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Chapter 367 – 16-Year-Old Inglis and The Meaning of Matchmaking (19)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1977 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 783 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad


With a casual one-handed grip, Jeldegrīva swung the sword to the side, merely intending to rest it on his shoulder. Yet, this simple motion unleashed a shockwave.

The sheer force of the shockwave sliced a massive horizontal gap in the crater near where Inglis and the others stood. The severed ground collapsed, forming a colossal trench that extended far into the distance.

“Oops, my bad…! That’s the only drawback of being too powerful, you see!” Jeldegrīva exclaimed, his body having undergone a transformation. The brilliance of the supergiant sword seeped into the Duke of War, hardening him into the same golden substance.

Now, a golden-winged warrior wielding an enormous golden sword stood before them. Was this Jeldegrīva the Duke of War’s final form? He looked divine, and Inglis could sense the immense power radiating from him.

That power was —

“Is this… Ether…?” Inglis wondered. The wavelength felt quite distinct from her own, and it seemed different from Black Mask’s Ether. She couldn’t mistake it for anything else, though. In essence, it resembled the Ether of demon gods more than the Ether of Gods and Goddesses like Alistair, who had once made Inglis a demigod Divine Knight.

Until this point, Jeldegrīva had displayed no mana or Ether, relying solely on his physical prowess against Inglis. But now, having fused with the sword Carlado had transformed into, he was enveloped in a vast amount of Ether.

Without a doubt, this was the game changer. Inglis couldn’t envision many strategies to counter it.

“Now, Inglis, let’s not delay any longer…! Show me the power that conquered a Prisma…!” Jeldegrīva challenged.

“Fufufu… Of course, that’s my only option. Besides, it will be two against two, so I won’t be fighting unfairly this time…!” Inglis replied, smiling as she glanced towards the crater’s rim.

“Miss Eri—”

But Eris was not where she looked. The Hyrule Menace had already leaped into position beside Inglis.

“It’s okay. I’m here with you already. You want to use me, right?” Eris interjected.

“Y-yes… if I’m allowed,” Inglis stammered. Though she thought Eris would object, it seemed she was proactive enough to come forward before Inglis even asked. Yet, something about her behavior seemed off.

“It’s okay. Let’s do this,” Eris reassured her.

“…That’s unusual, coming from you,” Inglis observed, knowing that Eris was not one to seek battles for fun. Eris usually preferred to avoid unnecessary fights, unlike Ripple, who shared a passion for the thrill of combat. Her current willingness to engage was something Eris would typically criticize first.

“…I never dreamed this day would come, but if there’s an opportunity to battle a Highlander general, I won’t let it go to waste. This will be for future references as well.”

Upon hearing these words, Inglis grasped what Eris had in mind. She wanted to witness the clash between the most formidable power the Highland could present and the strongest that the Midland had ever seen.

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Depending on the results, the Midland’s attitude toward the Highland might shift. This issue could influence the ongoing servitude relationship in the future. That said, it all hinged on Inglis’ readiness to fully commit herself to the welfare of this world and its inhabitants.

“Miss Eris, I hope you don’t set your expectations too high for me. I’m not acting in the world’s interest, you know?” Inglis cautioned.

“But you are acting in the interest of Rafinha, aren’t you? I don’t think there’s much difference then. She’s a wonderful girl, after all,” Eris countered, glancing at Rafinha who was peering over the crater’s edge.

“…You really know how to hit where it hurts,” Inglis grumbled.

“You can say I’ve known you both long enough to understand what makes you tick,” Eris said, a mischievous smile playing on her lips before she assumed a dignified expression.

“Now, let’s get to it. You can enjoy yourself as much as you want right now…! I’ll keep you company…!” Eris declared, extending her hand towards Inglis.

“Yes…!” Inglis agreed, placing her small, childlike hand on the elegant one Eris offered. At that moment, a burst of light expanded.

Amidst the golden glow, Eris’ body transformed into a pair of swords. They manifested in golden sheaths at Inglis’ hips, their exquisite beauty enough to make one sigh with admiration.

“Hou…! Such fine swords! They have elegance… I think! A bit too slender, perhaps!” Jeldegrīva observed.

“Compared to your giant sword, perhaps. However, she possesses a strong heart,” Inglis responded, drawing both of Eris’ twin swords and adopting a stance where she crossed them before her body.

“That sounds splendid…! Show me that power…!” the Duke of War urged, assuming a half-turned posture with his blade resting on his shoulder.


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