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Chapter 162 – A Feminine Suspicion

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 962 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

As I returned to Cortina’s house, I immediately dropped my luggage with Finia who came to greet me and rushed straight towards the bathroom.

I was at my limit already.

After I closed the door, I bent myself over at the bowl… And puked with all I had.


Even if it was for myself, it was just too tough for me. I tried to seduce a guy, someone I knew to make things worse, even making use of the upturned eyes and wheedling voice to win his affection. My sanity took unprecedented damage from those actions.

“Ugh, I… Just thinking that I have to keep this up makes me feel sick.”

After flushing my vomit down, I plopped down on the bowl in dejection. I was desperate back then, so I could still endure it until we parted. Even after we parted, I still endured it while thinking about my future.

But as time passed, my mind kept being shaved away every time I recalled how I acted. Not to mention the fact that I couldn’t do anything about it in hindsight.

“…I just wanna run.”

I thought so from the bottom of my heart. But that would, in turn, sadden Lyell and Maria, who were my comrades as well as parents, so I couldn’t for now.

While I was lost in my depression, I heard a strong knock on the door.

“Lady Nicole, is anything wrong!? Do you feel unwell?”

It seemed that Finia noticed my strangeness after I left her at the entrance with my luggage, and chased after me. I didn’t want to worry her too much, so I opened the door after wiping my mouth, trying to act as normal as I could.

“Don’t worry, I’m okay.”
“But earlier, you…”
“Ah, yeah. I was feeling a bit nauseous. I’ve had it happen a lot by now, right?”

My physical weakness served to be a good excuse during these times. The magic buildup disease was almost fully healed already, but my body was still weaker compared to other girls my age.

Even so, through the threads and instantaneous mobility, I could exhibit fighting strength that could rival adults, but only for a short time. My stamina and endurance fell below the average.

“That’s true but… Oh!?”

Finia who was looking worriedly at me suddenly flinched as if she realized something. After that, she moved behind me and stared fixedly at my lower back.

“What are you doing?”
“Ah, I just remembered you were already at that age.”
“That age?”
“I mean, when girls start having periods and—”
“That’s not it! I swear that’s not it!”

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I was already ten. It was an age where some girls would start having them. I started feeling bad after realizing that I too would one day…

“I’ll just… sleep.”
“Huh? Oh, you’re tired, I see. I have already finished making the bed, so feel free to sleep until dinnertime.”
“Right, thanks.”

Still, after a few years…I’ll actually—

“Gimme a break already!”

Next day.

I would usually be having lunch on the grass in the schoolyard with Michelle, Letina and Matisse, but I decided to do things separately that day. In specific, I intruded on the academy’s board chairman’s office.

The girls weren’t with me, but Kabby was in its usual spot… In other words, on my head.

Some passing students became startled at first, but after realizing it was me, they saw me off with strangely loose expressions as if finding it normal.

The boys had their cheeks flushed, while the girls had melted expressions like during the times they ate sweets. Did I really look that odd with Kabby on my head?

I knocked vigorously at the dignified-looking oak door of the chairman’s office, and entered without waiting for the response. There I saw Maxwell who was concentrating on his office work.

“Hey, I’m coming in.”
“At least wait for the response, you doofus.”

Our standings were that of an academy chairman and a single student. It wasn’t even worth comparing. However, I already checked if anyone was around, so it was pointless to act all respectful with him at this stage.

I walked up to the bookshelf near the wall and dug out a cookie jar that he was hiding there. It was a bit high up, so I had to stand on my tiptoes to drag it out, making me feel a bit uncool.

“Ah, hey! Those are my favorite cookies…!”
“Oh come on. Can’t you let a cute girl take them?”
“Calling yourself cute, huh? Looks like you have become quite used to it.”
“Hold it right there. That stuff is making me lose my mind…”
“Oh, what happened now?”

Being asked to explain it, partly due to my own slip-up, I decided to honestly confess what I did yesterday. The fact that I met with Elliot in my adult form and won some points with him. Also, the fact that I was disgusted with myself afterwards.

I even ended up revealing that Finia mistook it for menstruation.

“Pfffft, still, what a misunderstanding that lass has made… But, certainly, in a few years, that would indeed happen… Nice job!”
“Nice job my a̲s̲s̲! Anyway, it was a bit forward, but I managed to make first contact with him.”
“Mhm. Then, when do you plan to meet him next?”

After he said that, I finally realized that while he did tell me where he lived, I haven’t given him any contact information. At this rate, he’d be unable to meet me even if he wants.

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“It seems there’s no choice but to meet him myself, huh?”
“You know, you can be quite careless at times…”

Maxwell dropped his shoulders with a sigh.


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