Chapter 4-126: The Terrible Consequences of Talking Nonsense

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3218 characters
Translator: Myuu English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1967 words
Editor(s): Yanga, Deximus_Maximus

“Choobchoob may not stand out, but you can trust her skills,” Durance said.

“My family and hers have some ongoing agreements, so I can vouch for her strength. She at least ranks among the top echelons of elites from various nations. Not only that, her ability will greatly benefit us in our upcoming rescue operation.”

“O-Oh… you flatter me.”

Choobchoob was as shy as her appearance suggested. Her face instantly flushed at Durance’s praises.

“Is that so? Since senior Durance so highly recommended her, I shall place my trust on her.”

Diana hooked her arm around Choobchoob and started groping her all over with a lewd smile.

“What a cutie. Come, let big sister examine you thoroughly…”

“Uhm… P-Please… don’t touch me there… Uhh…”

The redness on Choobchoob’s face traveled down to her neck and she looked no different like a ripe red apple. She tried to wrestle free of Diana’s grip but that proved to be a great challenge, considering the latter was highly experienced in sexually harrassing her personal assistant.

“Awh, don’t be shy! We’re both girls…”

“P-Please… stop, I… won’t be able to hold it back…”

“Hold what back…? Could it be that my cute little Choobie is the super sensitive type?” Diana got even more excited and became even more aggressive with her advances in front of their audience.

“N…No… I… I’m going to…!”

“Go ahead, release yourself if you want to. It’ll be our little secret~ Hehe…”

“Stop… Ahnnnn!”

Looking like she hit her climax, Choobchoob shut her eyes tightly as her body trembled violently.

And then…


To Diana’s surprise, she felt her shoulder being grabbed and herself being flipped to the side.

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A groan escaped her throat, but more like a whimper that sounded like she was on the verge of death. She found herself being sent flying like a sack of potatoes before smashing into a tree nearby.

The leaves fell, Diana just laid there under the tree, mouth foaming and eyes glazed over. She looked no different than a corpse buried under a pile of fallen leaves.

Only after a while, did she manage to stick a trembling hand out from underneath the leaf pile.

“I-I was only fooling around… That was uncalled for.”

“Ah, sorry, I forgot to warn you. The martial skill her clan trained in comes with a side effect. When they get too worked up, they’ll uncontrollably attack everyone around them, both friends or foes.”

Durance’s fist hit his palm as he suddenly recalled something. “It was such a long time since I last visited her family, I’d actually forgotten about it.”

“Y… You little sh…”

Diana could only sweep the fallen leaves off her face. Knowing that it was her action that brought this upon herself, she had to suppress her impending outburst.

“A-Are… you alright…?”

Choobchoob trotted over with a look of remorse, and offered her hand to Diana. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… It was honestly a natural reflex…”

“No worries…”

Diana pouted, soothed her churning tummy then accepted the hand that Choobchoob offered to her. “It was worth it… since I got to grope such an excellent pair of ****… hehe… ARGHHH!!”

Chirpchrip’s grip on Diana’s hand suddenly tightened and then without missing a beat, she threw Diana over her shoulder.

“Ahhhh… you pe̲r̲v̲e̲r̲t̲!”

She covered her burning face and ran off.

The bald, tanned boy named Lucas walked over to Diana, who was trying to get her head out of the soft soil.

He leaned into her ear and whispered, “Psst, my friend. How does an excellent pair of **** feel? Mind sharing your experience?”

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“Oh f̲u̲c̲k̲ off, pe̲r̲v̲e̲r̲t̲…!”

“Oh Goddess, such a straight laced person like myself would never harbor any lewd thoughts! But President Diana, I do have this… The Curvature of Eighteen Peaks book in my collection…”


Wiping the mud off her face, Diana asked with a serious expression, “Is it the first or second volume…?”


“Great, I happen to have the second…”

Both of them gave each other a meaningful smile as the bond they shared instantly deepened for some suspicious reason.



“Hey guys, I hope you all still remember our responsibility.”

Durance gave his four teammates a serious look, then proceeded to brief them. “I’ll repeat it again just in case. Our special assault team’s responsibility is to act as a decoy to distract Golden Demon Htilil and stall for time. We’ll try our best to keep our distance and never confront her directly. The moment we succeed in luring her out of her den, the rescue team will rush in there and rescue the princess. Once the princess is rescued, we withdraw and disengage immediately, got it?”

“Got it.”
“Crystal clear.”
“Hmph, got it, got it. You don’t have to tell us twice.”

With a sneer, Rosdell took the lead and entered the forest.

Durance shook his head in frustration. “I pray everything goes well.”

This was the Golden Demon Htilil they were talking about.They would have to praise the goddess if they succeeded in just being able to carry out the plan alone.



The team made their way carefully through the dense forest as they ventured deeper.

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This wasn’t the first time Diana had been here, but she didn’t go as deep the last time. Even so, she knew that apart from some weak beasts, there were also a handful of rather strong demon beasts.

Not only that, there were plenty of venomous snakes and insects.

However this time, none of them attacked. It almost felt like they were invisible to these snakes and insects.

“This is a martial skill too?”

Looking at the pale green halo surrounding themselves, Diana couldn’t help asking, “It feels more like a magic spell?”

“It is a martial skill.”

Choobchoob’s eyes were closed as she maintained the effect of the skill. “This is our family’s secret martial skill that can completely conceal our presence and aura. Not only that, it can also bend light to a certain extent to achieve the effect of camouflage. Our family members often rely on this skill to traverse the Great Saha Forest, which is one of the top ten forbidden areas for humans. For so many years, none of us died from being discovered by the demon monster in that area.”

“You guys managed to safely pass through the Great Saha Forest where saint-level demon beasts and monsters gather? Amazing…”

Diana nodded approvingly, finally understanding why Durance had so strongly recommended Choobchoob to be part of their team.

Being able to catch Golden Demon Htilil off guard would be the key factor that determined the success rate of this special assault mission. Hence, having both this martial skill and the terrain advantage would greatly help them in stealthily approaching the Golden Demon.

This martial skill was simply godsent!


Choobchoob clambered to her feet after tripping over flat ground, and scratched her head in embarrassment.

“Haha. There were a few who overestimated themselves and tried to traverse the forest alone, only to end up getting themselves killed after tripping over a demon beast because they couldn’t see where they were walking… Umm… Can someone help me up? Although with you guys around I won’t end up like those people, tripping still hurts.”


“Well… I guess nothing is perfect in this world. Your family’s martial skill is indeed quite amazing, just that those people who overestimate themselves and tried to brave the Great Saha Forest with their eyes closed were…”

Diana trailed off before she stopped commenting altogether. After all, it wasn’t nice to criticize someone else’s family members.

She went over to Choobchoob and allowed the latter to hold on to the helm of her blouse so she wouldn’t trip again.

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“Umm… Can you get that guy to go slower? He’s about to leave the range of my skill.”

Naturally, she was referring to Rosdell, who was already walking far ahead from the rest.

He turned his head around at the mention of his name. “You guys are the ones who should walk faster. The princess is in the hands of the enemy. Aren’t you all worried if she is being treated inhumanely?”

“Didn’t I say this earlier? Why should we worry? She’s not our princess.”

“Besides, Choobchoob can’t open her eyes when she’s using this skill. Do you think she could walk any faster than this?” Durance retorted.


Rosdell’s eyes widened in anger, but he had no choice but to slow down. “If something were to happen to the princess, you guys are going to get it.”

“Don’t worry. If Golden Demon really wants to do something to your princess, she’s already a goner by now. Worrying won’t get you anywhere,” Diana commented indelicately.


Rosdell punched the big tree next to him violently.

He clearly understood that Diana had made a point. Quite some time had passed since the princess was taken away. If anything were to happen, it would be too late for them to even do anything by now…

“Oh, it’s you Rosdell. This is my child, the future ruler of Macedonian Empire…”


The memory made Rosdell, who had always admired Princess Lesiah, feel like his heart was going to burst.

He kicked the tree a few more times, so hard that the rest could feel the ground shaking.

Fortunately, Golden Demon Htilil was identified as female according to the information gathered. She probably wouldn’t do “that kind” of thing to the princess. If not, Rosdell felt like he was going to explode on the spot.

“Hush, Rosdell! Do you want all of us to be discovered?”

“So what if that’s the case? I’m not afraid of taking the Golden Demon head on!”


Durance felt his anger rising, but was again stopped by Diana.

“Senior Durance, please remain rational.”

Diana then turned to Rosdell and pinned him with a stern look. “Senior Rosdell, I’m not trying to bluff you here. Under normal circumstances, your rash behavior will easily lead us into the enemy’s traps.”


Rosdell snickered, “You think I’m three? That Golden Demon is definitely something in her heyday, why would someone like her resort to using traps?”

He even stamped his feet on the ground, trying to prove his point. “Where’s the trap, huh? Where?! I’m already giving it my all, why hasn’t the trap appeared yet? Come on, I would love to walk right into one right now! What’s wrong? Haha! It’s not like some trap will suddenly spring up and… ARGH?!!’

The arrogant guy suddenly disappeared.

Everyone was stunned for a moment before they realized what happened and quickly rushed toward the spot where Rosdell was.

All only to find a bottomless pit had formed in the previously flat ground. There even seemed to be a no-fly magic ban in place to prevent the enemy from flying away when they fell into it.

It was obvious that this was the work of a professional.


Light gathered at Diana’s fingertip before she reached into the pit.

It was about tens of meters deep, enough for any ordinary person to fall to his death. Fortunately, this was hardly enough to cause any harm to a martial warrior.

What really threatened the lives of warriors were the spikes at the bottom of the pit. One could easily tell how cold and sharp they were from a distance.

The spikes were several meters long with a diameter of a standard bowl. It could most certainly impale and kill any warrior.

Rosdell managed to spread his arms and legs open in a way that he could avoid the spikes, but he was certainly trembling like a leaf among them.


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