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Chapter 129: The hidden blades slicing through the darkness (Part 1)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2341 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1205 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Instructor, do you have a moment?”

Shortly after lunch the second day, just as I’m about to give the signal to depart, one of the students talks to me. I think his name is Roger. He looks a bit nervous as he performs a spell for me.

It’s storage magic, and he can fit around a small handbag in it. To me it feels like something really small, but it’s plenty to keep rations and medicines in case of an emergency.

“This is as much as I can do for now. What should I do to be able to store more like you?”

Ahh right, I remember now. Roger was the student who got hurt the first time I tried teaching a lesson. I can tell the capacity of his magic storage has grown though.

“First let me tell you this, comparing yourself to me is a really bad idea.”

As weird as it is to admit this, the capacity of my magic storage is unusually large. Everyone has affinities for different types of magic, in my case I’m really good with storage magic, but I have no talent with offensive magic.

Even magicians who dedicate themselves to improving on the spell, usually only get to store something the size of a backpack. So seeing that he’s already gotten this far as a student is something to be commended, and shows his determination.

“Usually the best way to expand your capacity is to keep your storage filled to the brim for as long as possible, but I guess you’re already doing that?”

I ask him that, and Roger replies with a hesitant nod. It’s not because he’s been skimping on training, but because he feels insecure about his progress even though he’s been doing that.

That’s also the method I used to gain more space, but given how few people focus on this spell, there’s no definitive answer on whether it’s the best way to improve, or if it’s different for each person. Then again, there’s no other methods available, so his best bet is to just follow the trodden path.

Once I explain that, Roger looks down with disappointment.

“Also, you can use your storage magic for more than just to carry items around.”

I don’t think it’ll be of much consolation, but I feel like all I can do is tell him other ways to use the spell.

The magic storage spell essentially opens up a portal into an alternate dimension. The exact shape of that space depends on the caster and how they picture it, some find it easier to think of it as a box, and many others prefer a bag. But as it’s not a set shape, one can willingly change it as well. And if one opens it and then moves the bottom or wall of the space within rapidly…

“…You can launch an item into the air.”

A magazine shoots out and spins in the air for a moment before I catch it and quickly reload. That’s something I often do when I need to reload, but I’m sure it can be applied to other items to turn them into weapons.

Then I also show him how to use magic storage as an alchemy cauldron facsimile.

It’s really nice having a space where mana doesn’t flow astray, but depending on the size of materials and what one wants to accomplish, a cauldron can still be better sometimes.

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“These are just a few ways you can use your magic storage, even if it doesn’t have much capacity. Maybe try finding new uses for it yourself, instead of focusing solely on making it bigger.”

At some point the other students also came to listen to me, which is a bit embarrassing, but I just hope it’s something they can learn from.

I actually had also used collapsing openings of my magic storage as a form of offensive magic against the Rufus, but that’s something I don’t feel comfortable teaching these students.

That time I had given in to my instincts and was barely conscious, so it was something I did in the moment. I haven’t been able to recreate that safely, so I definitely wouldn’t tell others to do it. I can open and close it near me, but predicting an enemy’s movements and doing it in the right moment is something I don’t have enough practice for, so that’s something I’ll have to keep working on.

Either way, we really should get going again.

We start walking through the forest just like yesterday, fighting whatever monster comes in our way. The students can take care of orcs and goblins without issue, so I don’t have much to do for now. Not to mention that they’re all magicians in training, and I can only fight with guns, so I feel like our roles of keeping a safe distance and shooting from range overlap a little.

The students’ main strategy was to attack from afar, then move to increase their distance again if the enemy moved closer, and attack again. They also used earth magic to break apart the ground and limit the enemy’s movement, allowing the students to leave their barriers behind and run away. They had many backup strategies to secure their escape as well.

But if an enemy managed to thwart all of that…

“I have work to do now.”

…Then it was my turn to intervene.

I block a goblin’s swinging sword with my magic blade. This one is bigger than other goblins we encountered, so I’m guessing it’s an evolved one. But this is as far as it’ll go.

I kick its exposed belly and push it away, then take out Black Hawk and shoot through its chest, throat, and eyes. The goblin falls down with a thud.

The students begin to relax, and I get ready to stash my gun in its holster, but then I feel a powerful amount of mana nearby.


I jump into that direction, creating a barrier with all my power to protect a student there. Soon, there’s a heavy hit on the barrier, which starts to creak.

It’s a two meter tall monster, with a fat and muscular body, three horns on its head, and visible fangs. The shape reminds me of an ogre, but unlike those who have pink skin similar to humans, this one has gray, almost lead-like skin, which stands out a lot. I’m guessing it’s the leader of the monsters we’ve been fighting all this time, and since everyone else got defeated, it decided to come fight on its own.

The two swords held by the ogre keep digging into the barrier, which is nearing its limit.

I decide to collapse the barrier as I jump back, immediately firing Black Hawk, but all the bullets get deflected by its swords. He’s not just fighting with brute force, but can actually predict the path of bullets and knows how to defend himself from them?!

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“Instructor! We’ll help you!”

The students also start attacking the ogre, and soon there’s arrows of fire, blades of wind, and spears of lightning raining upon it. But it easily swings the swords a few times, completely shattering all the spells.



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