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Chapter 179 – Off-Campus Learning

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1046 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Since most of the students in the magic academy were the wealthy or noble’s kids, it had a lot of funds. But it would be a problem if the administration simply pocketed those funds.

But for that reason, the academy provided a lot of these trips under the pretext of off-campus learning. By doing that, they could broaden the students’ knowledge while at the same time avoiding the criticism for hoarding profit.

“This is not the trip I was planning for, but fortunately there are still more than enough funds left. Enough to be able to send all the upperclassmen of fourth grade and up to every place.”
“Four and up? Why not just limit it to my grade?”
“If I do that, it would look like I was favoring your grade. When it comes to trips, it has to be everyone.”
“In that case, take the lower graders along too.”
“They are far too young. There are few as sensible as you there. There are also some that dislike the idea of separating from their parents.”

This academy, which all sorts of nobles attended, had a lot of live-in students, enough to warrant making a dormitory for them. However, not everyone was like that. Local nobles and wealthy kids were also there… Take Matisse, for example.

Among them, there were many young children that were scared of leaving their parents’ sides. In addition, it was difficult to imagine that kids whose discretion couldn’t be trusted wouldn’t cause some kind of a problem.

When going on trips, it was essential for them to have at least some self-control or it would most likely lead to trouble.

“I see. And why do you want them to be sent to every place?”
“If I only limit it to the Sword Kingdom of Alecmarle, some people might get suspicious that something must be in that place, right?”
“True, if several school years went on an unannounced trip to Alecmarle, some might suspect the reason.”
“For that reason, I am going to change the destinations a bit. Highest grade ones would go to Matara Alliance, fifth years, to the Northern Alliance.”
“So we would just happen to visit Alecmarle, huh?”
“That way, there would be no feeling of anything out of place.”

If several school years went to different places on the continent, it wouldn’t look strange if I happened to be in one of them. But sending hundreds of them all around should take an absurd sum…

“Are you sure you are alright on the budget?”
“I am instead troubled at how much funds we have. Raum’s magical institute’s fame is already as high as a decent brand.”
“In other words, you are all set, huh?”
“It is enough to send them all two or three more times.”
“Woah, that’s more than I imagined, old man!”

I was surprised to hear that he has money to send around 300 kids on trips across different lands. I don’t believe you can make that much profit through donation alone.

“That sounds quite prosperous, but isn’t it weird for donations to add up to such an absurd amount?”
“About that… You are partly the reason for that.”
“Yes. Lyell and Maria’s child is attending the magic academy. Many of the nobles want to use it as an opportunity to get close to you. Ever since you enrolled, we’ve had a sharp increase in noble applicants. We are making it big thanks to that.”
“Stop treating me like a rare animal to attract customers, will you?”

But I could see his point. It was a fact that my existence was viewed as quite important in this world.

Lyell and Maria were thought to have been weakening due to their life span, but in reality, the medicine from the God of Destruction would leave them on active duty for decades to come.

Maxwell was old, but he still had more left than an average human. Cortina and Gadius were much the same.

I had a big connection to them all, so I was bound to become a key figure in this world.

It was natural for there to be many nobles trying to get close to me. All the nobles with similarly aged children tried to sneak them into the academy. Fortunately, Letina was acting as an excellent breakwater for me, and my livelihood wasn’t under a threat.

“Well, that is how it is. There is an unexpected income. We have to return the favor to that little lass Letina who is guarding you, too.”
“And this trip would work for that?”
“Being the daughter of the Marquis means that when she makes her debut to high society, she would no longer be able to go on trips so easily. This is the only time for her to have fun.”

I tended to forget it, but she was the Marquis’ daughter. After she made her debut, she had to deal with the nobles of this kingdom. Due to the Marquis’ laissez-faire education policy, she was allowed to act like an Adventurer with me, but that wouldn’t last long.

This was the only time for her to let her hair down. For that reason, Maxwell wanted to make this trip as fun as possible for her.

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“Right. Then… How is it with the Adventurer Academy?”

Specifically, I was asking it for Michelle. It would be too pitiful for her to be the only one to sit out on this trip.

“Well… It seems they have not made much profit, so it would be hard for them to pay for the trip expenses.”
“Yeah… I expected something like that.”

Magic Academy’s profit was merely the byproduct of an attraction like me. The Adventurer Academy had no such source, so their profits probably stayed low.

“So Michelle has to sit this one out, after all…”
“We could take her if we were to be partial, but that wouldn’t be a smart move as educators.”
“Can’t the Magic Academy lend some budget to them?”
“We are not allowed to mix the budgets. They are managed through their own funds.”

Maxwell sipped on his tea with a bitter face. Thus, Maxwell and I decided on the trip to the Sword Kingdom of Alecmarle.


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