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Chapter 2-81: Sudden occurrence of danger

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Author: We Ain’t Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2185 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1513 words
Translation Checker: Silva Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Get off me!”

Shoving Sae away, I ignored her pitiful looking appearance as well as her tear-filled eyes, before speaking to the utterly confused Carol and Durango: “Okay. we should go now.”



Other than a single word, Carol did not say anything else, god knows why Durango had the look of someone who ran into a long-dead ghost. Not only was there a frightened expression on his face, but he had also chosen to walk the longest route to head towards the spatial door.

What’s the matter? Could it be that he’s afraid I’ll eliminate him if he hears something that he’s not supposed to hear? How’s that possible? There wasn’t any information present in my earlier discussion with Sae that would need to be kept a secret. At the very most, the matter of consciousness fusion would sound freakishly unimaginable if anyone else heard it. There was already no more need to care about small matters like her age. Moreover, am I that cruel of a person to eliminate everyone to keep it a secret?

“Make sure to keep everything you’ve just heard a secret, okay?”

Take a look. Don’t you see me and Durango smiling at each other during our conversation…

“Yes yes yes…this lowly one understands…”

For some unknown reason, Durango nodded his head successively with a terrified expression on his face, before rapidly disappearing into the spatial door.

Sighing silently, I turned towards the gleaming eyed Carol, who had unknowingly come close to me, and asked: “So? What are you doing, miss?”

Carol’s gaze continued to wander around my body, as though she was looking for something. Her actions caused Sae, who was already irritated by Carol and the others, to reach her breaking point. The only thing stopping her from taking action was the stern glare I was giving to her. If not, she might have used her self-proclaimed invincible-throughout-the-3000-world-blade technique to chop Carol into mush.

“About that…can you lend that Twin Stone to me to play with?” Carol asked, fiddling her fingers around while showing a flattering smile on her face.

“Twin Stone, huh. What do you want to do with it?”

“Erm…hehehe. After leaving here, you’ll definitely shatter that Twin Stone to trigger the Explosion Scroll that’ll blow the entire auction house up, right?”

“Yes. So what about it?”

“Hehe…What I’m saying is…” a look of anticipation appeared on Carol’s face as she replied,
“Can you let me be the one to activate it?”

“Are you saying that…you want to be the one to trigger it?”


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“No can do.” what a joke. Give Carol the control over a bomb that can blow all of us into the heavens? Doesn’t that sound extremely dangerous?

“Wuhuhu!!!” hearing my rejection of her request, the aristocratic little miss with an esteemed family background hastily hugged my leg while begging, “Oh great Lilith, please let me do it! It’s my lifelong dream to do this! If you don’t let me do it, I definitely won’t be able to die without regret!”

“What do you mean lifelong dream, you just find extreme satisfaction in blowing people up, isn’t it!”

“Wuhuhu! I don’t care! If you don’t give it to me, I won’t move a single step from here!”

“Let me go! Hurry up and let go of me! Have some shame will ya?! Where’s the moral integrity a big miss like you should have?”

“That’s right. A disgusting bug-like existence like thee doesn’t have the qualifications to hug my master’s leg! …Only I have the qualifications to hug my master.”

“Woah… why the hell are you adding to the chaos, Sae! Hurry up and let go of me!!”

“This lady was born without this so-called “moral integrity”. Therefore…wuhuhu…hurry and let me have it~”

“How can thee has’t the visage to calleth yourself a mistress after doing such a vulgar act like hugging my master’s legs? How about regaining thy moral integrity by going back to thy mother’s womb?”

“You’re exactly the same as her!!!”

“Okay…okay. Take it, Carol.” unable to continue putting up with the destruction caused by these 2 unscrupulous fellows, I had no other choice but to hand the Twin Stone to Carol. “You definitely have to hold it properly. Please, please do not crush it and trigger the explosion before we leave, okay?”

“Waaai, thank you.” Carol took the Twin Stone from me with excitement, rolling it about like a little child playing with a marble.

“Ugh, seriously! Let’s hurry and leave.” I really didn’t want to spend another second in this hellhole, especially not with the Twin Stone in Carol’s hand.

Plop. Standing right behind me, Sae collapsed on all fours, before flipping over and acting like an old tortoise that couldn’t get back on its feet.

Seeing Sae, who was flailing her arms and legs chaotically into the air as a result of being overly stiff and weak, I resisted my urge to turn around and leave as I asked out in helplessness: “What’s the matter now?”

“It has been too long since death, so this body hath turned completely rigid.” continuing to lie on the ground while doing those machine-like movements, Sae replied with an expression as though this was inevitable.


This indescribable feeling of wanting to retort but not knowing what to say was extremely tormenting!

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With my help, Sae managed to struggle to her feet. Seemingly unable to endure the amount of dirt that had caked her body, she attempted to pat the dust off her bum. However, sensing that this body of hers doesn’t have an ample booty, she frowned while saying, “You have to find a new body for me, oh great Lilith.”

“Where am I going to find you a new body?”

“It can’t be a dead body. It needs to be someone who’s spirit has been completely destroyed. Any lunatic would fit the bill.”

“Again, where am I going to find you a body?!”

“It’ll be best if it’s a woman’s body. After all, that’s my and Eleanor’s preference, as we will not feel embarrassed that way.”

“Listen to me, you wretch! It’s utterly impossible for me to find the thing you want!”

Sae tilted her head in confusion as she asked, “Can’t we just grab any woman along the way before driving her crazy?”

“How could we do such a thing!”

“However…if I’m unable to find a new body, this body will gradually start to rot.”

“Isn’t it alright if you don’t have any physical body? Didn’t you say that you had already transformed Eleanor’s Soul so that you can exist for eternity without a physical body?”

“How’s that possible?” Sae replied in an earnest tone, “Since you’ve destroyed my physical body, you should find a replacement at the very least, right? Furthermore, I have helped settle the problems that were carelessly created by you, oh great Lilith, which had caused everyone to almost lose their lives, right?”

“What right do you have to speak to me like that, you soul-snatching fellow?”

“Huh? What are you talking about, oh great Lilith? I’m sorry, this body is already ruined beyond redemption so I’m unable to hear~”


Oh my supreme ancestor! Can I return this item? I feel that her original form as a silent 5 centimeter long Saint Weapon was much cuter than she is right now.


Stepping through the spatial door, an intense bout of dizziness immediately washed over me. This was the side effect brought about through the usage of a spatial door. However, being just like a fish in water, I was extremely quick to adapt to this new feeling.

The location through the spatial door was the hotel that we’ve stayed in previously. Before leaving there, I designated it as a spatial coordinate as a preventive measure, and had even instructed the uncle to await my return in my room. Therefore, that should be a safe place for me to return to. However, right at the instant I stepped out of the spatial door, I felt an extreme sense of unease sweep right through my body.

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This place…is too quiet.

Ignoring the absence of those young slave girls, other than my own, I wasn’t even able to hear a single sound of breathing present in this hotel, as though I’ve just stepped into an empty hotel. Even if this was the dead of night, such a thing was impossible!

Carol and Sae followed my lead and walked through. While Carol clutched her head in response to the intense bout of dizziness, Sae instantly reacted to the fishy situation. Conjuring a semi-spherical purple crystalline protective barrier around us, a stern and serious expression appeared on her face, something that had not appeared for a very long time.

“It’s Saint Realm Magic.”

Sae’s gaze swept across the candlelit hotel that was entirely devoid of a single soul, before a look of embarrassment gradually appeared on her face.

“We’ve fallen into a trap.”


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