Chapter 265 – 15-year-old Inglis, the Dragon God and the Elder King (38)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2235 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 870 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「Ah! We were talking! That’s dirty!」
「Hell if I care! But… Kukukuku! You sure did well to have beaten the legendary Dragon God into this pathetic state, it is utterly astonishing indeed. I commend you! However, you should know that it is convenient for me too. Now that you have broken the pride of the dragon, he will be more open to what I have to say!」
「Ooh……Then that means you can prepare a power that surpasses even the Dragon God?! I look forward to it!」

Inglis’ eyes suddenly lit up. Abel’s tone and choice of words showed that he still had a lot of composure. And he did that after he recognized that Inglis had bested the Dragon God.

If he was simply saying he would defeat her with the help of the Dragon God, then he would have spoken differently. If that had been his intention, Abel would have lamented or been disappointed that the Dragon God’s power was not as strong as Inglis’. He wouldn’t have been so confident. He was confident that he had a way to defeat Inglis. The trump card of a Highland Archlord, Inglis looked forward to it.

「Hmph! Remember, being too perceptive can ruin the fun!」
「Do forgive me then.」

As Inglis bowed her head in agreement, Abel turned to Vufailbane who had brought himself to his feet and called out to the dragon.

「O’ Dragon God! I will give you the power to kill the woman who humiliated the great you! Heed my call!」
「Ooh!!! I knew it! Please do!」

And please rekindle the fighting spirit of this troubling Dragon God that has lost spirit. I still haven’t had enough fights.

「You’re noisy, don’t you answer me! Shut your trap!」

As soon as Abel scolded her, Vufailbane came to Inglis with a question.

『Old King, is he your brethren?』
「He isn’t. If anything, he is an enemy!」
『I see…』

Vufailbane responded briefly, and in the next moment, he made his move.

He opened his maws wide, full of vicious fangs, and furiously bit at Abel. The movement was surprisingly agile for a creature of his size. Abel, the Archlord, couldn’t even react and was swallowed whole.


In an instant, before anyone could even shriek, Abel’s figure had disappeared into Vufailbane’s jaw.

「Wha————?! H-, he ate him?!」
「What speed! That happened in an instant!」

Leone and Liselotte were shocked.

「Wh-, what was he even doing! W-, well, this is probably for the best, though…」
「I-, it isn’t! It’s a waste!」

Inglis didn’t expect Vufailbane to follow Abel’s every word, but at the very least she expected Abel to be able to defend himself in case he was attacked. Vufailbane then would recognize Abel’s strength and be willing to listen to him, that was what Inglis had assumed would happen. She just didn’t expect to see the Highlander get eaten without any means to save his life.

『Hmph……Now I have made sure of it. If he really isn’t your brethren, then surely this is no problem?』

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Inglis could see red liquid smeared on Vufailbane’s mouth even as he told her so.
Abel definitely died from that.

「W-, well……what else can I say now…」
『If you want to restrain me again, do as you please. But throw that revolting imitation away where I can’t see it. It is extremely unpleasant to see the body of my brethren riddled with something unknown.』

After saying that, Vufailbane curled up and laid down on the ground again. From the body shape and the dimly felt Dragon Roar from it, Inglis had made her assumptions, but it seemed like it truly was a modified flesh-and-blood dragon. Vufailbane knew best, being a dragon himself.

「I see… If you want me to put it away, then please fight me first……」
『Eei, how many times do I have to tell you, it’s irksome! Give it up already!』
「No, I will not! Not until you understand my passion!」
『And I am telling you I refuse precisely because I understand! I can’t stay with a battle freak like you! Go find another……?!』

Vufailbane’s words were cut off mid-sentence. There was one big spasm then his body began to tremble.

『OH?! U……?! UWWOOoooo————h?!』
「……?! Vufailbane! What’s wrong?!」
「I don’t know what’s going on, but hasn’t he gone mad since you’re so pushy, Glis?!」
「Th-, that can’t be! I know for sure we can understand each other!」
「B-, but this looks like something out of the ordinary!」
「Is something happening?!」

Vufailbane let out a huge roar, and then his spasm stopped, and he grew quiet. Inglis couldn’t tell what he was thinking, but the dragon made a gesture of opening and closing his claws as if to make sure they moved.

「KU KU KU KU!! All right, it worked!」
「…?! Human words?!」

Up until now, Vufailbane had only conversed with Inglis in dragon words via the Dragon Roar they shared. He might or might not have been able to speak human language, but given his pride, he shouldn’t have had the intention of doing so.


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