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Chapter 19 – Player vs Player (Part 2)

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Author: Resn Original Source: Kakuyomu
Translator: Nomad English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Silva

Whenever an item was wagered as the price of a PvP duel, the item’s relative value was displayed to both parties, which was calculated through a variety of criteria. Some obvious examples of factors that controlled the value being the materials of the item, its effects, as well as its rarity.

Just as the group requested, all she placed to bet was the Cloak of the Young Red Lion Emperor, a unique item. The value displayed by the PvP system was 12’000, or converted to the in-game currency, 12’000’000 Fol.

Even Crim was slightly taken aback by that sum. While it was true that it was a unique item, it did not offer any mind blowing bonus or buff, and she had expected something like the Strider Boots to be more valuable.

Now she was wondering where the extra value came from…

“Are you kidding me? A unique item..?!”

The man blocking the path was also shocked seeing that price. The people also began to exchange murmurs hearing that, and all the noise made Crim return from her thoughts, getting herself to calm down as soon as possible.

“How about you give me all your money and belongings if I win then? Though I doubt even that would be a fair exchange. I wouldn’t mind dueling you under those conditions though, if you want..?”

Crim spoke with a tone of voice clearly meant to taunt him, and it seemed to have an effect.

“A-All of…it?! Th-Thats ridiculous!”
“Then I guess the duel is off then. I didn’t think you’d be such a coward to wager your belongings after demanding I give up a precious item… Or were you never serious about it?”

Even then, he would likely be unable to match the value of Crim’s cloak. But Crim’s taunting got to his head, so he began throwing everything he had into the betting window, all the while grumbling through his teeth.

In the end, all his possessions were valued at a little over five hundred. That was a decent number considering how recently the game came online, but it was still a far cry from Crim’s one piece of equipment.

Overall it was a rather unnatural situation. The person being invited to a duel had the ability to accept or reject an invitation, and no one would bat an eye if Crim decided it was not worth her time, but…

“Well… I guess that’s good enough. I accept your challenge.”

The value of items on the line were on completely different levels, but Crim still pressed the accept button.

«Player: Crim has accepted a PvP request»

An announcement of the mutual agreement to a duel was broadcasted in the surroundings. A clock ticking down from 60 seconds also appeared, indicating the time left before the duel started.

As the announcer voice echoed, a hexagonal fence of light appeared around Crim and her opponent, while everyone else was teleported outside of it, likely so none of the onlookers could interfere with the fight. The arena appeared like clockwork as the duelist prepared.

“I’ll defeat you…and the unique item will be mine!”

The countdown continued and her opponent psyched himself up when…

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He’s too worked up, his body is stiff and nervous, and his vision is too tunneled on victory. He’s clearly not used to wagering all his belongings, and this is the result of that.

Crim calmly analyzed her opponent. Considering the state he was in, he would not be able to showcase all of his power, no matter how powerful he truly was.

That’s kinda why I taunted him like that though.

She said that to herself, sticking her tongue out in a playful manner in her mind.

Gaining a psychological advantage was important in a VR environment, though it was also hard to say how effective it would be on some players compared to others. Regardless, her opponents had started with using peer pressure as a tactic, so it was just fair for her to do the same.

Blinded by his avarice, the man was filled with adrenaline, his eyes glued on Crim. But the moment the countdown reached zero, they widened open in shock. As soon as the buzzer indicating the start of the fight rang, she was already in front of the man.

“Sadly for you, you’re full of openings.”

A whisper in a seductive voice reached his ears, and then…

Before he could react, Crim wrapped her thighs around his head, clamping tightly and turning her momentum of running there into a rotating force that twisted his neck.

CRACK, there was a blood-curling noise that was heard by everyone.

After turning 180 degrees, Crim finally hopped off, leaving the man’s head facing the wrong direction, and he fell limply on his knees before turning into particles of light, called Remain Lights, and vanishing into nothingness.


The audience was still trying to comprehend what happened as that message, which seemed more at home in a fighting game, was broadcasted. At the same time, all of the man’s belongings appeared one after another in Crim’s Inventory.

A deafening silence surrounded the area.

Shock from Crim’s swift victory was part of it, but her appearance as her hood was blown back was the main reason.

“You can keep this…and this too. I feel bad sending you back wearing nothing.”

Oblivious to the dazed onlookers, Crim returned the one set of clothing her opponent had been wearing.

“And thank you for everything else. I’ll put it all to good use, alright?”
“Hey, wait! Do you even know the way?!”

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With those last words, she turned around and walked through the bridge with an innocent smile. Seeing that, Ryunosuke ran to catch up to her as fast as he could.

“But Crim, you didn’t even get your weapon out. Are you sure you weren’t holding back a bit too much?”
“I just don’t want to reveal so much information in a game that hinges around player combat.”

They began chatting casually soon after, Crim not seeming worked up at all after the fight, her calm and unbothered behavior seeming almost arrogant.

“…The Headhunting Crimson Knight…”

Someone muttered that in a low voice. There was no one left trying to block the path for Crim or Ryunosuke.


Her opponent actually just thought “At least I got to see something amazing in the end,” and turned a new leaf in life.


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