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Chapter 5-68: The World Is A Magnificent Place

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“When someone is remarkably exceptional, their actions will no longer be understood by the world. They may be perceived as a lone wolf, a lunatic, or even a devil. However, for the person in question, it’s simply as the poem says: ‘People laugh at me, thinking I am crazy, but I laugh at them for their ignorance.’” Lilith turned around to face Uncle Skar. Although her face was obscured by the shadows, her eyes shone brilliantly. “Don’t you agree, Uncle?”

“That’s… That’s…”

Uncle Skar rose to his feet slowly, and Lilith was surprised to see how tall he was compared to an ordinary person. Standing at over two meters, he seemed like a giant compared to her. Previously, he had been sitting on the ground and his hunched figure was covered by a loose black robe, which had disguised his true height. As he looked down at her, his lips trembled slightly. His speech was unclear, indicating his intense emotions.

“That’s… exactly how I feel!!!” Uncle Skar spoke with the intensity of a beast breaking free from its cage. His eyes were wide open and his voice boomed like thunder.

“People laugh at me, thinking I am crazy, but I laugh at them for their ignorance. Good poem, good poem indeed! People are foolish, so how could fools like them truly understand our perspectives?”

“You truly understand me, Uncle,” Lilith exclaimed as she clapped her hands in approval.

“I not only understand you, but I also empathize with you deeply.” Uncle Skar appeared to be lost in thought, perhaps recalling a painful memory. “As a child, I was the most talented in my clan and displayed exceptional skills from a young age. For others, the journey of advancement was like climbing a treacherous mountain, but for me, it was like sailing down a river. Even without putting much effort, I made significant progress every day. However, my talent brought with it high expectations from the clan. Despite my rapid growth, I was still forced to devote a lot of time to training. This often led to a situation where I was bored because there was nothing new to learn. During these moments, countless genius ideas flooded my mind, each one as brilliant as the stars.”

“That’s amazing, Uncle,” Lilith praised.

Uncle Skar sadly nodded his head. “Unfortunately, those ideas could only remain as ideas. Whenever I shared them with my elders, they often criticized me for thinking up those useless ideas rather than focusing on my training. No one praised me, they rejected my ideas and forced me to train even harder. Some even mocked me and called me crazy.”

“Who are they calling crazy? How could they dismiss your ideas as useless without even trying them?” Lilith stomped her foot indignantly.

Uncle Skar smiled at Lilith, but did not wish for her to feel so strongly about it. “In the end, I could only bury these thoughts deep in my heart and continue to train. Eventually, I became the strongest member of the clan and was entrusted with great responsibility.”

“Then no one can stop you from finally bringing those brilliant ideas to fruition, right?”

Uncle Skar laughed bitterly and said, “That’s what I thought too, but I was mistaken. After assuming that position, I found myself becoming increasingly undervalued. Whenever I proposed my ideas, many would immediately oppose me. They would tell me that my approach was not right, that I was endangering the clan, and that I wasn’t in the position to speak… They would always find ways to limit me. So, for a very long time, I could only follow a predetermined path.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that, Uncle.”

“It’s fine…” Uncle Skar smiled and shook his head. “I’ve made it through. No one can criticize me now and I have the freedom to do whatever I please.”

That was because he had killed the people who got in his way and refined their souls into a magic weapon. Their ashes then discarded in the fiery depths of molten lava.

“I’m relieved that your story has a good ending.” Lilith patted her chest and let out a deep breath.

“What about you? What is your story?” Uncle Skar asked.

“Me? My story is quite similar to yours. Nobody seems to comprehend me but the only difference is that… I have a lot more freedom than you so I can do most of the things I want to do, but…”Lilith lifted her head slightly and gazed up at the empty ceiling, her eyes filled with a profound emotion. “Incomprehensible actions done by incomprehensible people are nothing but incomprehensible to others.That’s why I am given names like little devil, evil spirit and the enemy of mankind.”

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There was also “Golden Chihuahua” among those names, but Lilith would never tell anyone that.

“You have to go through all that at such a young age?” Uncle Skar exclaimed in shock.

Lilith merely responded with a smile, “It’s fine, I already got used to it.”

Uncle Skar stared at Lilith, momentarily speechless.

SLAP! He then suddenly gave himself a hard slap.

Lilith was shocked. “What are you…”

Uncle Skar waved his hand, reassuring Lilith that there was no reason to worry, and explained, “I am punishing myself for being disrespectful.”

He felt immense remorse for even considering using the little girl as a source of entertainment.

How could he even think of such a thing? He was not worthy of it!

This young girl had shown incredible strength and determination, staying true to herself despite the judgment and criticism of others! The most hurtful things in life were often the ones that left no physical scars! At her age, he had chosen to run away from it all, but this little girl chose to face her challenges head-on!

Uncle Skar let out a deep sigh as he looked up. He couldn’t help but wish he had the same courage as Lilith did back then. He never once doubted her words, because no one could lie in front of him!

“Actually, I’m very kind, gentle and understanding.”

“PFFFT.” A rather audible snort came from the adjacent room, but Lilith chose to ignore it.

“I am aware that my actions may cause inconvenience for those around me, but I am willing to compensate as much as possible after that. Even so, I still feel uneasy about my decision. At times, I contemplate whether it’s right for me to pursue an idea that could potentially jeopardize the safety of my companions or cause disruptions to others. As a result, I hesitate.”

“To hell with hesitating!”

Uncle Skar walked into the reception room with just a few steps and placed his hand on Lilith’s shoulder. “There’s no need to hesitate. Follow your heart!”

The warmth from his hand was so comforting that Lilith momentarily forgot to wonder how Uncle Skar managed to leave his room without triggering the array.

“That’s right, I should follow my heart…” Lilith suddenly snapped out of her daze. “Why do I care so much about what others think? I should just stay true to myself and follow my heart.”

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Getting the opinions of those involved in the situation was unnecessary. As long as she was happy, nothing else mattered!

“Do you practice what you preach, Uncle?”
“Yes, I do.”

As their eyes met, it was as if a bolt of lightning illuminated the night and a deeper connection seemed to form between them. The world fell silent as they gazed at each other for what felt like an eternity, before finally speaking in unison:

“Kindred souls!”
“Kindred spirits!”

Both of them were immediately taken aback. Although there was a one-word difference, the meaning remained identical, so they could still be considered to be speaking in unison.

“Gwahaha!” Uncle Skar boomed with laughter, his hand landing heavily on Lilith’s shoulder.

“I never imagined that the first kindred spirit I would encounter after living for so long would turn out to be a little girl.”
“Me neither.”

The world was truly a magnificent place, making the passage of time seem insignificant in comparison.

“But it doesn’t matter.”

Uncle Skar stopped patting Lilith’s shoulder and gazed seriously at her. With a solemn expression, he suggested, “Hey little girl, looks like we share a special bond. Why don’t we… become sworn siblings?”


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