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Chapter 301 – 15 year old Inglis, Squire and Knight Commander (11)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2073 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 870 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

He was fighting Inglis head-to-head in a pure power contest in such a state, a testament of how remarkable his strong spirit and vigorous will to fight were. If he existed in the days of King Inglis, he would be a prodigy general to spearhead the army.

「Ross……! Don’t force yourself, let me—」

Arles leaned in closer to Rochefort and supported his shoulder with her body. She took the skewer from Rochefort’s hand and brought it to his mouth. Her every gesture showed care.

「Whatever it is, as long as you are alive… I will always be by your side!」

Rochefort once again vomited blood heavily, painting the armor Arles wore in red.

「ROSS?!! Get a grip! You’ll be fine after you eat this!」
「Grrngh! F̲U̲C̲K̲!」

His body couldn’t even chew the meat, he might not make it in time!

「You can do it! Just a bit more!」

Inglis gave her cheers.

「If he can’t eat it, you should chew it in his stead! Then feed him with your mouth!」

Rafinha quickly sent instructions to Arles.

「Y-, yes! I will!」

Arles did as she was told and hastily chewed up the skewered meat. She then poured it into Rochefort, mouth to mouth.


Rochefort then somehow managed to swallow the meat. It was close, but he should make it, they had to wait for a while.

「We made it in time… right?」

Rafinha looked worried.

「If it’s in his body, then he should be fine! I’m sure you noticed it too, Rani. If she was even a second late, then he might have been in danger.」
「Well, yeah. I did just the same, after all.」

Spoke Rafinha, dropping the bomb.

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「Haah?! EEEeeehhh?!! Wh-, what did you do?!」

Inglis stuttered and shouted without her own control. She was so engrossed in the battle, she didn’t notice it! To think Rafinha had done such a thing while she was treating the gravely injured King Charleas!

Rafinha, however, only twisted her neck in confusion.

「? What do you mean what? His Majesty the King was in a really dangerous spot. You told me to feed him the meat and then use my healing Gift at full power, didn’t you?」
「I-, I didn’t tell you to go that far! I mean, sure, His Majesty is a really important man, but even then…」
「No, no, no, what are you on about? Rank doesn’t matter, you know. It’s my duty to save those I can help to the best of my ability since I have this Gift, isn’t it?」

Rafinha smiled, her chest puffing out in pride.


Inglis found that that noble spirit of hers was truly remarkable. It was admirable and she was proud of Rafinha for it. And perhaps… Perhaps, it would be much, much better later down the road for Rafinha not to bear unnecessary dreams and longings. And yet…

Just, what was this feeling? There was a tremor in her body that she had never felt before. She knew it wasn’t excitement for a fight, as it felt much more lonely and frustrating!


Inglis sent her gaze towards King Charleas, who was watching over the battle at the wall. Even she herself couldn’t tell what kind of face she was making…

「Come on, Glis, don’t glare!」
「I’m not glaring, I’m looking!」
「Don’t lie to me! Your face is saying that you want to maul him!」
「It’s not!」

King Charleas, at the end of her gaze, then raised his voice.

「Uu……! Uwaaaah! It’s getting cold?!」
「Your Majesty?!」
「You look pale!」
「Why, his condition was getting stable before?!」

The Imperial Guards then fell into a panic.

「R-, Rafinha! His Majesty! Examine His Majesty!」
「Yes! Oh come on, it’s because you’re glaring at him!」
「Perhaps that wasn’t enough meat! We’ll have to do it again! Forgive me, Your Majesty!!」

Redas threw the flesh of the Dragon God in his mouth, chewed it up, and gave it to King Charleas.

「! Ooh……!」

Inglis clapped, and her eyes twinkled. From how Redas talked, this had to be what they did before! The picture of two large men exchanging food mouth-to-mouth perhaps wasn’t inherently beautiful, but that scene seemed to sparkle in Inglis’ eyes right now.

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「H-, hey, hey, Rani! It was Mister Redas who fed him before, right? right?」
「Yup, it was him, why? Aah~ ……That’s what’s happening. Oh come on, there’s life on the line, don’t be upset over something like that!」
「But, it’s still too fast for you, Rani!」

With a smile on her lips, Inglis waved to Redas. He did a most wonderful job. That saved a bunch. Inglis’ body moved from sheer gratitude.

「Oh please! Well, it did save me too, a bit…… I do want my first to be with someone I like…」

Rafinha blushed a little, who knew whatever she had in mind.

「Y-, you can’t! Don’t think about romance and such!」
「Well, now’s hardly the time for it, anyway! I’ll go and check up on His Majesty!」

Rafinha then ran back to King Charleas.


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