Chapter 4-195: Surrender

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2226 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1355 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Haaa~” Little Cornelia covered her mouth and yawned impatiently.

She glared at the giant, who was at least a hundred meters tall, with her huge watery eyes and pouted.

Where did this cotton man come from? How dare he interrupt me and Mommy’s quality time? He sure has a lot of things to say, I’m gonna teach him a lesson!

Cornelia clenched her little fist, then raised it above her head. It looked like a delicate steamed bun—totally harmless and adorable.

Lilith quickly grabbed Cornelia’s arm and stopped her.

A cold sweat broke out on her forehead, her heart was beating wildly.

Although Cornelia had shrunk in size, she retained her strength. Thanks to her regression, her control over her power was weak to the point that crying was enough to trigger a catastrophe.

Only god knew if a swing of Cornelia’s fist could wipe out the entire Holy Dragon Empire along with the giant in front of them.

Lilith dared not imagine the strength of a deity.

It was definitely not something that this world could withstand.


Cornelia turned her head around with a puzzled look on her face.

She failed to understand why her mother, who was obviously upset with the giant, would stop her from striking him.

“Uhm, why don’t you go to the side and play with mud, Little Cornelia?”

Lilith forced a smile and said, “Leave everything to Mommy.”


Little Cornelia looked at the giant, then at Lilith…


I don’t think Mommy can beat him… One slap from it and Mommy’s gonna be turned into minced meat…

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By now, Lilith had mastered the “Cornelia language”. Upon hearing that, she sweatdropped, but still tried her best to smile kindly at the little girl.

“Don’t worry, Mommy has a plan.”

“Hmph.” Little Cornelia snorted in dissatisfaction, but obediently allowed her short legs to carry her to the side. She tilted her head and thought for a moment, before patting the muddy ground.

A life-like mud figure, that looked almost identical to Lilith, rose from the ground.

Little Cornelia clapped her hands in delight, seemingly extremely satisfied with her own work. She poked the ground a few times, and more mud-Lilith rose from the ground. All of them were in different poses. Apart from the color, they looked extremely life-like, almost like a real person.

It was notable that all these mud figures had their arms stretched out toward Cornelia. They also wore a motherly, doting smile which Lilith would never make.

She really went to… play with mud…

Seeing this scene, Lilith wiped the cold sweat on her forehead and felt a chill down her spine…

That brat’s mother complex seemed to be even more serious than Lilith had imagined…

She returned her attention to the giant in front of her. The vice dean who had been controlling the giant waited patiently for Lilith’s reply. He did nothing, save for throwing a few curious glances at Cornelia.

“Alright, fine. I agree,” Lilith suddenly said.

The voice froze for a moment, as if finding it a little hard to believe that Lilith would agree so quickly.


“Of course. I’ll tell you everything I know about Golden Demon Htilil, but…”

Lilith shrugged. “You said ‘another one’ just now right? Does that mean you guys have captured someone else before me?”

“Yes, that’s right,” the vice dean replied. “Identity fraud is an unforgivable crime, especially when one is pretending to be a princess from another nation. What a terrible crime. You can rest assured, we haven’t done anything to them yet.”

Did Lesiah and the rest really get caught by these simpletons?

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To think that the academy was bold enough to capture a real princess and one that had power on top of it. Were they not worried that a war would break out between the two nations?

Then again, even if word of this incident got out, the chance of a war happening was probably extremely slim. After all, the human race still had their archenemy, the demon race, to worry about. The Holy Dragon Empire, being in the wrong, would definitely lower their voice and offer some sort of compensation…

By then, the academy, which was directly responsible for this, would…


Damn, Lilith was starting to look forward to the academy’s reaction after they found out the truth…

She wiped the drool hanging from the corner of her mouth and happily said, “I can surrender and give all of you the information you want, but you have to bring me to my companions first. I have to make sure that they are safe.”

“That’s not a problem.” The vice dean sounded rather skeptical.

This was the first time he had seen someone surrendering so happily in his entire life.

The giant released another sphere of fog.

A person slowly came out from the fog. It was none other than Lilith’s class teacher, Miguel the Iron Wall.

He looked at Lilith from head to toe, then mumbled to himself. “Good grief, I really can’t tell the difference between her and that real little devil.”

Lilith rolled her eyes. Duh, they were the same person.

Mr. Miguel was not paying her any attention. He retrieved a pair of handcuffs from his spatial ring and waved it around. “May be a little uncomfortable to wear these, but bear with it.”

Lilith nodded obediently and held her hands out in front of her so Mr. Miguel could put the handcuffs on her.

Once Mr. Miguel snapped the handcuffs close around Lilith’s wrists, he looked at Little Cornelia with uncertainty in his eyes. She was drooling over the mud figures she made and looked like she wanted to lick them very badly.

“For her…”
“Don’t tell me you guys need to put handcuffs on such a small child to feel at ease.”
“You have a point.”
Mr. Miguel rubbed the stubbles on his chin and asked, “The little girl won’t throw a tantrum, will she?”
“She won’t.” Lilith smiled sweetly at him.
“My Little Cornelia is the most well-behaved girl you’ll ever see.”


Meanwhile, in the dungeon of St. Caroline Academy…

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Compared to other places of imprisonment, this place was much cleaner, more humane and hospitable. It was free of critters and crawlers, as well as the desperate wails of inmates on death row.

Not only that it was more spacious and bright here. After all, there were only six people here right now.

The purpose of setting up such a dungeon in an academy was to let the unruly students experience the “love” that academy had for them. There had never been any plans of using it to imprison criminals here in the first place.

Moreover… The current occupants were no ordinary criminals.

“Let me out! Let me out at once! Do you know who my uncle is? How dare you try to imprison me! Do you wish for the St. Caroline Academy to be razed to the ground?!”

A certain bald, tanned and muscular man kept banging on his cell while shouting in a stern voice, trying to use his coercive power.

“Save your breath. It’s no use.”

Diana, who had given up struggling, was lying on the ground like a corpse while picking her nose. “I’ve been in this dungeon before. No one is guarding this place, so no one will hear you even if you yell at the top of your lungs.”

“No one at all?”

An idea struck Lucas. “How about we break out of here? Then we’ll do whatever it takes to teach this damn academy a lesson!”

“Break out of here?”

Diana snickered.

“You can try. This academy specializes in teaching magic. St. Caroline is well known for the strangest magic. Hell knows what kind of spell they have set up in this place…”

Diana rolled over, her eyes looking no different than those of a dead fish.

“Anyway, as far as I know, there was a student from the seventh grade who managed to break out of this place. Since then… he has seriously been traumatized by soap.”


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