Chapter 4-140: He’s a Somebody

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2263 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1261 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“It’s too bad that your opponent is me…”

Durance’s breath hitched, feeling the weight of a lofty mountain on his chest. This strange man named Shiloah was far more terrifying than he had expected.

He watched the mocking grin on Shiloah’s face and quickly sorted out his thoughts.

He had indeed underestimated his opponent’s [ All-seeing ] ability too much. It seemed like Shiloah could see not only his thoughts, but also everything he saw with his eyes.

He had unknowingly became Shiloah’s “eyes”.

There was simply no blindspot to ambush enemies like Shiloah who was able to see everything that his enemy could.

Therefore, Rosdell’s sneak attack would not work.

Besides, Durance truly felt despair from the depths of his heart when he looked at the tear on Shiloah’s robes.

He was starting to get an idea of the absurd ability that Princess Lesiah mentioned earlier. Fast recovery rate, high defense and invincibility… It must be either one of these.

No matter which it was, any of them was enough to send them tumbling into the abyss.

Durance even started wondering how Princess Lesiah had gotten away from such a monster the first time. On top of that, the white-haired loli named Cornelia was reported to be significantly more powerful than Shiloah.

From the information he gathered through the conversation he heard from the spectrum stone, that Cornelia seemed to be a monster who could kill with her hair.

Did that not make Princess Lesiah a monster herself if she could outrun this group of monsters?

In any case, none of that mattered now. His first priority now was to think of a way to defeat this monster in front of him.

Choobchoob struggled against the wall to stand up. Her insides felt like a pot of mess and she was in excruciating pain. The way Shiloah repelled her earlier seemed like a simple attack, but it actually reversed the flow of her blade aura and nearly killed her.

Choobchoob’s gaze on Shiloah was filled with resentment. After calming down, she realized how her attempt to cover up things only made the matter worse. These people probably had a suspicion toward “the thing she had done”.

She clenched her jaw, then raised her longsword. Blade aura and battle qi coursed her body as she slowly became one with her weapon.

Being defeated by an opponent was nothing scary. But the fact that she could not even lay a finger on her opponent when she fought with her full power was horrifying.

She was indeed a bit shaken up.

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Rosdell had also ripped off his black uniform. His body quickly swelled. In just the blink of an eye, his body at least doubled in size. The muscles on his body appeared to be packed with explosive power that was comparable to a fierce dragon.

His gaze was affixed on Shiloah. He bowed slightly, like a cheetah locking onto its prey. The moment it saw an opening, it would pounce on its prey and tear its jugular vein and rip open its chest.

Durance straightened up, now holding his small silver sword in hand rather than hiding it in his sleeve. The small silver sword trembled slightly, creating buzzing noises in the air. It was obviously of exceptional quality.

None of them made the first move. They were just staring at each other.

Who was going to go first?
They were going in together?

Durance nodded… Maybe they stood a chance in turning the tide if three of them went up together.

Hm? Three?

Durance finally noticed that something was off. Was there not four people in their party?

Where did Lucas go?

“Ohoho, how long do you guys intend to make me wait?”

Shiloah flung the golden rapier in his hand away, far enough so that Durance would not be able to recover it quickly and easily.

“Well, if you guys are not going to do it, then I shall… hmm?”

Shiloah suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder.

Who was it? Did he not see that he was busy dealing with this bunch right now?

Shiloah frowned at the thought. As soon as he turned around, he saw nothing but a fist flying toward his face.

“Take this, iron fist!”

The powerful fist connected with Shiloah’s cheek. Although not as powerful as Lilith’s, it dealt enough damage to Shiloah who got caught off guard.


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Shiloah turned his head back stiffly, only to meet a pair of flirty eyes.

Right at this moment, everything about this tanned bald man flooded into Shiloah’s mind through his eyes, including his current thoughts…

He actually wanted to…


Shiloah’s eyes widened like saucers. The white half of his monochromatic face brightened up more obviously than his darker half. His entire body started shaking involuntarily, like he had just seen something terrifying.

“What? Never seen a handsome man like me?”

Lucas licked his lips and smiled mischievously at Shiloah.


Shiloah quickly averted his gaze.

As soon as he spun around, he was greeted with another hard punch.

“Haha, relying too much on your eyes huh? Now that they’re not working, you’re too powerless to do anything!”

The punch left Shiloah wobbly on his feet, giving Lucas an opening.

He closed in to Shiloah then unleashed a torrent of punches upon him, easily a hundred in the space of a few breaths.

The force behind each punch increased, doubling the power of the previous one.

Fists were thrown with the speed of wind and with the power of storm.

Lucas’ fists had lightning winding around it, the collision of air molecules resulted in explosive noises.

“Haha, eat this… Shattering King Fist!”

Another powerful punch connected with Shiloah’s abdomen, knocking him back so far that he only stopped when the heel of his feet collided into the wall behind him.

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He felt tingly, but still required a moment to catch his breath.

Lucas actually beating this weirdo named Shiloah?

The others could hardly believe their eyes. The sudden turn of events left them stupefied. They nearly wondered if they were seeing an illusion under some spell Shiloah cast on them. Although Lucas made it to top five in the interacademy competition, he was weaker than Durance and Rosdell. So how did this cheap and lecherous guy suddenly become so powerful?

Under everyone’s shocked gaze, Lucas sneered disdainfully. “Bunch of brainless fools.”

“W-Who… are you calling brainless?!”

Rosdell shot back a glare. Putting aside being looked down upon by others, he definitely could not tolerate being insulted by a pervert.

However, he decided to back down this time after seeing the strength that Lucas had just displayed to crush Shiloah.

“Lucas, when did you become so strong?” Rosdell asked in a low voice.

“No, I didn’t become strong.”

“But this is…”

“I merely discovered his weakness and came up with a countermeasure,” Lucas rested his hands to his hips and explained proudly. He did not even care how… inappropriate he looked in this pose right now.

“Weaknesses …… countermeasures ……”

The others grew even more surprised. Was Lucas always…… this smart?

“Yes. He is the Pope’s nephew, one of the best elites in Luminous Theocracy aside from the saintess herself. His intelligence and wisdom should not come across as a surprise.” Durance nodded affirmatively.

As expected, he was not just fooling around in front of Princess Lesiah last time. Although he was nearly turned into an obedient little girl, he indeed easily confirmed the princess’ identity.

This Lucas… He was somebody.


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