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Chapter 109: Black Greatbird (1)

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Author: Shizuku Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3364 characters
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1574 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The Derbidenies Desert was located to the south-southwest of Ingralowe, and extended into the neighboring country. Unlike most common sandy deserts though, it was an arid area of wastelands and rocky canyons.

The adventurers’ guild, which was largely rooted in Seperion, had also designated one of the monsters that inhabited that area as a protected species.

Protected species were a special type of monsters, usually having a unique name for themselves, and were considered undefeatable even by the strongest adventurers or national armies, though often they were not aggressive unless provoked. Essentially they were like sleeping bears that should never be poked.

They had all lived for so long that most of them also held a similar level of intelligence to humans as well, and as they were the leaders of various packs of monsters, they were sometimes called Kings. Just like Wolf King Roa, the Eclipse Wolf of the Valhen Woods.

The protected monster of the Derbidenies Desert was called Garan, who also held the nickname of Terra-King. He was a Satan Crocodile, the highest evolution of terrestrial crocodilian monsters like the Tyrannoghavials of the Valhen Woods.

“Dammit… Just how powerful is he?!”

He was large, his scaly skin resembling the brown rocks nearby, and with two devil-like curved horns on his forehead, the source of the name of his species. Overall, he was a majestic and austere creature.

“How many of you can still stand?!”

His demeanor was calm and tolerant. It was almost hard to believe he was some sort of crocodile king with how docile he usually acted, and even when those enemies stepped into his territory, he asked them in human tongue to leave.

“So that’s…the Terra-King!”

He did not even seem enraged, still trying to find a peaceful solution.

“Humans, as I told you earlier, I don’t desire to fight you. Could you collect your things and leave?”

Garan’s voice was low, like the rumbling of the earth, and he told the intruding humans to leave, just like he had done before.

Many of those humans were already on their knees, and others lay on the ground immobile, certainly not in great shape. None were dead though, and not by miracle, but because Garan kept limiting his strength.

“I remember humans coming to agree on never disturbing the other, so I believe there must be a reason for your actions. I’ll overlook it if you leave now.”

The humans had tried to attack him without responding to his first entreaty for them to leave, so he gave one hit in return, which had been enough to cripple most of them.

Garan continued watching the humans, who had broken the rules they agreed on. Then a young sorcerer stood forward.

“Terra-King Garan, your power truly warrants such respect.”

The young man held his staff forward, using it to draw multiple magic circles on the ground around him.

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“But that’s precisely why we can’t ignore your presence. For the safety of humans, I’ll take you down here.”
“So there’s no room for negotiation. You leave me no choice then.”

Garan sounded disappointed, raising his front leg into the air.

A moment later he used that leg to trample the magic circles the sorcerer was trying to utilize. But the sorcerer looked unbothered, quickly creating a powerful explosion and a surge of lightning. Garan endured through both before fighting back.

Many of the humans began running away in desperation, and even some nearby monsters stepped back to not get involved.

There were sandworms peeking through the cracks on the floor that quickly retreated back into the ground, while large flocks of eagles flew away while crying loudly as the rocks they lived on began to shake.

In the end, the fight in the Derbidenies Desert lasted for three days, and the sorcerer had to withdraw while Garan remained unharmed.

After the new school term started, and now that my arm is rebuilt, my days have become routine again, even with me having to dodge Olivia’s constant hormonal spikes.

Usually the only people in the Academy are students or teachers, but today there’s a large number of visitors.

That’s because of the annual festival, where the students of Ingralowe’s Academy showcase their progress, and the third year students search for work, is happening today.

I’m not an official member of the Academy, so I’m not taking part in any of the exhibits, but Olivia told me I can go wherever I want in the afternoon, so I’ve come to see Annabelle’s display of her research in alchemy and magic devices.

A portion of her laboratory has been modified to accustomate guests, and there’s already a number of people there.


Someone calls to me so I turn around and see Plum running towards me.

“If you keep moving a lot you’ll run out of mana.”

The Sorcery Core Plum is using now doesn’t output enough mana to keep a magic automaton operative. Even if she lets it charge up for an entire day, it can only power her for a few hours. And if she moves around a lot it depletes even faster.

She was part of the exhibit now, so it wouldn’t be good if she stops moving halfway through.

“I’ve been storing up plenty of mana for today, so don’t worry about that.”

She says that as she hugs me.

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Her face still looks as emotionless as before, but sometimes I feel like she’s a lot more proactive when communicating now. I don’t know if that means she’s gaining her own personality, but it’s still something I like to see.

“I see. You should still try to be careful though.”
“Alright, Sister.”

She nods politely as I pat her head.

“It seems this place is rather popular though.”

I’ve seen other exhibits showing new attack spells or healing magic, but none were as packed as Annabelle’s laboratory. Usually those types of spells are more showy and easy to understand, while alchemy and magic device research is a lot more technical, so I wasn’t expecting to see this many people here.

Annabelle and Christina are currently tending to all the guests. While the festival is mostly meant for third year students to showcase their abilities, first and second year students are more than welcome to help around too.

“Miss Annabelle also said this is a first.”
“Did she make some sort of major breakthrough then?”
“While it might sound presumptuous, it’s likely because of you and me, Sister.”

According to Plum, after Annabelle studied my blueprints, and Christina built Plum, Annabelle started teaching those techniques to other students, which seemed to inspire a lot of third year students.

I’ve never met them, but apparently there’s other students who are also interested in alchemy or magic devices. Either way, all of this is helping them a lot.

“I think I should leave now since I can tell you’re busy with all the guests though. It was nice seeing you again, Plum. Also tell Miss Annabelle and Christina that I said hi.”
“Understood, I’ll relay the message.”

After we both bow respectfully to each other, Plum returns to the display, and I head out to the festive outside.

I leave the campus and return to the dorm for now. Clarissa is there, and I probably should take care of her for a bit.

“Maid, late.”
“I think I made it back just in time though.”

It seems like she was extremely bored while waiting at the dorm’s entrance. The monster bone I gave her as a toy is in pieces, and there’s a bunch of holes dug all over the place.

“Maid, hurry.”
“Wait, we can’t just leave all of this like that.”

I use some basic magic to control the dirt and easily flatten the ground again.

“Yes I’m done. At least try to think whose fault that was though.”

Once I’m done fixing the holes, I notice someone approaching so I turn around.

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I see a black haired man wearing neatly tailored and high quality clothes. Somehow his face feels familiar, but I can’t place my finger on where I saw him before. Either way, his refined appearance makes me think he’s a noble or at least someone important. He’s probably here to watch the festival too.

“Excuse me ladies, I think I’ve gotten lost. Would you mind showing me around for a bit?”

Even if we’re inside the Academy grounds, I probably should be respectful to visiting nobles. I’ll have to agree to his request.

“Oh I don’t mind at all. Where would you like to go?”
“I’d like to go to the arena for the combat tournament, thanks.”

Strangely enough, his destination is the same as ours. In that case I can just lead him there while we go.

“We were just about to head there as well, please come with us.”
“That’s a big help, thank you. And excuse my late introduction, I’m Otis. I’m also a noble, but please don’t mind that at all when talking to me.”

He introduces himself with a soft smile, which narrowed his slit eyes a bit.

I really feel like I’ve seen him somewhere before, but no matter how hard I think about it I can’t remember where, and maybe it’s just all in my head. I’ve probably never seen him before, and he just reminds me of someone else.

Reaching that conclusion, I take him with me and Clarissa.


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