Chapter 320 – 15 year old Inglis and the Two Princes (11)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2933 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1289 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

Weinsel rematerialized the flaming horse that had disappeared when he fell off of it.

「I see, I’d expect no less of a nation as great as Charalia, even your human resources are abundant! So, you plan to tire me out with skilled High-Grade Rune knights, only to have a Holy Knight finish me at the end, is that it?」
「Welp, sorry to say, but I’m no Holy Knight of Charalia. Calling me a former affiliate would be more correct! Since I’m one of the Ironblood Chain Brigade now. I got nothing to do with Charalia.」
「The Ironblood Chain Brigade? Isn’t that the anti-highland guerilla organization? If so, why are you involving yourself in this fight?」
「The brigade’s policy has got nothing to do with this! See, it’s fully personal. You can say… that a brother gets in his lil sis’ squabble, is all!」
「I see, so just a case of a doting brother! I must say, your sister is a capable enough Knight, don’t you think?」
「Glad you see it that way! Well, I kinda put her in a situation that makes her the way she is… Not saying I’m here to make up for that, but I ain’t gonna look lame in front of my baby sister!」

Several Leon clones began to move toward Weinsel from all around him at once. Neither Leone nor Liselotte could tell which one was the real Leon.

「I’d like to see you try!」

And it must have been the same for Weinsel. He connected the back ends of both of his lances, and they formed into a single two-poled lance.

From there, each half increased its length. It was a change not so different from Leone’s black greatsword. It only extended in length, however, so there was no telling if it could widen as well or not!


Weinsel then whirled around the long, two-poled lance at tremendous speed. Lightning and flames were scattered from the two ends of the lance, covering the entire space around Weinsel like a tornado.

「Wh-, whoa!」
「It’s going to be hard to approach him!」

If any of the mimicked Leon approached Weinsel, it would self-destruct and Weinsel wouldn’t be able to evade the damage. If so, then he had to use a wide, highly dense attack to engulf himself without letting any of them get close to him. It was a tactic to deter any of the mimics and let only the real Leon get close.

「I see… lively, aren’t we!」

Several of the Leon mimics closed in on Weinsel regardless. Some of them got caught in Weinsel’s attack and exploded, but each time, a new Leon emerged and closed in on Weinsel again.

Occasionally, one of the many Leons would almost come within a hair’s breadth of Weinsel, but the flaming horse would take a huge leap to keep the distance.

One step forward, one step back.

Roars of the flame and thunder tornado unleashed by Weinsel’s lance. Roars of Leon’s mimics getting caught in the storm, exploding time and time again. These sounds and sights were spectacular, overlapping one another in succession.

Neither Leon nor Weinsel could come up with a decisive blow, and they both pushed through with their respective Gifts. It might as well continue until one of them ran out of power and was unable to sustain their Gifts.

「If this continues, there’s nothing we can do!」

The two were so fierce in their attacks that it was difficult for Leone to even hear Liselotte’s voice right next to her.


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That was when Leone recalled it. The breakthrough that popped up in her mind before Leon came and saved her. That, probably, would still work even now—

Leone turned around and walked that way.

「Leone…?! What are doing?」
「Perhaps we can’t do anything, but we can ask for help! Pullum!」

She called out Pullum’s name, who was amongst the backline soldiers watching the battle.

「Y-, yes! What’s the matter?!」
「Please lend us your strength! Use your Gift to strengthen big brother Leon’s Artifact! If you do…」

Before Leone could finish her suggestion, Liselotte raised an objection.

「Wait, Leone! The sound of Miss Pullum’s harp strengthens every Artifact that it reaches. It would strengthen the Artifacts of both Mister Leon and Prince Weinsel! In fact, our opponent has more Artifacts in his hand!」
「That’s right! But that’s only if the sound reaches him! Look, if he’s in the center of an attack that generates so much noise, the sound of the harp won’t even reach him! Which means only my brother gets the benefit!」

Leone pointed to Weinsel, the prince at the eye of the storm of lightning and fire. At her point, Liselotte nodded.

「Y, you may be right! It may really work, Leone!」
「Right, don’t you think?! Please do, Pullum!」
「But, Leone, which one is your brother’s real figure?」
「Uuh?! B-, but if I call him!」
「Nope, no need for that.」

Pullum said with a toothy grin, but that voice was Leon’s.


Her appearance then went back from Pullum’s to Leon’s right in front of Leone’s eyes.

「See, the handy thing with this new model is that it can disguise me as well. It suits people like us to a T! You hear that, little Pullum?! Gimme a hand!」

In response to Leon’s call, the real Pullum stepped forward.

「Yes, I heard it! I’ll do it!」

Pullum’s harp then played a beautiful melody and the brilliance of Leon’s Artifact increased dramatically.

「Hoh… this is something else! Then how ‘bout this?! UWOOOHHH!!」

With Leon’s yell, a large number of mimics in the shape of Leon were produced. If all of them combined, there would be scores of Leon in the area.

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「Why don’t I just use sheer numbers then?! LET’S ALL GOOO!!」

A large number of Leon swarmed Weinsel at once. Weinsel could handle the number earlier, but now he’s steadily getting overwhelmed. Even if he moved away to evade them, one of the densely packed Leon was close enough to pounce on him.

Gradually, it was getting harder and harder for Weinsel to keep up! And before long, one Leon managed to grapple Weinsel.

「Alright! Follow me!」

That Leon grinned and straight up exploded. And once Weinsel’s defense crumbled, he had no way to build back up. Before the explosion subsided, many more Leons quickly swarmed in.


As though to drown out Weinsel’s voice, Leon and many other Leon clambered over each other, forming a sort of a Leon mountain, and then… They all exploded at once, leaving behind an oversized flash and thunderous roar.

「Good grief… it’s sickening to see my own face being blasted to death! Though, well, that’s the new equipment for ya.」

Commented Leon under his breath.

「Big bro! Weinsel bro—! Are you okay?!」
「Sir Weinsel—!」

As the smoke from the explosion settled, Lahti and Pullum approached Weinsel.

「Ah, Lahti! Don’t go yet!」
「Miss Pullm too! It might be dangerous!」

Both Leone and Liselotte hurriedly followed them. Fortunately, the worst thing that they imagined didn’t happen, and once the dust settled, they found Weinsel lying on the ground with smoke coming from all over his body.

「U-gh… I blundered— You still had a hidden power!」

As Weinsel was busy spreading his attack over a wide area, the details of the action seemed lost to him.

「I didn’t have that kind of hidden power… well, call it a combined effort. Thanks a lot.」

Spoke Leon, offering his smile to Leone and the others.


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