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Chapter 5-59: You Shall Transcend Into Eternal Rest

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Lilith stood frozen to the spot as she scanned the object Lacey was holding again… and again… and again.

No matter how she looked at it, she recognized the intricately constructed device as something she had only seen in her previous life… No, to be precise, she had never even seen the real thing back then…

It was undoubtedly… a gun.

“Where did you get that?” Lilith asked, her voice shaking slightly.

Isn’t this a magical world? Isn’t this civilization so underdeveloped that it couldn’t even create a steam engine? How did they manage to produce a product that clearly originated from the modern industrial revolution?

And why is this walking doll, a magical creation, holding a revolver? The image just looks so wrong!

“Strange, you sound like you know what I have in my hand.”

Lacey was rather puzzled. This special weapon called a “gun” was a gift that his lord had personally bestowed upon him for self-defense in critical situations since he was physically weak.

He was told that this gun did not originate from this world, so naturally, the inhabitants of this world should be unfamiliar with it.

“No, no, no, I know nothing about it,” Lilith firmly denied.

When a remarkable youth like herself, who had been raised with the core values of socialism, found herself in a life-threatening situation at gunpoint, she would, of course…

Put her hands up in the air without a second thought.

Lacey was horrified and quickly stepped back a few meters. He pointed his gun at Lilith and sternly demanded, “What are you doing with your hands up? Are you planning to attack? Lower your hands immediately, or I’ll shoot!”

Observing Lacey’s panicked expression with obvious fear, realization finally dawned upon Lilith…

Right, why do I have to be afraid?

This was not her previous world where one could kill people by simply hurling a brick at them. As someone who possessed the body of a dragon, Lilith had no reason to be afraid of guns.

For instance, the velocity of a bullet fired from a pistol ranges from 300 to 500 meters per second, slightly faster than the speed of sound. However, Lilith’s punching speed typically surpassed the speed of sound effortlessly. Taking this into account, the kinetic energy generated by Lilith’s punch could easily outweigh that of a bullet.

Therefore, even if her opponent wore ten layers of Level 3A armors, Lilith could still punch a hole through them in her previous world.

Besides, Lilith’s defense was not to be underestimated. Although she was often injured by swords, knives, or even hair, those weapons were all imbued with battle qi, magic power, or even crazy buffs like divine power. That was why bullets could hardly pose a threat to her, even if they were aimed at her face.

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She had previously wondered why this world had not developed technology, but she eventually understood that it was simply unnecessary. For now, technology seemed way inferior to the magic products that existed in this world.

With this realization, Lilith found her confidence to win the upcoming battle. If she could capture this guy, she might be able to extract valuable information that she needed.

“Keep this short. I’d advise you to surrender directly though. It’ll save you from unnecessary suffering. You better make up your mind now before you lose the chance to,” Lilith said, cracking her knuckles as she approached Lacey with a smile.

“Dream on! I’d rather die than fall into your hands!” Lacey gritted his teeth.

Falling into Lilith’s hands would be no different than falling into the clutches of a real demon. Lacey would rather die than to become anyone’s plaything!

Thus, fully aware of the consequences of pulling the trigger, he firmly tucked his cushy arm in front of it and pulled.


The bullet immediately shot out from the muzzle of the gun, accompanied by a burst of flame and a loud sound.

Lilith’s eyes, now filled with molten gold, could easily track the bullet fired at high speed, which used to be invisible to her. The once intimidating weapon from her previous world had indeed been rendered useless here.

Lilith simply activated her golden dragon pupils, and the bullet appeared like a picture captured by a high-speed camera. Every frame was so detailed that she could even clearly see the strange pattern engraved on it.

It was nothing compared to Cornelia’s hair, which Lilith could only dodge by relying solely on her instinct.

Since Lilith could clearly see it, she was able to dodge it. With a graceful spin, Lilith effortlessly dodged the bullet as it flew past her.

As she turned back around, ready to taunt Lacey, she was met with a wicked grin on that ugly doll’s face.

Not only that, she could feel an abnormal heat coming from behind, causing her heart to nearly skip a beat.

She quickly spun around, with a speed that could make one wonder if her head was going to fly off from her shoulders. To her surprise, the bullet that should have hit the wall was now hovering in mid-air. The strange, decorative patterns engraved on it were giving off a faint white light.

Lilith had forgotten the fact that even though technology was inferior to magic in this world, they could still be combined.

All of a sudden, the white smoke in the room started swirling like a turbulent whirlpool.

“That white smoke of mine isn’t only good for concealing myself,” Lacey pointed out with a sinister smile.

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Like a lit cigarette thrown into a room filled with gas, the bullet swiftly ignited the white smoke, causing an explosion.

Lilith was shocked and could only watch as the unstoppable shockwave and burning flame rushed toward her in slow motion.

The pungent smell of the white smoke was not meant to cover up any scents, but rather because the smoke itself was flammable and explosive.

“Tsk.” Lilith clicked her tongue in annoyance but did not try to run. She merely stood still and activated the White Jade Style to the maximum.

After all, there was no way to dodge an AOE attack.

Lilith could not help but feel a twinge of regret. She was still too careless and never learned from her previous mistakes. Guess there was nothing she could do but sacrifice a layer of her skin this time.

She was not too worried about Kieran. As long as he was in the maid’s dress, he would sustain less damage than Lilith.

At this point in time, Lilith had already crossed out the option of showing kindness toward Lacey. The only remaining option was to be cruel.


Lacey took advantage of his soft body and curled himself into a ball. Although he could not resist the blast entirely, he made a concerted effort to ensure that he retained some mobility afterward.

He did not dare to dream of killing Lilith with this explosion, he only wished that he could at least come out of it with fewer injuries than her.

Unfortunately, his little wish went unheard.

“Eeeeyah!” The voice of a real demon appeared.

In Lacey’s ears, it sounded like a message from a higher power before the end of the world that said:

My beloved believer, *
*Do not continue to struggle,

For this time you shall transcend into eternal rest.


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