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Chapter 4-95: But It’s Futile

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2157 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1253 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus


Sae’s warning shook Lilith. Wounds that had just healed tore open again, making her gasp in pain.

“What kind of joke is that? Deities aren’t that easy to meet.”

[ Indeed. But Lady Lilith, do not forget that you are standing in one now. ]

“Didn’t you say that the deity who evolved into this little word is dead?”

Lilith frowned in confusion.

[ I did say that, but this place is very different from the little world we were in. This place is strange. Something is off, but I can’t quite put a finger on it. But truth be told, this place just feels extremely unreal to me. ]

“So you’re saying that this isn’t in the same world that we were in before?”

[ At least in terms of feeling, it isn’t. ]


Lilith couldn’t help drifting into deep thought. Although she had made many conjectures, she never expected that they were in a different world from the ones where the titans lived.

There were so many similar places, like the grassland and the black sun. Even when Shiloah showed the burning flame to her and Lesiah, the surrounding terrain she observed was also similar to the area where the titans’ settlement was.

It was like they were clones of each other, only dyed in different colors.

“If this isn’t the little world formed by a fallen deity, then where is this place…?”

[ I do not know either. ]

“Then why do I even need you? Just to hear you whining about stuff?”

[ …… ]

Could this conversation even go on? She was neither paid nor given any days off, and she had to be scolded. Could Lilith be a lousier boss?

Sae really wanted to abandon her master but for the sake of her mission, she had to swallow her anger and carry on.

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[ Although I don’t know where this place is, I sense something very strange about this scary monster girl in front of you. ]

“Thanks, Captain Obvious! Anyone below saint-level who could nearly murder a dragon with just her hair can’t possibly be normal!”

[ No, no. What I mean to say is she seems to be related to a deity. ]

“Related to a deity?”

Lilith lifted her gaze and silently scrutinized Cornelia who was getting bored from waiting for her ‘ultimate skill’.

She never got the chance to take a good look at Cornelia since the latter’s aura kind of scared… ahem… burned her eyes.

Her snowy white hair that reached her waist looked extremely soft and straight, but it was actually a deadly weapon that could stab a dragon to death.

Her big bright eyes looked like a pair of gems on her lovely doll-like face, and they made her seem extremely adorable. If they were just a little more watery, she could easily enchant the hearts of all male creatures in the world. Her irises were clear with a hint of dark red.

She was petite. In fact, almost the same as Lilith except for a certain pair of assets in front of her chest. Just by standing there alone, her assets were sending insurmountable pressure and disgust to Lilith.

Even without doing anything, standing there in her black-laced dress and striped knee socks was enough to give people an urge to squeeze her in their arms and pamper her.

“I got it. She’s some deity’s concubine, right?” Lilith suddenly reached a conclusion.

[ Uh… What makes you say that…? ]

“Aren’t lolis all the rage among the deities now…?” Lilith gritted her teeth and hissed inwardly.

[ …… ]

After calming down the jealousy in her heart, Lilith continued, “But what does that have anything to do with using my black flame? I’ll just beat her half to death instead of killing her, then find myself a corner to hide. I’m sure not even a deity can openly hunt me down over that.”

[ Lady Lilith, you have to keep one thing in mind. ]

Sae spoke in Lilith’s mind in an extremely solemn tone that the latter had never heard before.

[ You can use your black flame as much as you like in our world, but it must never be in the presence of any other deities. Otherwise, no matter where you hide or whose protection you may have, you’ll definitely be driven to death by the deities. There’s no escape! ]

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“What do you mean?!”

The warning shocked Lilith. “Explain yourself!”

[ My apologies. There are some things that Lady Lilith shouldn’t know yet. But I swear, I’ll never do anything to hurt you. ]


Sae’s tone was very firm. Lilith fell silent, knowing that there was no way to squeeze an answer out of Sae. Thoughts, however, were rushing through her mind.

Her other ‘self’ that existed inside her… The black flame that couldn’t be used in the presence of other deities… And it seemed like unbeknownst to her, there was a huge black screen covering her.

So that meant her meeting with Sae wasn’t as simple as a coincidence after the latter wandered in this world for millions of years either. She had a certain purpose.

“Does Mother know of this?”

[ Yes, the Dragon Queen knows everything. ]


Recalling the queen who was always cold and merciless to the outsiders but doted on her, Lilith couldn’t suppress her smile while pushing these thoughts to the back of her mind for the time being.

In any case, she knew her mother would never harm her.

Hence, there was no need to worry about unnecessary things like that. She should concentrate on facing the immediate crisis.

“Hey. How much longer do you need to unleash that ultimate skill of yours?” Cornelia’s impatient voice reached her ears. “My time is precious. I don’t have enough to waste it on you.”


It was only then Lilith realized that she had one hand raised with her palm facing upward, as though she was about to summon something. Despite the cool posture, her body was still pinned against the wall.

“Can you give me more time? My MP bar seems low today so I’m recharging now. Just a bit more… I’ll be able to unleash my ultimate skill when it’s full.”

“I can help you with that.”

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Cornelia flicked her finger, and the long hair strands that pierced Lilith suddenly vibrated at high speed like they were in resonance.

Wounds that had just healed were quickly torn apart again and even deepened.

In just the blink of an eye, Lilith’s clothes were dyed red by the blood that gushed out.


Lilith coughed up a mouthful of blood again, but with obvious chunks of flesh this time.

It was evident that her internal organs were also rather heavily damaged.


Lesiah couldn’t suppress her shout of concern. For some reason, the sight of Lilith covered in blood affected her greatly.

She just couldn’t understand why Lilith wouldn’t use her powerful black flame. Was it because they weren’t in a dire situation yet?

“I’m fine.”

With much difficulty, Lilith gave the princess a thumb up with her only movable hand.

“I’m totally fine…”

Her assuring words made Lesiah sigh in relief, but…

Only Lilith herself knew how much she was actually panicking internally right now…

“Hey Sae, you have to help think of a way to save me since I can’t use the black flame! Otherwise, this busty b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ gonna kill me before any deity can beat me to death!!”

[ My apologies. Without a physical body, there is nothing I can do for you right now. ]


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