Chapter 568 – Fina’s Adventure 8

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1169 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Presently, in Lyell’s mansion, troops dispatched by the highest or near-highest leaders of three different kingdoms were gathered up. Normally, the three may have been antagonistic and kept each other in check, but this time they had banded together in order to save Fina.

In a way, Finia who made the three kingdoms join up had managed to bring about the unity that could rival the time during the Evil Dragon’s Colchis’ attack.

“Maria, I heard about it. I can’t believe it!”
“Ashella, you came.”

Maria welcomed Ashella, her eyes, being red already, having grown even redder due to congestion from crying.

The troops were camping around the mansion, for the time being, so only Ashella entered inside. Inside the house, there were already Cortina, Maxwell, Gadius, Letina, Reid, and even Finia present.

With this list, any normal person would easily get overshadowed. Priscilla, who was supposed to be a queen of the United Alliance, was in fact curling up in the corner of the room. Mateus was scared of Lyell so he fled out with the excuse of leading the troops.

“No way, this is impossible. How could I possibly talk with this lineup as if I’m an equal.”
“What are you saying? If you go there, even I am but a little girl.”
“Lady Letina, you are a daughter of the Marquis of Raum, not to mention a future Duke, and Lord Maxwell’s fiancee on top!”
“Oh, now that you pointed it out, I do seem to be quite important, huh?”
“Isn’t it fine? I mean I’m someone who’s already dead. I’m definitely the most normal person here.”
“No, that would be me, La… I mean, Lord Reid.”

Reid casually called out to Priscilla to calm her down, seeing her curled up like a borrowed cat in the corner.

The dark blue coat he was clad in was clearly giving off an aura that overwhelmed people. No matter how you looked, he couldn’t claim to be a normal person, Priscilla thought in doubt.

And Finia, who could rebuke his words like nothing, had uncommonly big guts.

“Umm, this is a bit late to ask… but you are Lord Reid, yes?”
“Yeah. Didn’t we meet before?”

Letina joined hands and asked him. He had previously met her while disguised as Haumea.

“I’m using my old appearance this time, though. My real appearance is a secret.”
“Speaking of which, you were in female form the last time. It looked quite lovely too.”
“W-Well, that was based on Maria…”

As Letina kept asking questions with sparkling eyes, Reid felt a bit cornered.

He was Nicole on the inside, so Letina’s attitude toward him felt strange, and he was barely holding back from bursting into laughter.

This time, since it was his hometown, Reid didn’t come with Nicole or Haumea’s appearance, but Reid’s instead.

Due to his consideration that if he loitered around with Maria’s appearance it could confuse people around, he decided to choose Reid’s form which didn’t resemble anyone.

But due to that, Letina, being an unexpected participant, ended up persistently approaching him.

“Reid… I shall not allow any affairs.”
“Old man… Tell that to your fiancee.”
“How could I possibly scold Letina!”
“You got your priorities backward there!”

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Strangely enough, among the male members of the Six Heroes, Reid was closest with Maxwell. This was due to the synergy between Maxwell’s high communicational skills and Reid’s honest personality, though he seemed inapproachable at a glance.

Reid was unconsciously releasing an oppressive aura, which kept people around away. But Maxwell didn’t pay it any mind, so he ultimately ended up being the one he talked with the most.

Even now, the two joked around in the corner of the room, but Cortina went and smacked them on the head.

“Stop your foolish talk and get to searching already. Ashella, sorry but can you ask the troops to hold the position around the village? No one must leave.”
“Gotcha! This is so the culprits don’t escape, right?”
“Naturally. Maxwell, use the Search spell. Pinpoint the location. Reid, you’re in charge of rushing there afterward. Your highest priority is to secure Fina. As for Lyell and Maria… don’t run wild, okay?”

If they were left alone, Lyell could rush into their hideout with his Holy Sword. Maria could also use various spells and only god knows what with her current mental state.

Realizing that, Cortina warned them in advance. In this situation, Maxwell, who could use more spells than Maria, and Reid, who could infiltrate their base without getting spotted were the ideal people for the job.

Reid’s face was a bit flushed seeing his lover for the first time in a while, but he also felt a sense of dependability from her in cases like this.

“Hmm…? The only response I can pick up is in this mansion.”
“Huh, no way?! Did they already escape from the village?”
“That is quite possible. They should be waiting in Kolbo village, right?”
“Still, my search radius is over ten kilometers in every direction. It has not even been three hours since you received the letter, has it? I cannot imagine them reaching beyond that while carrying a child.”
“Maybe they had horses or something prepared outside the village.”

Cortina once again considered the possibility of their escape. Reid had nothing to do in the meantime.

“Oh well. If you find out about their hideout let me know. I have no plans to let people who laid hands on her escape safely.”
“I’m counting on you.”

Reid spoke indifferently and left the room. In reality, he was escaping from Letina’s investigation.

He was naturally worried about Fina, but he could listen to the conversation inside using his threads. Hence he prioritized his own safety.

Letina also sensed the situation and listened to Cortina’s instructions with a tense expression.

“Don’t worry, Maria. I’ll definitely find Fina. And the criminals will definitely pay for it.”
“Yes, I don’t know what I will do to them if I see them.”
“Same. First I’ll break the fingers they touched Fina with and lop off their arms.”
“Calm down, Lyell. Leave some for me too.”
“More importantly, Gadius. What about Kolbo?”
“Nicole’s group headed there. They stand out a bit, but as expected of Maria’s daughter, she is skilled.”

Nicole in reality didn’t head there. And even if she did, her group made out of beauties wasn’t suited for investigations. They would just get entangled with guys and cause needless trouble. Thus, Gadius instead sent Mark, John and Tony who were of the same generation as Nicole’s group to Kolbo.

Stollar and Kolbo were close on two sides of the border, so it would only take one day to reach it.

“Our people are already ready to intercept them in Kolbo. They have no means of escape.”

Gadius said with a ferocious smile.

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He was normally a gentle man, so it was extremely rare for him to make such an aggressive expression.


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