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Chapter 262 – 15-year-old Inglis, the Dragon God and the Elder King (35)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2013 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 908 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「Wh-, what happened?!」
「Is there something in the ground?!」
「I don’t know, but it seems big!」
「We need to hurry!」

A swarm of white translucent dragon heads appeared as if to block Inglis and the others.

「Phantom Dragons!」
「Not a good time to interrupt!」
「I shall clear the path ahead! Everyone, keep moving and don’t stop for me!」

Liselotte kicked the hull and used the momentum to lunge forward.


Her halberd had a faint bluish-white gleam as it was thrust and generated a freezing, glistening, and furious snowstorm that engulfed the Phantom Dragons. Frozen by her attack, the Phantom Dragons crumbled to the ground.


As surprised as she was, Liselotte didn’t miss to attach herself back to the hull of the Star Princess unit as it passed by her.

「Liselotte is the same as me! That’s also the Dragon Roar! Right, Inglis?」
「Yeah, you’re right!」

Upon closer look, the ax head of Liselotte’s halberd had also undergone a partial transformation to resemble a dragon’s fang. The transformation was similar to that of Leone’s black greatsword Artifact. In her case, it seemed to be causing a phenomenon similar to Dragon’s Breath rather than giving birth to a Phantom Dragon.

「Liselotte was cutting dragon meat with it just as much as I was, after all!」
「I-, I see… to be very honest, I had never thought I would use a Knight’s pride and joy, an Artifact, as a butcher knife, but… I am glad that I did my best!」

Liselotte joyfully rubbed her cheek to her halberd Artifact that had gained new power.

「I envy you both! I wish my Artifact got stronger too! I just can’t cut meat with a bow!」
「Miss Rafinha, didn’t you have the healing Gift that Special Envoy Theodore had prepared for you? In fact, you have been making so much progress ahead I was worried I might be left behind all alone.」
「But, if that’s what you want to go with, then Leone also received the Gift to create a dimension to a subspace from Special Envoy Theodore AND the power from the dragon meat, that’s TWO! It’s unfair!」
「Eh? N-, no, I’m nowhere strong enough…」
「Fufufu. Don’t worry, everyone is working hard and making progress together.」

These three were the seeds of Knights who possessed High Grade Runes and similarly High Grade Artifacts. They would surely become high ranked Knights who would lead many under them. However, in terms of their personal combat abilities, Inglis believed that they have far exceeded many other high ranked Knights in active duty.

Eventually, they might even reach a level where they would be on par with the Holy Knights, when the latter weren’t armed with Hyrule Menaces. That would have been a wonderful sight to see. They would be the perfect sparring partners for Inglis. By all means, she wanted them to give it their all.

「Let’s all do our best, get stronger, and train together, okay? Fufufu…」
「S-, strictly speaking, that’s a cute smile you have there~ I just don’t want to imagine what kind of horrible training you have in mind!」
「Sh-, she’s right! Please take it easy on me……」
「Any ordinary person will have a hard time keeping up with you! Nobody else can run around with a Flgyear on their back, after all……」

It was then came a rumbling so loud its sound echoed through the air. The ground next to Vufailbane’s place was cracking open wide. It began to collapse, and an enormous figure rose up from within.

「……! Something is coming!」
「Wh-, what is that?! So big!」

Rafinha was right, the creature was huge enough to rival even Vufailbane.

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「It looks like a dragon?! B-, but… that’s……!」

Leone was right, it had the shape of a dragon.

「That rainbow-colored body?! D-, don’t tell me!」

And, indeed, Liselotte was right, its body shone in seven prismatic colors.


Rafinha, Leone, and Liselotte, all three of them shrieked at the same time.

「M-, my lord! Why now of all time?!」
「Didn’t Ian tell us that it was a Prisma that destroyed Lekrea? Maybe it’s that one that’s been lurking nearby this whole time?!」
「E-, either way, this is bad news! We must protect the encampment! Many of the people there aren’t Knights or soldiers!」
「B-, but it can be a good thing, you know? Right, Glis? Since Mr. Dragon isn’t fighting you anymore, you can fight this one! Do whatever you want with it!」
「No. You have it wrong, Rani.」
「Eh? How?」
「That is not a Prisma!」

Inglis didn’t feel the overwhelming power peculiar to a Prisma from it. For example, the Prisma that was trapped in ice that she met in the city of Arlman. Even through the thick confinement of ice, Inglis could feel an extraordinary surge of power, as if its energy had been condensed to the utmost limit.

The juvenile Prisma that Inglis defeated in Chiral Royal Capital also shared a unique surge of power, though not to the same extent. This creature though, while it looked like a Prisma, it didn’t feel like one. In fact, it was probably not even a Magic Stone Beast either. The flow of power that she felt was different from that of a Magic Stone Beast.


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