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Chapter 83: Re-encounter (8)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3799 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1780 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

–––Olivia’s Perspective

A week has passed since Natalia fell unconscious. She still shows no signs of waking up. Damuel looked worried when I told him. The lessons Natalia was in charge of had to be canceled, and the other teachers took over so the students could learn. At least that problem was solved.

Amy and everyone in the dorm is having issues. Amy had been waiting for the manuscript of the next reference book, but she’s also worried as a friend.

The other girls in the dorm are struggling with food during the weekends. There are some who know how to cook, but preparing food for an entire dorm is a lot of work, and Natalia’s food always tastes better.

But I’m struggling the most. Natalia always took care of my food, laundry, and even combing my hair. I never realized just how much she did for me.

Two weeks have passed since Natalia fell unconscious. She still shows no signs of waking up. Annabelle carefully checked her entire body, but she said there’s nothing more she can do for Natalia.

Natalia already has a self-regenerating function anyway, so her body is back to normal. All I have to do is clean the mana dust once a month.

Annabelle is still researching various topics in case she finds something, but my mother used so many original parts of her own creation in Natalia’s body that even my mother’s pupil Annabelle is struggling to understand how they all work.

A month has passed since Natalia fell unconscious. She still shows no signs of waking up.

There’s nothing more Annabelle can do with her, so we carried her back to the dorm. To be honest, having to go to the laboratory every day was hard for me too. I was always thinking about Natalia, even during classes.

Sleeping alone at night felt scary too.

I always felt restless whenever I thought Natalia could be suffering at that very moment. Now whenever I return to the dorm I feel relieved but also uneasy.

…Ah, she’s still here.
…Ah, she still hasn’t woken up.

I really don’t know how to deal with these emotions.

Two months have passed since Natalia fell unconscious. She still shows no signs of waking up.

“Hey, Natalia… resting every once in a while is good, but I’ll get tired of waiting if you don’t get up soon.”

I sit next to her bed and try talking to her, but there’s no response. There’s not a single blemish on her beautiful figure, it almost feels strange that she’s not moving. Even her shoulder that had a deep burn looks normal now.

“I’ve always wanted to confess to you, but I might actually do it now since you’re so defenseless.”

I gently brush my fingers against her cheeks, her skin feels slightly cold compared to a human. Her long eyelashes, pretty nose, and rich lips. I know they’re all built to look that way, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re all beautiful.

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“There was this story in one of the books Chris lent me, supposedly princesses wake up when the person they love gives them a kiss.”

I climb on top of her bed, but she still doesn’t react.

“I’m actually going to do it.”

I get so close to her that my breath should be felt on her skin, but she’s completely still.

“I love you…”

Her lips also felt slightly cold.

A lone woman was working on some complex machinery under the light of a lamp. She was known as the Ebony Witch, the most powerful sorceress of the country, maybe even the world.

“And that completes the body.”

After assembling all the parts, she looks at her masterpiece satisfied. She had just finished building a magic automaton. The skills she had honed over the years and the valuable materials she collected had all gone into this magic automaton, not sparing any expense. It was no exaggeration to say it was the most advanced and elaborate one in the world.

It could easily gain the title of national treasure if presented to the government, but she had not built it for fame or riches. It was a present for her dear daughter.

“Now I just have to write a basic set of knowledge into her memory device and she should wake up.”

Her obsidian eyes peered into sapphire blue eyes.

“Just hold on for a bit longer, Natalia.”

Saying that, she got ready to start writing that information directly into the magic automaton’s memory banks. The magic automaton moved for the first time mere moments after that.

The magic automaton was now sitting in a chair in the sorceress’ room, all the limbs disassembled and immobile. She had given the magic automaton a sleep order, one which could only be used by her, the designated master.

“Natalia, your raw abilities should make defeating that golem a very easy task. But your current abilities leave you between ranks D and C. You rely on ranged attacks too much and don’t get close to your enemy often, but that won’t work on all opponents.”

There were magic circles and symbols floating all around the room. Those were all parts of Natalia’s ability limiter, the sorceress was still working on amending it.

“The desire to defeat the golem trumped all others, leading to you losing consciousness, and reverting to the state of a primal magic automaton. I guess you really unleashed your true abilities during that time.”

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There had been a violent fight between the magic automaton and a golem the night before. A friend of hers had been witness to the fight and gave a detailed account, so the sorceress could diagnose exactly what had happened.

“I’m pretty much certain that there’s a human soul inside of Natalia. I’m worried this could happen again with no one nearby to control her, she might go rogue and attack indiscriminately. If Natalia gains full control over her abilities that won’t ever be an issue though.”

There did not seem to be any issues with the skill limiter. In a way, the absence of a problem was the problem itself.

“Not to mention that her innate abilities are too high level. Luckily her soul went unconscious during her rampage, so the burden was softened. But if a day comes when she unlocks her full abilities while being conscious, the overload might be too much for her soul.”

Natalia’s body originally did not have a soul, which made placing the skill limiter possible. But if all her abilities were exposed to her human soul one day, it might be too much to take in at once, driving her soul to insanity.

“Having her soul slowly get accustomed to those skills should stop that from happening. That way she’ll gradually gain abilities as she needs them, and the heavy burden can be split amongst many years.”

The sorceress finally reached a conclusion and began rewriting the magic circles and symbols floating around the room.

“You’re my second daughter now, so I won’t let you break on me.”

–––Natalia’s Perspective

I see, these are memories too. My soul was unconscious when this happened, so I never realized before. But now I can see this body’s memories like dreams. Also, even if it was a dream, I’m glad I got to see Ophelia alive and well again.

It was thanks to her that I got a second life. It was thanks to her that I gained the knowledge and strength to live in this world. And it was thanks to her that I found a reason to live in this world.

I’ll never forget any of that.

Thank you Ophelia, my Mistress.

–––Flute’s Perspective

The demon Flute walked through that space, which seemed neither bright nor dark, completely devoid of anything. But she was there to check up on the owner of that environment.

“Good morning, though I guess it’s still a bit early.”

She spoke into nothingness, and no audible response was heard.

“You seem pretty used to it. At this rate you might be able to handle your currently unlocked limiter without much issue.”

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She was clearly not talking to herself, someone else was there. But that someone else did not seem to be focusing on her.

“You’ll just need the conviction to use them and they should slowly unlock one after another.”

Her conversation partner was certainly not ignoring her either, but floated in a limbo between dreams and reality. And surprisingly enough, this environment was also closer to a dream.

“Alright, you should wake up soon now. Your Young Lady is terribly worried about you. You’re lucky to have a master that cares so deeply about you.”

Flute said that from the bottom of her heart. She had recently been forced to serve a scummy master.

“Well, catch you on the flip side then, if we ever get the chance.”

The demon began pushing the consciousness to awaken.

“Oh wait, I might as well enjoy this a bit more since I’m already here.”

A few steps later she seemed to remember something, and after leaving a souvenir behind, she actually left that place.

–––Olivia’s Perspective

Our lips parted, but I don’t want to leave yet, so I keep watching her beautiful face when her eyelids that had remained shut for so long twitch slightly.


A slightly husky voice calls my name. This is actually happening. This isn’t a dream.

After waiting for so long, Natalia finally has woken up. But my mouth did not express how I was feeling.

“You dummy! Why were you sleeping for so long! Everything has been such a mess because you weren’t here!”

No. That’s not what I wanted to say.

‘Are you hurt anywhere?’
‘I’m glad you’re back.’

I want to make sure she’s feeling well, tell her how happy I am that she woke up, but somehow I can only cry while I insult her.

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“I thought you were supposed to be my maid, so work properly!”

I start hitting her chest, I’m no different to an unsightly spoiled child, yet I can’t stop.

“…Young Lady…”

Her voice sounds thin, like she’s still only half awake, but then I feel her cold hand on my cheek.

“I’m so glad… that you’re safe…”

Why! This isn’t fair! Why are those her first words! I can’t even say anything back now.

“Yeah, because you covered me. Thank you.”
“Don’t cry… Olivia…”

Natalia’s fingers wipe my tears. It really isn’t fair how she can do things like that so easily.

That night, a week before I entered my second year at the Academy, Natalia finally woke up.



  1. Silva: Call me a ****** but I do not like this ending, how I wished Natalia could’ve woken up much earlier at the time her body fully recovered but without Natalia’s consciousness and she just served Olivia autonomously like an ordinary automaton with no emotion. Makes for a more interesting story that way when she does recover her consciousness.
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