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Chapter 111: Black Greatbird (3)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3468 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1643 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The festival of Ingralowe’s Magic Academy had various showcases, but the one most people looked forward to was the magic tournament1.

It was conducted in a large open area where usually large magic experiments would be conducted, though now it was an arena.

I go there with Clarissa and Otis, sitting down in the audience seats. We’re all there to see the tournament that is about to start.

Olivia is going to take part in this year’s tournament, and with the permission of the teachers. Though that was mostly because many students voiced their disappointment at not being able to see Olivia last year.

Last year there were many students who had challenged Olivia to duels, but I had to put an end to that, so now the only option they had of seeing Olivia in action or fighting her was during the festival’s tournament. So when she didn’t show up for the tournament many were distraught.

So after all the backlash, they decided to let Olivia participate this year, even if they didn’t believe it was ideal. They still stressed that they believed it went against the spirit of the tournament, but they didn’t oppose it straight away.

I don’t want to be lumped in with a bunch of muscle-heads like that, but I also wouldn’t miss Olivia’s appearance, so I went to the tournament as well.

“Oh wow, it’s only the qualifiers but there’s already quite a crowd here. Usually there aren’t many people who are interested in watching those matches.”

Otis looks amused at the rows of seats that are all filled with guests already.

The qualifying matches pitted various contestants against each other simultaneously like some form of battle royale, and the actual one on one duels would start after that.

Usually only the latter duels would be popular, but this year there’s a large audience from the beginning.

Shortly after we sat down, the first qualifying match started.

Ten students began fighting in the arena. They were mostly third year students, and some chanted to cast middle level spells while others cast multiple basic spells at once. Though to me they all looked like a display of high skill, considering I can’t use any form of offensive magic.

“Hmmm, their raw magic ability is certainly superior, as expected of Ingralowe’s Magic Academy, but their combat sense leaves something to be desired.”

Otis also has some comments of his own.

“Do you see how so many of them are standing perfectly still? That’s fine if they have an entire formation defending them, but in an individual fight it’s not quite ideal. Though if they’re skilled enough to deploy a barrier instantly it’d be a different story.”
“I see, that does make sense.”

Close range fights are the natural weakness of magicians. That’s why most armies and adventurer parties will have a strong frontline that can distract and restrain the enemies while the magicians remain safe and able to attack from range in the rear lines. But when fighting alone, the magician would have to be careful to keep the enemies at bay.

Deploying a powerful barrier to defend from magic attacks also has the benefit of preserving physical energy, though getting over-confident on one’s barriers and not training can also lead to some issues.

In this case they’re all magicians though, so they don’t really have to worry about someone rushing up to them to attack from close range.

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Eventually that round ends, and the next contenders step onto the stage.

Olivia is amongst them. Finally everyone will get to see what they were looking forward to.

The instant the starting signal is given, all the students turn to face Olivia.

Ah, that’s their plan…

The instant I think that, a multitude of spells get launched straight at Olivia. They actually banded together against her!

Are there really this many students that want to fight Olivia?!

I stand up in shock, but soon realize that my worries were unfounded. Multiple bolts of lightning emanate from Olivia’s fist and erase all the incoming spells.

“…What was that just now?”

Otis mutters dumbfounded.

The rest of the audience, and even the students that launched those spells couldn’t understand what just happened.

I’m also a bit lost though. There were at least a dozen middle level spells there, but Olivia fended them off with a single attack.

Actually, Sparkling Lightning Discharge releases multiple consecutive bolts of electricity, so it’s not quite accurate to call it a single attack. At least I know it as one of Olivia’s favorite spells.

Basically she just used a spell she’s used to and negated all the others.

Before anyone can recover, Olivia dashes off and strikes the other students from close by, rendering them unable to fight in the blink of an eye.

She’s won the round fair and square. Though it’s a bit questionable to see her use physical attacks in a tournament of the Magic Academy.

And now I have to retract what I said earlier. The contestants actually have to watch for physical attacks, even in a tournament of magicians.

“Boss, strong.”

Clarissa also says that, sounding proud. I can understand that feeling.

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“So actually, the Young Lady Olivia uses Magical Arts to fight.”
“Ohh, that’s a rare skill, but powerful I’ve been told. I can see what they meant now.”

Otis sounds really impressed when I tell him that. I’ve also heard that only a few people use Magical Arts though.

“Maid, Boss is looking.”

Hearing Clarissa, I look at the arena again, and see Olivia waving at us with a bright smile.

I’m a bit taken aback by her confidence, like she’s already won the entire tournament, but I still wave back at her.

She doesn’t stop waving even after she vacates the arena.

I glance to my side at Otis again, and see him looking at Olivia, nodding with satisfaction while rubbing his chin.

He ended up sitting next to me since I showed him the way here, but maybe I’ve been a bit too careless considering he’s a complete stranger. I know he’s some sort of noble, but he didn’t tell me his family name, and he didn’t want to be treated like a noble either, making him more sketchy.

But for some strange reason that I don’t fully understand, I also don’t dislike him, or feel wary of him at all. I also don’t feel like standing up and finding a different seat.

It wouldn’t be until much later that I’d find out what that feeling was2.

The rest of the qualifiers went without a hitch, and then there was a 2 hour break for lunch before the main event.

“Alright, there’s some time before the main event now. What are you two going to do, Otis and Claire?”
“Woof. Go on walk.”
“I guess I’ll look around for a bit too.”

The three of us got up from our seats and spread out through the Academy.

I decide to check out the exhibitions I didn’t see in the morning, but before I get far I notice a large crowd.

“Aww, I didn’t think he would get dropped in the qualifiers already.”
“And they said she’s just a second year student? What’s wrong with her?!”
“She got through that like it was nothing…”
“That was literally aiming for low blows though!”

I can hear a bunch of students complaining and lamenting about something.

But in the center of that crowd…

“The predictions for the main event will open in 30 minutes3! You can come check if your guesses for the qualifiers were right or not now!”

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…is Amy, shouting loudly atop a podium.

Have they been gambling here over the tournament? The Academy would never allow that, right?


Amy looks at me. Then she looks away awkwardly before jumping off the podium and dashing away.

Halfway driven by instinct, I chase after her.

Running away after seeing each other is a pretty clear tell of suspicious activity after all. I’m not affiliated with the Academy, so I have no reason to care if she’s gambling without permission, but she ran, so she must be hiding something.

Even with her mobility advantage as a cat demi-human, the many guests make it impossible for her to really gain much distance.

What looks like a wild game of tag continues for a bit, until I eventually catch Amy on the roof of the Academy.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!”

Now that she’s cornered, she finally turns around and apologizes profusely.

“Please forgive me for profiting off the tournament where Olivia is taking part in!”
“That’s it?”

She’s only accepting bets? I’m actually a bit underwhelmed.

“I really thought you’d at least try selling the past performances of the participants.”
“Sometimes I’m scared by your crafty ideas.”

I really don’t think she meant that as a compliment. I just think that if she’s already threading the line between what’s permitted and outlawed, she might as well go all out.

Though I’m also not condemning her for anything, and I don’t really think I should care about this matter anymore.

“I’m not really in a position to say anything, so I’ll excuse myself now.”
“Wait, Natalia.”

Amy stops me before I can leave. I turn back around, and see that she’s not looking at me, but some spot far away in the sky.

“What’s that?”
“Are those..!”

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The moment I follow her gaze, I hear the loud tolling of a bell. And it’s not a regular bell, but one amplified with magic to reach not only the entire Academy, but all of Ingralowe.

I’ve never heard it before, but I have the strong feeling that I know what it is. An alarm bell.

Meanwhile in the distance the shadows of enormous birds are reaching closer to the city.


  1. Robinxen: Tournaments, tournaments everywhere.
  2. Silva: It was love at first sight!
    … (of course not)
  3. Robinxen: Can we make bets too?
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