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Chapter 34 – Preliminary Guild Rank Placement Match (2-2)

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Author: Resn Original Source: Kakuyomu
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

“I knew it, Crim-chan is weak to fire. Everyone, keep using fire magic to hold her down!”
“Such an uncouth manner to address me…did thou watch my stream?!”
“Yeah, I’m a big fan! But that doesn’t matter here, we came to win!”

The swordsman giving everyone orders smiled as he said that, but still prepared to face off against Crim, who held her dagger of shadows ready. She was slightly surprised they knew how to fend her off, but that was probably a deduction based on other vampires they had encountered before.

Either way, she had to figure out how to deal with them, but then…

Bam… There was a distant sound.

Then nearly at the same time, the enemy’s magician in their backlines tipped over in an unnatural angle. There was also a razor thin streak that passed through the magician’s head, a bullet from Lycoris’ Magius Gun.

Seeing that, Crim took a step aside as fast as she could, then spun her body around while taking one of the throwing knives on her hip and launching it at the same magician Lycoris had shot.

The enemy’s HP had already gone down to zero from the headshot, some parts of his body already turning into Remain Light, but before all of it was gone, Crim’s throwing knife got lodged into his neck.

At first sight it looked like Crim had killed the magician with the knife. If someone looked it over way more carefully they would notice that was not the case, but for now this was enough to conceal the existence of a sniper on Crim’s team.

Still, I’ll have to apologize later on, otherwise it’ll look like BM.1

That thought coursed through Crim’s mind, so she took note of that player’s name, so she could send a message apologizing for hitting his body when he was already dead.

“Wha..?! How could you… I won’t forgive you, even if you’re Crim-chan!”

Thinking that Crim had just killed their magician, the enemy swordsman spoke angrily and raised his sword, ready to strike Crim whose body was off balance after her hurried throw.

“Crim! Solid Ray!”

Before his blade could hit Crim, Freya used Solid Ray, which she obtained with 50 points in Mystical Magic. That spell created a barrier that blocked one attack.

Meanwhile Crim had placed her absolute trust on Freya and knew the attack would be deflected from the start, so she did not even attempt to evade or block, instead preparing to attack as soon as his sword was pushed away.

The swordsman was left completely exposed, so Crim’s dagger could easily slice through his throat, but then…


Almost like payback, the light of another Solid Ray appeared on his neck, blocking Crim’s attack.

With a triumphant look, the swordsman prepared to strike Crim’s small body again, but before that could happen, Crim let go of her dagger and began twisting her fingers into beastly claws.

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“Sadly for you, I’m not done yet. Slash Nail!!”

Crim’s nails grew sharper and tore apart the swordsman’s throat as he watched in dismay.

She had obtained that with 20 points in the Claw Skill, which could only be learned by species that used their nails as weapons. Activating it turned one’s nails into sharp claws to shred enemies, so not the most sophisticated attack.

This won’t go deep enough!

Just as Crim feared that, another precise bullet pierced through the swordsman’s heart, annihilating all the HP he had left.

The remaining magician behind him, likely their healer, watched in shock when barely a moment later another bullet shattered his skull, leaving behind only Remain Light.

“Gh-hah…I…I guess I wasn’t good enough… C-crim-chan…at least before I die…please call me a pig…”
“Thou art nothing but a fool!!”

Crim ended up insulting the swordsman after hearing his last request, but somehow that seemed to satisfy him, as he vanished with a bright smile, turning into Remain Light.

“Why is it that the final attack felt the most exhausting…”

Muttering that, Crim sighed, feeling almost like she had been defeated instead.

“Still…that was incredible, Lycoris.” Then Crim complimented Lycoris, who seemed to have gotten her bearings and had aided Crim perfectly during the fight.

The range and power of bows and guns were a big threat in this game, but they were not very common for a specific reason. In this game, friendly fire was always active, so ranged attacks could easily hit allies by accident.

On top of that, features like aim assist that allowed one to strike headshots as long as they aimed down sights had become less common with the advances of technology.

Instead, games focused on realism the most, and that included Destiny Unchain Online. Here, a slight deviation when aiming would lead to the bullet straying off properly, which only magnified the larger the distance.

Lycoris’ ability to rapidly hit enemy vitals without causing friendly fire in the middle of a fight was rather incredible.

“Still, we can’t afford to sit twiddling our thumbs now, we should prepare for the next ones.”

There had been a total of eight guilds at the start of the fight, and so far it seemed like two had been defeated, so Crim’s guild still had to worry about the five remaining ones.

And soon more enemies appeared, from the side Crim’s guild had entered the path. They were a total of eight, meaning they were two guilds who had banded together. Just as Crim had anticipated, the enemy had started to work together to take down the bigger threat, before settling things out between them. And so they faced off.

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  1. BM means bad manners. The gaming abbreviation means disrespectful behavior or unsportsmanlike conduct.
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