Chapter 228 – 15-year-old Inglis, the Dragon God and the Elder King (1)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2107 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1044 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「And then the chest part is a little bit open, and the sleeves have some fluttering decorations!」
「Mhm……Like this?」
「Ah, yeah like that! As expected of you, Rani.」
「Well, dressing you up is my specialty, Glis~𝅘𝅥𝅮」

Rafinha puffed her chest proudly. Currently, Inglis and Rafinha were happily discussing something as they were spreading out a paper on the deck of the Flygear Carrier that had a huge hole in the hull. As Rafinha ran her pen across the paper to meet Inglis’ description, she drew up what looked like a ceremonial dress, complete with fluttering decorations.

「The color is aqua blue and white, I guess? It’s cute~ But, won’t it be too cold to wear this here?」
「It’s all right. I’m sure it’ll warm up soon.」
「Hm? What do you mean? I can’t make a costume that has effects like an Artifact, you know?」
「Mn? Forget what I said, can you make it?」
「Well. The supplies that we brought are all safe and sound, so…」

Rafinha said as she dived half of her body into one of the big boxes, then…

「Mmn! Found it! I should be able to make the costume you described with this!」

She held aqua blue and white fabrics in her hand.

「Oh! That’s great. Then please make it fast.」
「A-okay~! Just leave it to me!」

As if to reprove the two, someone raised a voice.

「Hold on, you two! Now is not the time to be playing around like that, okay!?」

He was one of the Alucardian Knights who were amongst the liberated survivors of Lekrea. He was still in his mid-twenties, but he seemed to hold the highest rank among the surviving Knights and he stood as their representative. He said his name was Luwin.

「Of course, there’s a meaning to this costume, right?」

Rafinha didn’t seem to doubt Inglis’ conduct.

「Eh? Yeah, supposedly. This is a Shrine Maiden costume that lets you listen to the words of a Dragon God. Apparently, if you wear this, you will be able to communicate with the Dragon God.」

Though she said the word “Apparently”, all Inglis did was tell Rafinha what she had seen from her previous life. In fact, in her previous life, she saw a woman who claimed to be a Shrine Maiden of the Dragon God wearing that costume to communicate with the Dragon God Vufailbane.

The costume that Shrine Maiden wore seemed to have a little bit of mana circulating in it, but more importantly, when the Dragon God saw the costume, it weakened its hostility and seemed to entertain communication with King Inglis, even if for fun.
According to the Shrine Maiden, the creature did it out of habit, a custom of continuously sacrificing young girls to Dragon Gods.

If that’s the case, then Inglis should be able to communicate with the Dragon God so long as she assumed the correct appearance. She would love to talk to the Dragon God and question what had happened to this world. It would be ideal if the creature attacked her as its sacrifice after that, since that’s exactly what Inglis wanted. As far as this matter is concerned, her current female body is much more convenient than the male body she had in her previous life.

「Eh? We’re going to talk to it?」

Rafinha pointed to the former site of the town of Lekrea. A massive hole had been carved out into the ground, from which a Dragon’s tail that resembled a giant tree protruded. After getting rid of Tiffany, the Hyrule Menace affiliated to the Church Founder’s Union who had been ravaging Lekrea, Inglis and her platoon brought up their Flygear Carrier, which had crash-landed far from the battleground, all the way there.

Although it had been damaged by Tiffany’s attack, they were able to give it an emergency fix enough to restore its functions to fly, albeit at a slow speed. It took them about half a day to bring the Carrier to the site, and during that time, there had been no change in the condition of the tail of the Dragon God.

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「I mean, we are going to it eat after all, we should thank it for the meal, right?」
「Ahaha. You’re right.」
「So you’re eating it after all!」

Leone shrieked again, half-exasperated.

「W-, well, I suppose there is no helping it, considering it’s the two of them… But, Miss Inglis, if you said it out loud, I’m afraid……」

As Liselotter had feared, Luwin seemed increasingly unconvinced about her whole plan.

「No no no, hold onto that thought! If that thing won’t make a move right away, we can just leave it alone in the first place. Just put a few men to watch it over. We should head to the Royal Capital right this moment instead. We have to tell His Majesty that the Hyrule Menace has been driven away.」
「Didn’t we already lend you one of our Flygears to bring a messenger to an Alucaridan garrison on the border of the Royal Capital for that?」
「No, Prince Lahti should make his triumphant return to the Capital himself! If not, this great achievement will be…!」
「Taken away by some opportunists who’ve been doing nothing but sitting on their hand, is that it?」
「Yes. My life is saved by Prince Lahti, and it is the life I am willing to give for the Prince! I said what I said because I am thinking for His Highness!」

What this Knight, Luwin was trying to say, Inglis understood it very well. It meant that they must not miss the upcoming struggle that would be centered in the governmental administration.

Luwin must have been serious when he said he wished to serve Lahti. Of course, there is also the possibility that helping Lahti would help him advance his career. But that wasn’t necessarily something that should be disavowed. If Lahti was to be a King, then someone like him was an indispensable ally.

Nevertheless, that is still too early.

「No, we mustn’t go. It’s still too early. We still have an important matter that needs to be solved.」

Inglis shook her head.


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