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Chapter 100 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (8)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3,193 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,587 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

「I see……!」

So, the reason why Ripple said that she and Silva will make a good combination is that they use the same type of weapon—— The statement felt off when she said it, but now I understand.

「Well, let’s get this started!」


From the gun Ripple had in her right hand, a shining bullet that seemed to consist of condensed light was fired. It left a sparkly trail behind, in direct contrast to the pitch-black subspace, as it drew near Inglis. It was faster than the light arrow produced from Rafinha’s Artifact.


Inglis took a huge leap to the side to avoid it. Perhaps, that was a wrong move on her part as the second bullet deployed by Ripple was already well on its way as though she’d been aiming for Inglis’ landing spot from the start.


Had she evaded it with minimal actions, such a blunder wouldn’t have taken place. Firearms and such didn’t exist in her previous life, and she had never fought against such weaponry in her current life as Inglis Eux either. That was why she was being overcautious. This was something that needed to be reflected upon.

But——this isn’t a mistake, just yet!


An ice sword appeared in Inglis’ right hand. It was sorcery made by converting Ether into mana and given shape.

She went through the troublesome process of converging Ether, the so-called Gods’ Nature, into mana, an inferior product, before she could use it. However, the ice sword’s ease of use was not bad at all. Taking account of how often she used it in battles on top of her daily training, Inglis could now deploy it almost instantaneously. That was why she could repel Ripple’s bullet on the spur of the moment.


After creating a clear, resonating sound, the bullet that aimed for Inglis’ feet was repelled away.

「Mu……!? Didn’t hit, huh! That’s Inglis for you, I guess! How about this!?」

Ripple fired three more bullets as she spoke. Normally, a gun had a shortcoming in the form of needing a few moments to reload the bullet into the cartridge. However, Ripple had no such shortcomings. She fired her gun rapidly.

「You won’t hit!」

Ka-pyung ka-pyung ka-pyung!

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Inglis repelled all three bullets. Ripple’s gaze, the muzzle’s angle, the finger’s movement. If she kept a close observation of those places, Inglis could estimate the bullets’ trajectory.

「Ah!? Shoot!」

As for why she raised her voice, that was because the bullet she repelled went flying towards the principal and the rest. However, that bullet was stopped by a thin transparent wall. Having its momentum stopped, the bullet fell towards the ground and rolled momentarily. It appeared that some kind of protective barrier was erected between them.

「It can manage this much firepower. However, only with this much firepower, okay——」

The reason why Principal Miliera sounded a bit strained perhaps due to the anxiety from witnessing the battle that gradually grew more intense as it went.

「Thank you very much. Then, I’ll hold nothing back!」
「Please listen to what I’m saying!」

With the Principal’s warning going in one ear out the other, Inglis stepped forwards. Nothing would start unless she closed the distance between them and went for the offense.

No, strictly speaking, she still could retaliate by shooting Ether Pierce or Ether Strike. And those would be a strong counterattack, to boot.

However, there would be no meaning to do that. Ripple’s strength lied in controlling the distance between her and her opponent by gunning them down and leaving little gaps to be taken advantage of, and then defeat them just like so. If that was the case, then the best way to gain experience and growth when fighting her was to dodge the rain of bullets and challenge her in melee attacks.

Play by the opponent’s game and take the victory. That was how Inglis Eux fought her battle.

Whilst evading the gunfire by a paper-thin margin, Inglis stepped forward and only warded off bullets that would likely hit her with her sword. Evasion, stepping in, and warding off, she made instantaneous decisions for each action as she drew nearer.

「Fufufu……! I’m not stopping either, you know!」

Right. What was most troubling with fighting Ripple was that she herself was keen and agile with extraordinary physical prowess. The way she carried herself didn’t lose to the other Hyrule Menaces like Eris or Cystia.

Those two were equipped with twin swords and a spear respectively, so they had to come close to Inglis. Compared to firing a gun, using either twin swords or spears required you to make huge movements. Not to mention that they had a limited range of effect, so Inglis could easily detect their aura and breathing. In short, they were comparatively easier to read.

While for Ripple, the exact opposite was true. She needed minimal movement for offense, and with how far the range of effect was, it was hard to get a read on her.

It seemed more taxing for Inglis to endure her attacks than those of Eris or Cystia.

Which is why it’s fun. It’s worth the challenge!

「I’ll show you I can reach you!」

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The gap between Inglis and Ripple was gradually closing up.

「Look how much you’re enjoying this! If you’re that thrilled, then so am I!」

——But, Ripple still had her composure. This meant she still had an ace up her sleeve. The question was; when would she use it?

Still——Even as it was now, Inglis was amazing enough. Her perceivability was dead accurate and her movement was exceptionally keen and agile. Moreover, her gestures were fluid and beautiful. It made Ripple question if she was actually even faster than Eris or Raphael.

According to what she heard from Eris, apparently, Inglis could still get even faster with some kind of strange power. Truly an unfathomable girl. Even though she was so adorable.

However, Ripple welcomed both Inglis’ mysterious quality and her big words wanting to defeat Prisma. Perhaps, it was incomprehensible people like her that might be able to break down the obstacles they themselves were hopeless against. By all means, Ripple at least would like to see Inglis at her full power——

And then, slipping past through Ripple’s right hand, Inglis finally arrived right in front of her eyes. She came around to Ripple’s left side, making sure that the muzzle would have a hard time aiming at her. One more step in and Ripple would be within the reach of Inglis’ sword.

This was the perfect chance for Inglis to attack.

She will certainly take that one step——and I’ll shoot right then!

Towards Inglis who was already on the offense, Ripple struck out her empty left hand. Then, in her grasp, another gun sparkling in gold made its appearance.

「!? Another one!?」
「Yups! Dual gunning!」



In the nick of time, Inglis managed to twist her body to avoid a direct hit, but the bullet grazed her shoulder. A part of her clothes was blown away and the shockwave of the bullet pushed her back.

「An opening! And there!」
「Not yet!!」

Even if Inglis was shoved back, she attempted to reposition herself and regain her posture. She somehow managed to repel the bullets that mercilessly pursued her with her ice sword whilst she retreated, but by the time her stance was fixed, the distance between her and Ripple was wider than before she went for the offense.

「Now our role switches! Can you still get closer!?」

There wasn’t enough room to slip amidst the barrage of bullets——! Ripple’s guns wouldn’t run out of ammunition and, while she wouldn’t hit her, Inglis didn’t have the leeway to get close to her. Just evading and warding them off took her everything. If this continued on, would Ripple eventually run out of ammo? Or would Inglis to be the one to exhaust herself first…?

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I see what I need to strike!

With their role switched, Inglis was the only one moving around while Ripple’s feet were locked in place.

If so——! Inglis deliberately put one foot back and readied herself in a side stance. She grasped the hilt of her ice sword with both hands then set it horizontal to her waist. It was all to maximize the velocity and the maneuverability of her sword.

Pshoo pshoo pshooo!!

Ripple’s rapid triple shots came flying at close intervals to hit Inglis’ narrow stance. Inglis’ eyes then glittered like a bird of prey.

「I see it! HAaaat!!」

Inglis’ ice sword flashed!

Plank plank plankk!!!

Three dry noises resounded, and the sight that came right after that shocked Ripple out of her mind. Her light bullets were rebounded and went straight towards herself.


Ripple was so astonished that she couldn’t help but shout. Even after the long, long time since she became a Hyrule Menace, even if she had seen time and time again her bullets getting warded off by a sword, this was the first time she had her own bullets sent straight back to her. Ripple’s feet were unmoving as she had become the one on the offense, so Inglis had aimed to hit her squarely by rebounding her projectiles.

Truly a frightening skill to behold. This was no longer a matter of physical power, but transcendental finesse. How could such a young, pretty girl possess such a refined skill——!?


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