud and others finished off the first Fang Wolf while I was having a mudslinging contest with the other, and then joined to support me.

With all our battle power concentrated on it, even a higher-ranked opponent wouldn’t be able to hold out. And thus, we finished subjugating it without a hitch.


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