Chapter 591 – Kabby’s Desperate Struggle

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 900 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The Carbuncle kept running in spite of its confusion.

The three men chased after it as well.

However, the Carbuncle knew very well that it would lead to a hopeless situation as things stood.

Having acted as Nicole’s body double many times, it knew that she was Reid’s reincarnation.

The enemy this time were the Devils which was the cause of Reid’s death, and against whom he and Lyell had fought in Berith.

Lyell was forced into a two vs one fight against such opponents, so even the Carbuncle knew that he had slim chances of victory.

“W-Wait! We can’t leave Mr. Lyell here…”
“What could we possibly do if we stay!? We have to run and call help as fast as we can!”

The men kept running awkwardly as they expressed their opinions.

The Carbuncle understood their words, and everyone had valid points.

Lyell’s chances of victory were slim, so they couldn’t just leave him here. They had to call for help.

However, Maria hadn’t come and remained in the pioneer village. They couldn’t manage to reach her in time no matter how you looked at it.

If they had teleportation or flight magic at their disposal perhaps they could have made it.

But the Carbuncle could only use mid-grade spells at most. As those spells were high-grade ones, it couldn’t use them.

It had to do something, such thoughts gave rise to impatience.


It turned around and cried at the men, telling them to hurry up. But it quickly realized that even that was impossible already.

Their stamina had been drained completely during mountain climbing. It was almost a miracle that they could even run like this.

It would be hopeless at this rate. Just as it began thinking that, a certain scene surfaced in its mind.

It was about the method that Reid used to carry the three of them the other day. The mid-grade Levitate spell that he used.

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It quickly moved into action.

It cast the levitating spell on the three and made them float. Then it took out the rope from its bag with Telekinesis and tied it to them. It tied the end of the rope to itself and pulled the three with the Cargo spell.

It was a spell developed for physical labor. It was quite possible to tow three heavier men.

However, that would put a big burden on a puppy-sized Carbuncle’s body.

But even so, it didn’t stop moving.

This Cargo spell that forcibly moved the body was quite similar to Nicole’s physical strengthening through threads.

Naturally, it would be a defective spell as it is, so it also had a physical supporting effect.

That said, that effect still couldn’t fully make up for the difference between the three men and the puppy-sized Carbuncle.

Its body started creaking, and gave off sounds of something being torn.

But it continued to accelerate regardless.

The luggage started to glide along as it gained speed, so as the burden was alleviated, it used that spare strength to accelerate its body even further beyond its limits.

It accelerated like a carriage as it ran down the mountain. Had it been alone, it wouldn’t have put this much burden on it. But even so, it took them along, because it needed their mouths—it couldn’t speak human words, after all. It needed a person that could explain the situation once they reached the village, thus it couldn’t leave them be.

“Carbuncle, leave us here. You can just take Troy with you.”

Zell spoke to it, having sensed its distress.

“One person would be enough to explain the situation, right? We should be safe after coming this far. We won’t be attacked even if you leave us here.”

That was both a fact and a hope.

Coming this far, they would certainly not get rolled up in the fight with the Devils.

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But that was only if Lyell was still alive and fighting.

If Lyell lost, the Devils would instantly leave and start attacking the nearby settlements. The nearest settlement was the pioneer village, and this was the route leading there.

In other words, if Lyell lost, they would instantly lose their safety. Thus, it was hard to say that this was a safe place.

But even so, Zell laughed to not worry about it.

“Don’t worry. That’s no way that Lord Lyell would lose, right? And even if one escapes here by some luck, we could at least act as deterrents.”

Saying that, Jones took out a small shield from his luggage and equipped it on his arm.

He also understood how much the Carbuncle was pushing itself.


There was no time to worry. It had to do the unreasonable and get to the village, otherwise everything would be meaningless.

It decided it had to go with their suggestion, and released the Telekinesis on the two of them.

“Hurry now. There’s no knowing how long Lord Lyell can last.”

They had never witnessed the threat of the Twin-bladed Devils. But even so, they understood that they weren’t enemies that ordinary people could take on.

Lyell, who could win one-on-one, was the abnormal case.

Squee! Squeee!

I will definitely bring help. It gave a cry loaded with such intentions, and dashed once again with Troy.

And within thirty minutes, it had arrived at the pioneer village.


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