Chapter 304 – 15 year old Inglis, Squire and Knight Commander (14)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2061 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 958 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「Fufufu… ’Tis a good sword, even if I say so myself! It can withstand all of my power!」
「NUUuuuu!!! Well, we’re much BEETTEEERR!!」

As Rochefort put more strength into his shield, the hemispherical light spread even further, destroying walls and such.

「…If you try to flow the power into every part of your body, much of it will escape you and disperse. Try to think consciously that your shield is part of your body then focus your power there, you’ll have less excess.」

Compared to Rochefort, whose power spread away from him and destroyed the castles bit by bit, Inglis didn’t leave many trails of destruction except a few cracks under her feet.

That wasn’t to say she was less powerful, but rather it was because of how efficient she was at converging all of her Ether into the sword.

「HAA HA! You really love showing mercy to your enemy!!」
「No, as I said before, it is no mercy. I only want to fight someone strong! The stronger my opponent, the better.」
「I see, LIKE THIISSS!!!」

The shield shined more intensely, and at the same time, the hemispherical glow around Rochefort became smaller.

That was evidence that more of his Quasi Ether had converged on the shield. In other words, the destructive power contained within the shield had increased by that much.

「Yes, like so!! Wonderful isn’t it?!」

Even the gems on his shield were glowing in their unique colors.

Before, they had to be charged up first, but now they could be launched at any moment! And the reason for that, too, was because Rochefort didn’t have to waste so many Quasi Ether to activate them.

Seeing someone applying her word of advice that excellently made it worth giving the advice.

「Yes!! Exactly as you say!」
「I am! Let’s clash our biggest attacks together!」

Rochefort turned his shield to her, while Inglis readied her sword diagonally up so that she could lower it immediately.


The shield then emitted an extreme flash of light.

The white light the shield itself emitted, and then the respective colored lights of the gems… they were all mixed so beautifully, creating a beam of light many times the height of a person. Inglis wouldn’t doubt that it was Rochefort’s and Arles’ all-out attack.


Inglis, on the other hand, struck down her dragonscale sword that had dwelled all of her Ether in it. The moment she whipped her sword down, the Ether on its blade formed a huge crescent-shaped wave along the arc of the blade.

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It was a hulking amount of Ether mass, as big as the beam Rochefort’s shield unleashed. It was an extremely large flying slash with all of Inglis Ether in it, equivalent to several Ether Strikes at once.

It plunged straight into the beam, gouging deep and wide into the ground!

When the two attacks collided, a pillar of light rose to the heavens around the point of impact, raising an ungodly roar as the ground under it crumbled away in a circular pattern.

It was so large and deep that the destruction scars Inglis and Rochefort created during their previous collisions were completely swallowed up. Should this conflict of energy continue at this rate, the whole castle could be evaporated.

「Well?! What do you say will happen?!!」

Rochefort was down to one knee and lightheaded as he watched his and Inglis’ attacks clash. He had put his everything in that single blow to the point that he was unable to move any longer.

Inglis was the same. She poured most of her Ether in this one blow. She could feel weakness and a bit of a wobble in her step. Then again!

「Dragon Roar!!」

She still had the power she received from Dragon God Vufailbane!! Inglis’ sword, already poised to strike the next blow, was then filled with the Dragon’s Ki, shimmering in pure white.

「WHAAATTT?! She still has that much after that?!!」
「This is all of my power!! HYAAAAAAaaaaahh!!!!」

Inglis whipped her sword, with Dragon Roar concentrated in its blade, in a single horizontal motion. A wave of Dragon Roar resembling a giant dragon’s tail rushed towards the collision point of the Quasi Ether and Ether.

Now that she had a weapon that could be used as a vessel of Ether, Inglis didn’t have to resort to desperate measures such as Ether Breaker. She could just pour all of her strength into the sword at once, store it up, and release it.

With that being said… the mechanism of adding more force into an attack she already unleashed to make it explode was admittedly an effective one. So, in this case, her solution to recreate the same effect was to unleash all of her Ether into her first blow and trigger its explosion with Dragon Roar.

The need of having her target survive her first blow still existed, but… evidently, rather than randomly bursting, the Ether Inglis unleashed stayed at the point of impact!

Thus, the greatest, all-encompassing radiance ever recorded that day filled everything in sight. The Dragon Roar turned the tide, shoving the central point of collision, pushing everything away towards Rochefort, before it exploded.



Rochefort’s scream was drowned by the enormous outburst of light.

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The force of the blast blew away everything in front of Inglis, opening up a huge, deep crater in its wake. Its scar was a hole so massive, the royal castle of Charalia could fit in it several times and more.1 


  1. Syl: Lo and behold a new lake is created.

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