Chapter 258 – Citri Outskirts

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 882 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Maxwell’s Portal Gate brought us straight to the outskirts of Citri. This time, it wasn’t the city itself, but Maxwell’s private offshore islet that was our goal.

Normally, we’d have gone to Citri to get some supplies before departing there, but we came right from the capital so there was no need for that.

“We are near Citri now. It is over there… And the islet over there is our destination.”

Maxwell was acting as a tour guide from afar. It was my first time visiting this place, so it was quite interesting.

“Is that the sea? The air feels strangely salty and fishy.”
“That is the smell of the tides. It must be an unfamiliar smell for little Letina who lives in Raum.”
“I see. However, despite being quite strong, it does not feel unpleasant.”

There was a port city in Alecmarle, so I have seen the sea before. For Letina who was constantly inland, this was the first sea. She must have been very impressed.

“There should be a lot of fish! Are there any tasty ones?”
“Ho-hoh, of course! They have a different taste compared to the river fish, I recommend it. Still, we have to head to our camp location first.”
“Michelle, training camp requires you to catch fish yourself, you know?”
“Ah, you’re right!”

Michelle remained unperturbed and quickly mobilized her appetite. Still, we had to go to the mountain during the second half of our training camp, so fish alone wasn’t our goal.

And Cloud who stayed silent… No, actually, not just Cloud. Finia and Cloud were… Currently dealing with teleportation sickness.

“Bleeeeh, my eyes are going around and I feel sick…”
“L-Lady Nicole, the ground is shaking. Is there an earthquake?”
“Finia, it’s you who’s shaking, you know?”
“Hahaha, what are you saying? I am standing still.”

Finia was trying to stand in the attention pose, but she was swaying around like a spinning top that was about to stop.

The brain could not catch up to the sudden switch of location and the shift in the vision, and semicircular canals were going haywire. It was no big deal once you got used to it, and composed individuals weren’t even influenced by it, but this was the first time for these two so it ended up being a bit too much.

“Maxwell, these two need rest so let’s take a break for a bit.”
“It seems to be the case. However, we came here just so you could see the Citri landscape, so let us make another leap before we rest, shall we?”
“Now that I think about it, it’s your private island so you should’ve been able to take us directly there.”
“Indeed. I thought it would be boring to take you straight to the camp location, would you not agree? As such, I decided to take you here to make it feel like an excursion… However, it seems that it had an opposite effect.”
“I see. So you were being considerate in your own way.”

As he said, getting us right to the camp where we would spend the entire time training, and then taking us straight back would leave no place for a change of mood.

It was hard to tell if there would be another chance for Finia, who was always at the Capital, or Letina, who was a marquis’ daughter, to visit this city again. Thus, Maxwell decided to stop somewhere with good scenery to make it feel like an excursion.

Still, was it my imagination that Maxwell was being awfully considerate to Letina for some reason…?

“Oh well. Finia, Cloud. Can you handle another leap?”
“Of course. Leave it to me.”
“Y-Yeah. I’ll manage…”

Finia puffed her chest while wiggling around while Cloud gave an uneasy consent. Seeing that Maxwell decided it was no good.

“It seems like it would be too much now. Oh well, let us briefly rest as we sightsee. Looking at the scenery afar is good for healing motion sickness I hear.”
“My apologies… We ended up slowing you down from the start.”
“This is the problem of the constitution, so it’s nothing you can help it. And you aren’t really slowing us down.”

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I comforted Finia who dropped her shoulders in dejection. We departed right away so it wasn’t even noon yet. There was no problem in taking a short rest here.

“Here, drink some tea that mom gave us. Sit down over there.”

I took out a flask with tea and offered it, which she obediently accepted. Her actions made her look unsuitably lovely for her age. It felt like I gained a younger sister. I was always the one being looked after by her, so this felt quite new.

Seeing me like that made her giggle.

“Lady Nicole, are you practicing your sisterly act on me? I think it’s a little early for that.”
“No such thing. I’m just keeping myself composed as always.”

I swelled my cheeks as if to cover my feelings. In the meantime, Cloud was being served tea by Michelle. Ever since the incident with Mateus, Michelle seemed to have been acting overprotective of him. Oh well, she looked cute trying to act like a big sister, so I decided to let it slide.


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