Chapter 4-29: Monster

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2248 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1361 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

Somewhere on a cliff…

A young girl was trying her best to climb up.

The cliff was very steep and there was nearly no place for her to leverage herself. Even an outstanding warrior would find it hard to scale, let alone a young mage who never received much physical training since young.

Even so, the young girl pressed on slowly with determination toward the top of the cliff.

At this very moment, she only blamed herself for not learning the ability to fly. Had she done that, she wouldn’t be in this predicament.

In any case, she was almost there.

Thanks to her efforts, she was only a few steps away from obtaining that Resurrection Grass that could fetch her a reward of five million gold coins.

Those idiots in her class only knew how to search for it blindly. Looking for it in such a vast primitive forest was tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack.

Not many knew that Resurrection Grass was a plant that would only grow in the sun.

And the top of this cliff was the only place where the sun could reach in this dense forest.

Sure enough, the girl finally spotted the Resurrection Grass that she longed for not far on the top of the cliff.

Oh, how it shone brilliantly under the sunlight.

The girl wiped her sweat away, nearly bursting into tears.

“I’m not greedy, but if I have five million gold coins, I’ll have enough capital to push that person off his seat of the heir and escape from my fate of being the victim of a political marriage. I won’t have to marry some guy that I don’t even know.”

The girl mumbled to herself.

“Oh, so this is the sorrow of being the second daughter of the famous family.”

A familiar voice suddenly appeared above her head.

“You seem to have a hard time climbing up here. Do you need a hand, Reena Valor?”

“T…Thank… Who the heck was that?!”

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The girl was shocked because she didn’t expect that person would suddenly appear on this cliff.

“S-Sir Miguel?! Why are you here?”

“That’s a good question.”

“Miguel pointed to the winding path behind him. “I walked here, of course. Just ten minutes of walk around the place and you will discover that there’s a mountain path that leads here on the other side of this cliff.”


Reena was stunned. If there was a proper path, then why was she climbing the cliff for an hour?! To train her body?!

“Well, you won’t be getting that money for sure.”

Despair filled Reena’s eyes. Miguel took her hand and grabbed her up effortlessly like she was a tiny chick.

“Rather than thinking about solving problems through using money, you’re better off thinking about how to make yourself stronger. After all, in this world, people speak with fists.”

At a small clearing in the depths of the forest…

The students from Class 9 of first-year were tied up here like hostages, each with a huge bump on their heads. A small group of people even had a bruised face and looked like they had gone through a lot.

The person who held them hostages was none other than their class teacher, Sir Miguel, the Iron Wall.

“Weak. Too weak.”

Sir Miguel shook his head in disappointment and looked at the group of dispirited students. “I didn’t expect all of you to be caught by me within an hour. You’re really too weak.”

“That’s only expected, you’re a teacher! How despicable of you to deceive us by pretending that you have amnesia!”

One of the students voiced his dissatisfaction.

“Expected? There’s no such thing as expected in this world!” Miguel’s eyes widened in anger. “Look at Lilith, Thea and Brea! They haven’t been found by me yet until now!”

“They were the first ones I looked for, yet you guys are the ones that got discovered and even caught! I haven’t even caught a glimpse of their shadow! Don’t you think you guys are a disgrace? I’m ashamed of all of you! You guys better train harder when we return! Don’t think about having any free time! I’ll definitely make you guys train your hardest!”

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“Hey hey hey…! Didn’t you promise that you won’t give us corporal punishment?”

“Corporal punishment? How could that be called such? This is my way of showing love and care toward all of you.” Sir Miguel smiled ‘kindly’.


Reena, who was curled up at one corner with her slightly puffy eyes, suddenly spoke up.

“Sir, are you venting your frustration on us because you can’t find Lilith and the rest?”


“As expected. Rather than saying that we’re too weak, it’s more like those three are monsters. How can we possibly compare to them?”

Miguel snorted coldly, “Don’t push your own failure to others. Lilith is indeed a monster among her peers, but the other two are no doubt, ordinary students. You can’t associate them with the word monster.”

“Is that so? I think that only monsters can get along with another monster.”


“Hehe, where should I start digging in first?”

The alluring woman waved her violet dagger in front of Thea’s lovely face while deciding which part of her would taste the best on her tongue.

Thea finally suppressed the toxins in her body for the time being, and recovered a little bit of strength.

“I’ll… give you an… advice.”

“Oh? What is that?” The woman was a little surprised to find Thea still had the strength to speak. Even so, she was still intrigued. “Let’s hear it.”

“Villains… usually die… from talking too much.”

Thea held her hands in prayer and chanted in a soft voice.

“Oh light, shine on me…”

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The woman’s pupils shrank as she tried to drive her dagger into Thea’s neck with lightning speed.

However, it was too late.

A beam of light descended from the sky and covered Thea’s body.

The dagger was repelled with the sound of metals clashing together when it came into contact with the light column. The woman’s countenance contorted as she was flung backward from the impact.

A pair of white wings slowly spread open. Thea reappeared in front of the alluring woman with a holy presence surrounding her and her face was covered by a mysterious radiance. Although the woman couldn‘t see Thea’s expression clearly, her cold eyes chilled the woman to her core.

“This is… the Goddess Descent Skill from the Luminous Theocracy?!”

Fear filled the woman’s eyes. “This level of synchronization… You’re the saintess from Luminous Theocracy?”

Thea didn’t answer, or more like she wasn’t bothered to.

The woman gritted her teeth. “Even if you’re really the saintess, you’re just a kid. How strong can you be?”

Purple haze filled the air again and perfectly concealed the woman’s figure.

However, Thea only waved her hand gently in response.


The area instantly cleared up!

The purple haze dissipated like snow in springtime.

With the haze gone, the alluring woman reappeared in Thea’s sight once again.

Before the woman could take back the look of astonishment on her face, Thea pointed to her.


More than a dozen golden chains shot out from the light column behind Thea and toward the woman like snakes.

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The woman evaded them nimbly, but eventually started to struggle as more chains joined the battle.

In the end, one of them finally wounded itself around the woman’s ankle.

“DON’T PUSH IT!” The woman growled dangerously.

Her figure shifted and the alluring woman transformed into a huge purple python.

The huge python rolled its body, sweeping away all the golden chains that came flying at it with its thick and powerful tail.

“You think you can defeat me with these? You’re too naiv…”

The python couldn’t finish the sentence in time because Thea had appeared in front of her before she could realize it.

She raised her staff high up in the air. A ball of light gathered above it like a small sun.

And this time, the python couldn’t evade due to its huge body.

The staff came down forcefully.


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