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Chapter 149 – The Supervisor Is Nowhere to Be Seen

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1025 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Based on our schedule, once we had our lunch in the idle fields, we were going to have the plantation staff guide us to the Cosmos fields. Following that schedule, we finished our lunch and were having an after-meal rest.

Cortina passed by us while swaying her tail around. She had her thin finger on her chin, a habit of hers whenever she was in deep thought.

“Cortina, what’s wrong?”
“Mmm, oh… It’s you, Nicole. Well, there’s a bit of a problem, you see.”

She looked behind me and hesitated to say it. Based on her conduct, it was probably something she didn’t want the other students to hear.

I stood up from the blanket and followed her to a place separated from the other kids. Letina seemed to have guessed the reason and did not try to follow us. Being in a party with me had sharpened her intuition.

When we came to a place where other students wouldn’t hear us, Cortina finally started to talk.

“Well, I guess I can speak frankly with you. The field supervisor should show up about now, but they are nowhere to be seen.”
“Nowhere to be seen? Isn’t that a big deal?”

The person who should be here wasn’t showing up. That meant either they forgot about today’s plans or something came up and they couldn’t come, or maybe something occurred that made them unable to come.

If they simply forgot about it, that was still fine. If something came up, they should’ve contacted us by all rights. But the worst was if they were unable to come due to some reason.

They could’ve gotten sick, or had some other task. Either way, their safety was the concern now.

“Might be better to go look for them.”
“True, but I can’t just leave the students and go.”
“What about Elliot, then? A part-timer he may be, he’s still a teacher, right?”
“Making him move independently… would be problematic in its own way.”

Despite everything, he was still the king of the United Kingdom of the north. There were still many who aimed for his life. Hence the reason why he had an elite guard like Priscilla accompanying him.

Making him move independently in this countryside would be giving them a perfect opportunity.

“What a pain for a teacher.”
“I’m with you there.”

Cortina giggled seeing me trying to hold back my curses. But with everything said, it wasn’t a good plan to keep on waiting under these circumstances.

“Then, how about we go search for them in your stead.”
“Are you sure? I’m not sure if that’s a good idea…”
“Don’t worry, we may not look like it, but we’ve had our fair share of adventures already.”

Taking Matisse with us would be pushing it, but Michelle and Letina had enough experience to follow me into the forest. They should be plenty good to deal with minor emergencies.

“…Right then. Waiting like this will do us no good, so can I leave that to you?”
“Got it.”
“But don’t be reckless, okay? I know you are the type that tends to be reckless in these situations.”
“……I’ll deal with it sensibly.”

If I saw trouble brewing before my eyes, I tended to be a bit reckless. That’s why, I didn’t say that I wouldn’t, and just dodged the topic with a vague reply.

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When I returned back to the group, I told them about setting out to search for the supervisor. Matisse ended up hearing it too due to the circumstances, but I knew I could trust her to keep it to herself. She wouldn’t leak it to other kids.

“So, what kind of person is that supervisor?”

Hearing Letina’s question, I conveyed the features of the field supervisor that I heard from Cortina.

He was a plump, muscular human with a beard. He was in his forties and wasn’t very tall.

“Also, he apparently lives across the fields… In that hut over there.”

There was a small hut visible beyond the Cosmos fields that followed after the idle ones. According to Cortina, that was his house.

Given how many fields were around, the distances between houses was quite large. I couldn’t see anything remotely similar to a house anywhere else.

“Let’s search for him there first.”
“Well, that would be most logical.”
“But what if he is injured or sick?”
“In that case, we can just let Cortina know. I’ll rush back while Michelle looks after him.”

I was the fastest among us three. Or rather, there was no one faster than me in either academy. Michelle’s stamina was quite something, but she was no match for me in terms of explosive power.

“Anyway, considering it could be such a case, the faster we go the better.”
“Indeed. But we have to equip ourselves just in case.”

We were going to head into the forest, so Letina went to retrieve her favourite staff. She used it as a trekking pole until now, but it seems that it would be finally put to its proper use now.

Michelle didn’t have her usual hunting bow with her, but she always carried the Third Eye with her, so that would be her weapon of choice now. Using the strengthening bangle that the God of Destruction gifted her, she was able to pull the string to the limit, but even with just my support magic, she was already able to pull it about halfway.

She still couldn’t use it on her own, but she could output decent power if I was with her.

I also had my vibrating knife and katana with me. As expected, I couldn’t bring Reid’s gauntlets with me, but I had about five bundles of piano threads stuffed into my pockets. With this much on my hand, I should be able to deal with most problems.

There were no other students as armed to the teeth as me. I was self-conscious that I have become quite a dangerous student.

But well, it proved useful during times of emergencies, so being constantly prepared for the worst never hurt.


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