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Chapter 69 – 15 years old Inglis and Chiral’s Royal Knight Academy (19)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 0 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 11338 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

「Well, that’s the kind of guy he is. See what I mean?」

Shrugged Faris as Myynti left the room.

「Yes, I do. Perfectly——」
「Unbelievable, he’s the enemy of women!」
「If that’s how he usually is, then no wonder his neck is being targeted……」
「Well, I sometimes feel sorry for myself for lowering my head to a guy like that, but business is business. Rather than that, forgive me for making you experience that.」

Faris bowed at Inglis apologetically.

「It’s okay, I’m here because I took the request‌.」
「But how could a b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ like him become a supervisor? It’s not like there isn’t any reasonable person amongst the Highlanders. After all, we know one person like that.」
「The Highlanders that I know are more or less like that, you know? The person you met must be one-of-a-kind.」

Faris shook his head at Rafinha’s question.

「Though, while I said that all Highlanders are mostly the same, Lord Myynti is a guy who’ll lend his ear. After all, he’s the same guy who lifted the ban on Flygears and Flygear Carriers.」
「I see… So you’re saying that sleazebags have their own uses despite being a sleazebag?」
「Sounds about right.」
「But, His Highness Wayne, who claims to oppose territorial handover, seems to be very ardent regarding Flygears——」
「Well, there’s also criticism going around saying that one side is just giving lip services while the other is too focused on the profits.」
「…… You seem well informed.」
「You know Knights and high-ranking nobles can’t openly talk about this, but having a little ‘chit-chat’ with a merchant unaffiliated with the entire ordeal, like me, can be brushed off as gossiping.」

Apparently, Faris was well-versed with the Kingdom’s political weather.

「So, the Kingdom is not consolidated at its heart——is that what you want to say?」
「Yeah. There is a discord between His Majesty the King and His Highness Prince Wayne. Being the current Prime Minister, His Excellency Althea naturally sides with the Royal faction. As I said before, most of the pro-Prince faction members are not in the capital now.」
「Then, it wouldn’t be surprising for someone from the pro-Prince faction sneak in and plant some chaos instead of the otherwise.」
「But, Glis. His Highness Wayne is good friends with brother Rafa, and I’d hate to think someone like him devising something like that.」
「I’m of the same opinion. Only the Ironblood Chain Brigade would do such a dirty thing.」
「Yeah. That may be true.」
「But that’s not all, you see? The Highland isn’t monolithic either. There are some Highlanders who oppose Lord Myynti and his associates for lifting the ban on Flygears and Flygear Carriers for Midlanders. That’s what I hear.」
「So there’s an opposing faction in the Highland too, is it?」
「The Ironblood Chain Brigade, the pro-Prince faction from the Kingdom, and the opposing party from the Highland, not to mention people who hold personal grudges for him——With so many possibilities to happen in this trade, I can only say I’m awed.」
「Haah… now I feel like it’s impossible for something not to happen.」
「And since big brother Leon has already been seen in the capital, it’s very possible that the Ironblood Chain Brigade might show up.」
「You’re right. For us though, the more enemies we have, the better.」
「No, that’s just you, Glis……」

The very moment they spoke those words——


Along with a thunderous roar, the wall to the adjacent room blew off!

「Hm……! It’s here already?」
「C’mon, Glis! Don’t get perked up! Don’t grin either!」
「What’s going on there? Has big brother come!?」

Within the room seen through the newly made hole, there was Prime Minister Althea and his escorting Knights, facing them was the Highland’s Special Envoy Myynti and his white-haired guardian.
From the looks of it, it seemed like an attack that was aimed at Myynti missed him and broke the wall.

「H-, ho-hyo-ho…! R-, ruffians! You, protect me!」

Squealed Myynti.
Apparently, amongst the Knights that the Prime Minister brought along, there were some who targeted Myynti’s life.

「Stop it, all of you!」
「Have you lost your mind!?」
「Sheathe your swords at once!」

The Prime Minister and some other of his Knights tried to stop them.

「Your Excellency! We can’t bear to dwell under this pig’s tyranny any longer!」
「Agreed! You should know the most how many atrocities he repeated time and again!」
「This is all for our Kingdom! This is proof of our loyalty!」

However, the Prime Minister barked at them in return.
While he appeared to be a slender gentleman who possessed not the power to stand on a battlefront, his dignity was over the roof.

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「To show your loyalty is to do what is right with your life! This is NOT what we use our lives for!」
「Regardless of how good your intentions are! Think of the harm your selfish acts will do to His Majesty the King and our beloved Kingdom! So long as you can’t do that, you are but mere boorish daredevils!」
「With all due respect! That shall not hinder our cause!」
「All we need is to blame it on the Ironblood Chain Brigade! That would cover all of our innocence! What happens in the sky stays in the sky, not a word leaked to the ground!」
「If we get rid of this pig, we’ll surely get a better envoy!」
「It is in our favor that the Highland held the trade up in the air as they were cautious of the Ironblood Chain Brigade!」
「……! T-, they have a point——」
「T-, that might be true……! This an opportunity——!」

Even the Knights who were supposed to halt the revolt swayed into the opinion.
In short, this was a ploy to assassinate Myynti and made the Ironblood Chain Brigade the scapegoat.

「Your Excellency! Please order us to take his life!」
「Prime Minister!」

And yet, Prime Minister Althea only gave a horizontal head motion.

「The life we have only existed to give and to serve!」
「Kgh……! Then you may just wait there and watch!」
「Mu……! Enemies!」

A handful of armored soldiers from the Highland’s side came rushing into the room.

「We will hold these guys off!」
「Do it quickly!」

The Knights who were controlling the chaos now seemed to lean to the idea of assassinating Myynti‌.
They were standing in front of the armored soldiers to block them up.

「Not you too……!」
「Thank you! I won’t let your effort go to waste!」
「Kgh……! Hold it, you brainless lot!」

With how things proceeded, not even the Prime Minister’s voice reached them.

「HYO-HO—!? O-, Oooh, Young Inglis! Save this li’l ol’ me……!」

Myynti must have noticed Inglis’ group through the hole of the wall, as he pleaded to them pathetically.

「I am here but to guard Mister Faris.」
「Fa-, Faris, my friend……!」
「AAH~ AAH~ AAAH!! I hear nothing, I hear nothing! I wonder why I hear nothing!」

Faris shouted with both of his ears covered
It was a sign that he wouldn’t take any sides and just stay on the sidelines.

「「「Brace yourself!」」」

The Knights brandished their Artifacts and approached Myynti.


The white-haired guard stood in front of Myynti, his body wobbled as he did.
And then, he cracked the strangest remark to the incoming Knights

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Runes then appeared all over his body.
This man was the Rune Eater.

「…… I knew it! It’s the Slasher from before!」

Unlike that time, he showed his face while his Runes were, on the contrary, hidden——
He had a familiar aura, so Inglis was second-guessing.
However, I should’ve sliced him into two, so why is he still alive…..!?


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