Chapter 235 – 15-year-old Inglis, the Dragon God and the Elder King (8)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2111 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 923 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「Look closely, okay?」

When Inglis said so, she thrust out her right hand towards the Dragon God’s tail that was towering from within the depths of the depression of the former site of Lekrea. Then, a pale brilliance started to converge on the tip of her palm into a huge bullet of light.

「Eh…!? Ah-, h-hang on, Glis!」

Rafinha shrieked when she saw what Inglis was about to do, but… Without a moment to hesitate, Inglis unleashed the mass of condensed Ether Strike!

「KYAAaaaahhh!? I-If you shoot something like that, the dragon meat will be gone with no trace of it behind!」

Rafinha screamed, grabbing Inglis by the neck and shaking her left and right.

「C-, calm down! Y-, you’re choking me! It-, it’s all right, Rani!」
「Look closely!」

The Ether Strike that struck the tail of the Dragon God made a loud grating sound. In its clash with the thick dragon scales, the battle between firepower versus durability continued for a while, but eventually, the light bullet was deflected and flung towards god-knows-where.

「See? It’s all right, isn’t it?」

The dragon scales sustained some damages, with some fleshy bits exposed to the outside air. However, the tail was intact. All in all, it counted as a small injury. Inglis knew this was going to happen from the time she struck it with her Ether Armor activated.

「Wha…!? It repelled Glis’ thingie!?」

Not to mention…

「Oh. The phantom Dragons are……!?」

A large number of Phantom Dragons gathered at the spot where Inglis’ Ether Strike hit, then they vanished as though they were sucked into that spot. After which, the wound recovered right before everyone’s eyes, and everything returned to how it was before.

「What terrifying recovery power!」

Phantom Dragons were sub-organisms born from the dragon’s aura, or its Qi. When they converged into their main body, it would increase the main body’s recovery power and fasten the restoration from wounds. Vufailbane itself seemed to be still fast asleep though, so it probably did it out of instinct.

「That means any injury it sustains will recover in an instant!」
「Right? It’s awesome, right? It’s strong, right? Just looking at it makes my heart throb!」
「Haha……is this even the time for that?」

Rafinha sighed in exasperation.

「Th-, that’s right! If Inglis’ killer technique thing doesn’t work, won’t it be a huge problem if it starts moving!?」

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Pullum seemed to be taking the phenomenon she just witnessed quite gravely.

「Sh-, she’s right! I-, isn’t this crazy dangerous!?」

So did Lahti. He seemed to be quite dismayed to see the Ether Strike repelled.

「……Is it? Glis?」
「I didn’t say it is, did I?」
「Right? If it really is that dangerous, your expression will change and you’ll be more protective of me after all~ That’s how Glis is. Just like that time with Tiffany, right?」
「Obviously. I am Rani’s Squire after all.」
「Fufu. I was a little bit frightened back then, but it makes me happy to know how serious you are, you know?」
「You’re welcome.」

Rafinha smiled, and Inglis smiled back at her.

「And so, since it seems like Glis has more leeway, my guess is that everything’s a-okay!」
「Hahaha…Is that something to brag about?」
「Not to mention, Inglis still has a technique even strong than that, doesn’t she?」
「Indeed. That technique that obliterated the Prisma during our mission with Lady Ripple! It was a thing on a whole dimension.」

Rafinha wasn’t alone, Leone and Liselotte too seemed to be more relaxed. After all, they had witnessed Inglis unleashed the Ether Breaker. That was why they were able to remain calm, as they knew Inglis still had more in her arsenal.

Pullum and Lahti weren’t there when she performed the technique, having gone on an errand to fetch Special Envoy Theodore in a hurry.

「But that’s kind of the problem…」

Everyone craned their heads all at the same time.

「And so, I need everyone’s help for this. You see…」

Inglis then began to tell Rafinha and the others her plan.

A few moments later…

「Okay? I’ll repeat……I will go here… then you here…And it will come here, then here……」
「Yeah yeah! OK, I got that!」

Rafinha nodded her head to Inglis’ explanation of her plan’s procedure.

「Yeah. I understand now! Let us do this.」
「Indeed, if this succeed, we can secure so much food in a single sweep.」
「I mean, look at the size! Just how many servings do you think it’ll make?」
「Let’s do this! I-, I’ll do my best too!」

Leone, Liselotte, Lahti, and Pullum didn’t seem to object to it either.

「Okay, we’ll go over here then, Leone, Pullum!」

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Rafinha hopped onto the Star Princess unit and called to the two. For this mission, Rafinha, Leone, and Pullum would have to ride on the Star Princess unit together. Leone was at the steer, while Rafinha and Pullum were on either side behind her. Of course there was a reason for this, and for this mission, that arrangement was the most appropriate.

In terms of piloting skills, it would’ve been ideal if Lahti was the one steering the Star Princess unit, but since Flygears were basically a three-seater vehicle, that wasn’t an option. Lahti himself was steering the Flygear that had Inglis and Liselotte boarded on it. As for the remaining, unused Flygear, it would have to wait where it was left.


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