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Chapter 514 – The Man Who Came to Help

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1360 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

She passed by Cain and rushed towards the third-floor door. If she entered the dorms, he wouldn’t be able to continue his actions so easily. She judged that to be the case. She also considered heading down, but several students were blocking the narrow passage, so it would’ve been hard to pass them.

Thus, she chose to pass by Cain instead, however—

“Praise the God of Destruction!”

Finia chanted the keyword to turn the dagger into a spear, but the magic power she poured into the dagger scattered and the transformation didn’t occur. For that reason, she ended up slashing at him from too far off. She immediately realized that and once again decided to pass by him instead.

“Whoa. You are quite a naughty one, eh?”

But before that, Cain blocked her way. However, from a close range, she could use the dagger too. Judging so, she attacked sideways, but the reaction from the hit was hard and dull.

The place where the dagger hit was Cain’s flank. It would be problematic if it was fatal so she aimed there to wound and falter him, but that recoil was beyond her expectations.

She stopped for a moment due to shock, but Cain calmly grabbed and twisted her hand up.

“L-Let me go!”
“I haven’t seen a fool who would do that after being told to.”

Finia was squirming but she couldn’t remove her arm from the hold.

Being an Adventurer, she was by no means weak. She was instead incomparably stronger than an ordinary woman, given that she specialized in defensive techniques. However, Cain managed to easily restrain her arm. He had unbelievable strength unlike what his body suggested.

She couldn’t tear her arm off him no matter what. Finia felt humiliated, seeing the door to the third floor just past Cain.

“Hey, take this one too. We can’t antagonize Letina and Nicole, but they wouldn’t do anything else if they know we caught the perpetrator. She is just a commoner so I doubt they would care.”
“Yes, by the way…”
“Yeah, I will give the Drug later.”
“Hehehe, it’s a promise, okay?”
“Yeah yeah, just hurry up and—”

—take her away. Just as he was about to say that, the door behind him was opened forcefully.


Along with that shout, a figure rushed in and did a ram attack at Cain. Taken completely by surprise, Cain’s posture broke and he ended up letting Finia go. That person then took Finia’s hand and pulled her off Cain.

“Who are-?!”
“More importantly, just follow me for now!”
“Even if you say that…kyaaaa!”

The moment he said it, the figure—the boy, lifted Finia up and threw himself off the spiral corridor’s rails. Needless to say, there was nothing below all the way to the first floor.

Even if you wanted to slow down the fall, they were within the academy grounds so magic couldn’t be used. Finia was about to chant a spell but gave up on the idea.

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But the boy grabbed the rail with a thread during the fall and slipped into the corridor below with the pendulum movement. Finia observed that skillful defensive move with interest as he carried her.

“Err, let me ask again, who are you…?”
“I’m Sullivan. Ally of beauties like you!”
“Ah, you’re Lady Letina’s classmate.”
“Oh, did Lady Letina get interested in me? Seriously? Do I have a chance?!”

He opened the second floor’s door and rushed inside while saying that. He didn’t let Finia’s hand go during that. Rather, his fingers seemed like they were brushing her hand.

“Ah well, I was ordered to protect Lady Letina undercover, but I didn’t expect you would be the one who’d get attacked.”
“Guard Lady Letina…Who ordered that?”
“I mean, naturally it’s Marquis Yowi. His beloved daughter transferred to a place where there’s someone dangerous, so it’s natural he would worry.”

He pulled Finia along and ran in the hallway while explaining that to her.

“Wait, what about Lady Letina?!”
“Don’t worry, I already took measures. My comrade is securing her safety now.”

With that, Finia remembered that Letina was summoned by a teacher earlier. She made a guess that that teacher must’ve been his comrade.

“Your comrade… Could it be teacher Mayer?”
“Correct. It means that before Lady Letina even made a move, Lord Marquis was already on it. It was about his beloved daughter’s wedding, so of course, he would do preliminary investigations.”
“A-As expected of a doting parent… No, never mind.”
“Hahaha, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it.”
“Please do.”

While they were talking, they heard footsteps from behind. As Finia turned around, she saw the students were chasing them after getting back up.

“They are chasing us! Should we take them on here?”
“Sorry, I’m bad at fights.”
“A-And you’re still a guard?!”
“The best guard is who influences the target so they don’t attack them.”
“Smooth words make smooth ways, huh!”

Sullivan smiled back at Finia’s questions, then opened a random room and rushed inside. There was a girl in the middle of changing inside, but he ran past her after giving her a glance.

“Excuse us!”
“Huh! Ah, ueh?!”
“Err, um… Excuse us!”

As the girl was at a loss for words due to confusion, Sullivan casually greeted her, while Finia also decided to do so and pass by. Leaving that girl behind, the two once again jumped off a window.

Since it was the second floor this time, it wasn’t that high up so they just landed on the ground. They did a roll on the ground to diffuse the impact and they ran away from the dorm grounds.

Cain, who overlooked that from the spiral corridor, punched the rail with a frustrated expression.

Being saved by Sullivan, Finia was guided to a cheap inn in the city. It was apparently an inn that he was familiar with and there was no fear of betrayal.

“Sorry for taking you to this dirty place, young lady.”
“My name is Finia.”
“Yeah, I know.”

Thinking back, if he was Letina’s guard, he should naturally know about Finia who had the same job. In the first place, if he was related to the Marquis, he should know about Nicole too who used to be in a party with Letina, so knowing Finia as a related party wouldn’t be strange either.

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“Sorry, but stay and hide here for some time.”
“Why? Aren’t Lady Nicole and Lady Letina in danger too?!”
“It should be fine. The moment he touches Nicole he would get killed. By Lord Lyell. As for Letina, well it’s something similar too.”
“Well, that is indeed the case but…”
“The reason he came to attack you was because he couldn’t think beyond those facts though.”
“Is that so?”
“Yup. For that guy, people other than nobles are just expendables. So he believes that other nobles also think the same. That’s the reason he came for you without hesitation.”

Sullivan explained as if he was spitting out those words.

According to him, Cain didn’t see Finia as a person since she was a commoner, so he decided to deal with her. And that he thought Letina would also only think of the matter as if her expendable tool got broken.

“Setting Nicole, the daughter of Six Heroes, we can’t protect you inside the dormitory. Please stay here until the situation calms down.”
“We don’t know when that will happen!”
“Rest assured of that. It will happen today or tomorrow.”
“It seems that things have been getting active here as of late. Perhaps it was because Nicole messed with them. Thanks to that, it’s easy for us to move too.”

When Nicole dealt with the Fungus, Cain realized that his shady work was exposed. He then mistook that for Finia’s deed and moved into action. That was the current situation. But that wouldn’t continue for long.

That information had already reached Maxwell, and he also conveyed it to Marquis Yowi too. The rest was to wait for how they would deal with him. As long as he managed to secure the safety of everyone involved, his mission would be complete.



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