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Chapter 156 – 15-year-old Inglis and the Two Leading Actresses (9)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3715 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1629 words
Editor(s): Hydra

The next morning, Inglis and Rafinha guided Count Weissmall to where Principal Miliera was. With the school building being in rubbles, there was obviously no Principal Office either, so they took him directly to the reconstruction site where the principal was taking command over the project.

「Eh?! You want to borrow the Academy’s Flygears for the performance of the Weissmall Troupe?」
「Yes! I heard there was a large-scale incursion in the Royal Capital just the other day. I wish to lift the spirits of the townspeople by using them!」

Count Weissmall requested in his usual high-pitched voice and strange gestures, but how would Principal Miliera respond? Inglis believed that she was a reasonable person, but she was by no means whimsical. Was she perhaps going to refuse to cooperate in such matters?

「WAAaaahh~! That sounds wonderful! I love theatre plays! I’ve seen a lot of Weissmall Troupe’s performances! I’m a fan!」

——She was very welcoming instead.

「Hohou! Thank you very much for that! Being told that makes our activities feel rewarded!」
「So, so, do we get tickets or other perks if we cooperate with you?」
「Oh, but of course! I will arrange for special seats for members of the Knight Academy! You may come to watch as many times as you want until you have it enough!」
「Kyaah~! Hooray, we got special seats~𝅘𝅥𝅮 Then I’ll cooperate with you fully!」
「Principal! Please hold onto your decision!」

It was Silva who raised his voice, a third-year student and the only student who possessed a Special Grade Rune. The conversation seemed to have been caught by his ears as he was giving out operation orders nearby.

「Eh? What’s the matter, Mister Silva?」
「Don’t give me that question! Please, don’t get easily enticed into things! The Academy is in the middle of reconstructing the destroyed buildings, this is not the time for something like this!」

As one would expect from the straight-laced Silva, he had objected to Principal Miliera.

「No, this is precisely the time for this! The classes are impeded since we are missing the facilities anyway, so we might as well have whatever fun we can while we can! There might be those who are bummed out by this situation too, so I’m sure the performance will lift their spirits up! Right?」
「Yes! We had our spirits lifted all thanks to Count Weissmall!」

Rafinha raised her hand energetically.

「Right, Glis?」
「You’re right!」
「For your case, isn’t that because he’s feeding you two……」
「With how spirited you are, the two of you look like different people compared to yesterday!」

Commented Leone and Liselotte, both smiling wryly.

「H-, however, the Knight Academy is a public institute. Which means, unless we have the permission of the King, or if the activity would provide obvious benefit for the country and the people, we can’t exactly…」
「Hou Ho Ho!」

With a strange gesticulation, Count Weissmall cottoned up to Silva

「Worry not! We, the Weissmall Troupe, are working only for the good of the people, for the betterment of the world! With the Prism Flow flowing throughout Midland, the threat of Magic Stone Beasts is endless. That fate, that dread, we divert their minds from it with our performance……that is our role!」
「Th-, that is indeed a noble purpose, but…」
「You will surely understand us if you’re familiar with our activities! How is it? Will you show up on our stage? From what I can see, you possess the Special Grade Rune, and your look is eloquent. The highlight of the play this time are fierce battles on the stage, so you are more than qualified!」
「N-, no, I……!」
「Wah, amazing! You can make Mister Silva a performer?! That sounds good!」
「P-, Principal! I’m ill-suited for such frivolous things!」
「But it’s not a frivolous thing at all. Being exposed to art enriches your humanity! I’m sure it will have positive effects on you, Mister Silva!」
「……You’ll become less snappy——a good thing.」

It was Yua, who was carrying several logs at the same time, who muttered those words under her breath. It seemed like she just overheard it while passing by.

She was transporting materials for the reconstruction, but she had an exceptionally large amount of materials on her shoulder; a sight that didn’t fit her slender figure at all.

She was still a powerhouse as ever, and she showed no side effects whatsoever even after being absorbed by the Prisma in the last incident.

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She was the most perfect opponent for a duel, after all. Inglis really needed to figure out a way to make breasts bigger, so that Yua would be willing to fight her. Yua promised that if the method Inglis taught worked, she would spar with her.

「That’s not coming from me, it’s your attitude that’s problematic!」
「……What do you mean?」

The moment Yua tilted her head, showing no expression at all, the long log under her arms swung out and struck Silva on the shin.

「Ah. M’bad.」
「Ouch……! This is what I meant, this!」
「Now now now, Mister Silva. We have a guest, let’s maintain our manner! That being said, it’s not common to be invited like this, so I think you should at least attempt it!」
「Agreed! What, it’s fine! Inglis here will stand on the same stage too, you see!」
「Wah! Miss Inglis too, huh? Indeed, Miss Inglis will look wonderful on stage……You have a good eye, Mr. Weissmall!」
「Hohou! Truth is, she had stood on our stage before, you see! I am hoping to have her stand on the stage again!」
「Heeeh~! You do your best too, Miss Inglis!」
「N-, no, I still haven’t……」

She still hadn’t decided she would take up the role. There was a huge problem that needed to be addressed. Too huge, in fact.

「There’s a kissing scene at the end too! Right, Glis?」
「Wai……! Hold on, Rani, you can’t——」

Rafinha’s revelation was met with surprise from everyone present.

「Inglis doing a kissing scene? I’m surprised she agreed to it!」
「Indeed……In front of the audience, to boot…」
「That’s bold, even for a theatre play……I couldn’t help but imagine it now.」
「Yes, now we’re the ones who are getting nervous……Had it been me, I’m not sure I could do it!」
「D-, do your best……Inglis!」
「We will make sure to take a good, long look, for our future references.」

Leone and Liselotte’s cheeks blushed pinkishly when they said so. A strange excitement and a feeling of expectation were evident in their expression. They were both healthy young maidens, after all, they couldn’t exactly act indifferent towards such topics it seems.

「No, it’s not decided just……」
「And the candidate for that kiss, is you!」

Said Count Weissmall, placing his hand on Silva’s shoulder.


Everyone cheered.

「Wha……?! Th-, that’s all more the reason I can’t do it! How stupid! I will have to decline!」
「Eeh~……I thought it would be easier if it’s with your senior, Silva, since you and Glis have known each other.」
「「That’s not the issue here!!」」

Inglis and Silva’s voices overlapped.

「So you want your first kiss with brother Rafa, after all? But, you know he’s on a sortie, and this is just a performance, not the real one. Though, if brother Rafa heard about it later, he might not be able to keep himself inattentive any longer and be on the offensive with Glis? And then, the day Glis and I become real sisters will come sooner~𝅘𝅥𝅮 ……What’s wrong, Glis? Why are you crouching?」

Each word that Rafinha, Leone, and Liselotte had been saying since a while ago made Inglis’ spine chilled even with just the thought of it. After all, when Inglis thought about it again, kissing a man in front of a crowd of people was horrifying. Just, horrifying. It wasn’t about who she was kissing, but the very act itself was physiologically impossible for her.

「Can’t you please reconsider it?!」

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Count Weissmall still tried to convince Silva for the role.

「I am sorry, but I can’t help you! I firmly refuse!」
「Hmm, if Mister Silva really can’t——then, who else here wants to do a kissing scene with Miss Inglis?!」

Principal Miliera then got carried away with the flow and instigated the students all around.

「「「Me me me me me!!」」」

A large number of hands raised high. At the same time, the boys’ eyes were all focused on Inglis alone.

「Waah! Glis, you’re so popular 𝅘𝅥𝅮」

By Alistair, Inglis wished they would stop looking at her with those bloodshot gazes, really. She couldn’t fight against the chill that froze over her spine.

「Waah——that’s Inglis for you……Ah! You can’t raise your hand, Lahti! You aren’t, right?」

Pullum, a student of the Knight division from the same generation, and Lahti, a classmate in the Squire division, were also there. The two were overseas students from the North, they were childhood friends with each other and usually had good chemistry with one another. Pullum was looking at Lahti as if to chide him.

「Hell if I will. I ain’t interested in such a thing.」
「Okay. Anything else to add?」

Pullum turned her ears to Lahti.

「I mean lines like “I will only raise my hand if it’s with you!”」
「As if!」


「If Silva declines the offer——then I will raise my hand too!」

The one who announced his arrival with such a loud voice was the older brother of Silva——the Commander of the Imperial Guard Order, Redas.


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