Chapter 198 – 15-year-old Inglis and the Evil Hyrule Menace (3)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3190 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1481 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「Y-, you’re not……serving food?!」
「All other diners too?!」

Even though they had been looking forward to the famous hot and spicy treat, this was devastating.

「That’s how it is. Our lodgings are still open, so you can get a room if you want……so, how is it?」
「If it’s the same everywhere, I guess we still have to get a rest anyway, it’s not like we have any other choices, right?」
「Yeah, you’re right…」

When Inglis nodded, all the others followed her suit. They all hadn’t slept last night because they had to travel when it was dark, so everyone wanted their rest.

「That being said, why the food shortage? Is there some kind of disaster happening?」
「That’s not it. Most of our foods are to be offered to the Highland, you see……because of that, we’ve had trouble finding enough ingredients for ourselves, let alone opening a shop. I, for one, haven’t eaten anything since yesterday.」


That grumble didn’t come from Inglis or Rafinha. It came from the hostess.

「Dear me, that was embarrassing. Forgive me for such a shameful sight.」
「It’s alright! We too!」
「…are just as hungry」

Grow~ groowl~~!

「Ahahaha, young ones sure make energetic stomach growls.」

The lady’s expression seemed to have brightened from it, even if slightly.

「Still, that was cruel of them, to think they would plunder food like that…」
「Now that there’s an increase of Magic Stone Beasts, not to mention something like a Prisma showed up, the kingdom needs more supply of Artifacts, and hopefully a Hyrule Menace too……And so, it’s the people who take the brunt.」

Obviously, you can’t just be given Artifacts or Hyrule Menaces for free. That said, it didn’t mean they had no means to get Artifacts or Hyrule Menaces at all. Just that, if it were that easy to get them, the Kingdom would’ve done so already. Someone, somewhere, had to take the brunt. That somewhere is here.

「But that’s not right. Artifacts and Hyrule Menaces are meant to protect the people from the threat of Magic Stone Beasts, right? But then, if you take their food away, starving them like this, wouldn’t that mean they’re making the people they’re meant to protect suffer?」
「You can’t gain something out of nothing, after all.」

The more the people starved, the more foodstuff could be requisitioned. The same could be said for their mobilizing the army and launching an attack on Charalia. In exchange for such an action, the Kingdom of Alucard had turned towards acquiring Artifacts and Hyrule Menaces from the Highland.

「……I don’t like it. They shouldn’t do this!」
「Well, I knew you would say that, Rani.」

It was unacceptable in the eyes of Rafinha, the young Knight candidate with a strong and straightforward sense of justice. Although, if she was asked whether she had a methodical solution to this crisis or not, she probably couldn’t answer either.

There was nothing wrong with that. If push comes to shove, Inglis would just have to deal with it herself. Not to mention, Rafinha’s foolhardiness that stemmed from her immaturity and sense of justice was adorable to watch.

But, putting aside Inglis’ personal thoughts, the purpose of their expedition was to force Alucard to change their central policy and withdraw their troops.

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If their mission goes well, the Highland wouldn’t have any influence over Alucard. Effectively speaking, that would mean they would rid the need to collect excessive amounts of goods from the people in order to exchange for Artifacts. Therefore, the famine itself was not much of a problem.

Nevertheless, they still need to find a way to deal with the increasing threat of Magic Stone Beasts.

Everything was caused because Magic Stone Beasts came to attack Alucard in the first place, something that never happened before. The current situation was nothing more than a result of the Kingdom trying to take measures to cope with the changing environment.

「……This is wrong……! It’s unforgivable……!」

It was Lahti who interrupted. There he was, the other youth with a gushing and straightforward sense of justice. Of course, he was a dear friend of Inglis too, but he wasn’t as adorable as Rafinha, so she would just leave him to his watcher.

「C-, calm down. Even if we get worked up here, there’s nothing we can do about it……」
「But still, Pullum! Just what the hell is my old ma—— I mean, His Majesty doing?! He’s driving his people to a crisis like this!」

Looking at Lahti and Pullum, the hostess’ face turned sour.

「Calm down. His Majesty the King is sick, remember? If he was healthy, he wouldn’t resort to this, I’m sure of it.」
「His Majesty has fallen ill?! But, he was so healthy before I left Alucard……Still, it’s also true that he has been under a great deal of stress lately. It’s no wonder that he has fallen ill.」

Ian said as he cast his eyes down.

「Auntie! If he’s ill, then how did something like this happen? Who gave the authority for it?!」
「A Hyrule Menace! She came from the Highland and said that this Kingdom owe them in advance and that we should pay for it!」
「Eeeehh?! A Hyrule Menace did?!」
「S-, such an evil act!」
「U-, unbelievable!」

Rafinha, Leone, and Liselotte seemed to be the most shocked out of the seven. To the people of Charalia, Hyrule Menaces refer to Eris and Ripple. Noble, compassionate, and always carry their mission to protect the people of Midland from Magic Stone Beasts to the very end. With their strength and their spirit, they truly were Goddesses who protect the Kingdom.

There was also Cystia, a Hyrule Menace affiliated to the Ironblood Chain Brigade who, although standing in a different position, carried the same sense of mission and strength of will as Eris and Ripple.

In general, it was believed that all Hyrule Menace had noble spirit and sense of mission, but, as it appeared, that was only the case for the three aforementioned girls, as there seemed to be one Hyrule Menace who didn’t share the same principles.

「Hyrule Menaces are nothing to be praised for! Sure, she was stunningly beautiful, but the last time she came to this town, she mercilessly killed anyone who dared to stand in her way……At best, she would just capture and take you away, but no one’s ever come back!」
「I see… so you’re saying that Hyrule Menaces are not always a convenient guardian deity, aren’t you?」
「Exactly, young missy. I mean no offense, but don’t oppose her so willy nilly, you hear? Knights and soldiers of this Kingdom still know mercy, but the Hyrule Menace and her cronies of Highlanders are merciless!」

Being given the hostess’ advice, Rafinha’s cheeks flushed with red as she shook her head left and right.

「That’s wrong, Auntie!! That’s more reason we can’t let them be! We have to do something!」
「Yeah, we can’t let it slide!」

Lahti seemed to get in the mood as well.

「C-, calm down. Who knows what will happen if you, of all people, let anger get the better of you.……」
「Ian is right. You have to cool your head down.」

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Ian and Pullum tried to appease Lahti’s anger.

「You too Inglis, you should stop Rafinha!」

Pullum asked for help.

「I’m sorry, but I can’t pretend I didn’t hear it either!」

Inglis, however, responded with a shake of her head.

「I can’t let such an evil Hyrule Menace be on her own device! We have to stop her for the sake of justice and the peace of this Kingdom! ……So, Mrs. Hostess, please do tell us. Does this Hyrule Menace come to this area often? What kind of person is she? What are her abilities that you can tell me about??」
「Eh? Ermm……L-, let me see…」
「Hey, Glis!」

Rafinha pulled Inglis’ ear tight.

「Ouch?! Wh-, what’s wrong, Rani?」
「You don’t do that, Glis! You! Don’t! We’re talking about townspeople suffering in this crisis and yet you’re just gleaming your eyes with joy?!」
「No, you see, since we’re doing this anyway, we should enjoy it, I mean……I didn’t get a chance to fight last time, while you and Leonne and Liselotte had all the fun!!」
「You had your fill fighting senior Yua, didn’t you!」
「But that wasn’t a real fight at all……while you got in an actual battle, right? The experiences you get from an actual battle is important you know!」
「Gosh! I said one thing you said another! You know that’s not what I mean!」
「T-, technically, she fought me too, but… I guess she didn’t count it, huh……」

Ian gave a sigh and a self-deprecating chuckle.


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