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Chapter 7 – Bloodbath In Odawara

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2534 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1549 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

There was no place for Dijon to vent his anger and his mood hit rock bottom again. The lights were not lit. The room was dark blue and the only source of light was the cold moonlight.

Only the lower half of that woman’s body was illuminated by the moonlight.

However, that lower part of her body was amazing to look at. Not only her legs were slender and long but her blue-purple bodysuit also tightly fit her body, revealing the graceful lower half of her body. Even the tight shape outlined in the gap between her legs could be seen.

However, Dijon was extremely wary of this hot and sexy woman: “Who are you? How dare you sneak into my Hojo family’s homebase! If you don’t report your identity, even if you are a woman, don’t blame me for being rude!”

However, the woman didn’t seem to care about Hojo’s threat. She stretched her slender thighs and stepped into the moonlight that shone into the room.

The woman’s slim waist, plump towering breasts, and long and beautiful neck were all exposed under the moonlight but her face was covered by a hideous silver Prajna mask.

However, Hojo naturally was not afraid of the Prajna mask and stood up. His huge figure almost reached the ceiling and his hand also took the Nodachi placed in front of a wall.

“It’s you?”

Although Dijon didn’t see the real face of the woman, it wasn’t his first time to see such a mask. She had appeared before him from the shadows every now and then ever since he rose to the position as one of the Eastern Nation’s Six Swords. Sometimes she slightly ridiculed him or tried to bewitch him. However, this woman gave him an unfathomable feeling. Otherwise, he would have caught her directly. But he didn’t do it because he felt that since this woman dared to appear in front of him again and again, he was afraid that she had enough means to escape.

But today, it was different. Hojo Dijon was extremely furious and had nowhere to vent. He was full of apprehensiveness and approached the woman with evil thoughts and anger. He said, “Humph, since you have come here over and over again, today, I’ll see what is hidden under this mask and skintight clothes. If you are an ugly monster, I’ll kill you on the spot. If you are really a beautiful girl then you only have yourself to blame for coming straight up to me. Haha…! ”

Facing the approaching three-meter-tall giant man, the woman didn’t panic and said softly: “Your Highness Dijon, do you still have the heart to think about those dirty things when you end up in such a situation? If so, my master may really have misjudged you.”

“Humph! What will happen to me? Although I have suffered some losses for the time being, sooner or later, I will revive my Hojo Family!” Dijon swore angrily.
“Hehe, revive Hojo family?” The woman said with a sneer, “Lord Dijon may have such ambition but do you still have such a chance?”

“I am the heir to the Hojo family, how could there be no chance!”
“Heir? If you had said it before yesterday, I would have believed it, but now, it’s just a joke. Why is Your Highness deceiving yourself? ”

The woman’s words made Dijon’s eyes turn cold, “What did you say?”

“Your Highness, don’t you know that a rumor is spreading everywhere that the next heir of the Hojo family will be Your Highness’s cousin, Hojo Ujizane.”
“Nonsense! That’s just an angry remark from my father!”

“Hehehe, Your Highness Dijon, are you really too obsessed with martial arts and neglected to consider it carefully? Do you really think that Hojo Tokitaka will say these kinds of words in anger in the evaluation meeting with his steady and thoughtful personality?”


“Besides, Your Highness, do you know what he said after you left the evaluation meeting?”

“Clang!” Hojo flew into a rage. He pulled out the cold and fierce Nodachi and put it on the neck of the woman whose height was more than 1.75 meters: “*******!”
Dijon was angry, but the woman showed no fear of the Nodachi around her neck.
“What did you hear?” He threatened.

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After a quarter of an hour …

“Crack!” Dijon grabbed the big wooden pillar and pressed it hard. He crushed it into pieces directly. “Old fart, how dare you treat me like this! If I had not braved through the blood battlefield and warded off all our enemies, would there still be Hojo clan today? And yet the old fart wants to give the Hojo family to Ujizane?”

After thinking for a while, Dijon swung the blade towards the neck of the woman: “Humph! You are trying to sow discord, aren’t you? You demoness!”

The woman sneered: “It seems that Your Highness Dijon isn’t really stupid. That was indeed a deduction on my part, but it was also true that I want to take this opportunity to stir up some trouble. However, Your Highness, if it is true, doesn’t that mean His Highness has nothing left? Neither fame nor fortunes! You’ll become the biggest joke of Kamakura.”

Hojo ceased to be angry but showed a cruel smile: “Hum, woman, why don’t you save the trouble and get straight to the point? It’s true that I don’t think the old fart will really abolish my position of supervisor and heir. However it’s also a great shame for me to say such things about me. Great shame! I am the most powerful person in the Hojo family. If I want to be the supervisor, who dares not obey me! Even if there are only 10% chances that it is true, I will never tolerate it! I’d rather kill by mistake than to let them off!”

“Hehehe,” The woman retreated back and turned around. After getting out the scope of the sword, she said, “Now that’s His Highness Hojo which our master has high hopes for. The master also said that as long as His Highness becomes the head of the Hojo family. Master will help him in sieging the city and expand the territory.”

After hearing this, Hojo said, “It’s nice to hear but you haven’t even shown your true face. Why should I believe you?”

The Prajna masked woman gracefully jumped backward and stood on the 100 meters high railing on one foot. With her back facing the blue moon, she took off her mask.

Under the woman’s fiendish mask, a white snowy jade face was revealed. Her delicate eyes were like limpid autumn waters and the serious look in her eyes seemed to encompass the charm of the night.

For a while, even the vicious Hojo Dijon was shocked by the woman’s gorgeous appearance. It was hard to believe that such a woman was wearing a Prajna mask to engage in such a path.

“You… you’re the one who was wearing a Prajna mask and bothering me all this time?” Dijon asked a little morbidly.
“Yes.” The woman answered in a cold yet feminine tone.

“What’s your name?” Dijon asked.
“My name is Yuki Mayumi.”

“… What is your identity and who is your master?”
“Your Highness only needs to know that I am the messenger between Land of Hundred Demons and His Highness.”

Late at night, in the corridor on the top floor of the dim castle, several maids in white returned from the corridor lit with lanterns.
In front, heavy footsteps came from the stairs.
The maids paused and looked at the end of the corridor with a little worry.

A huge ghost-like shadow appeared on the end of the corridor under the dim light. Several maids shuddered. But when the master of the shadow went upstairs, the maids were slightly relieved. It turned out to be His Highness Hojo Dijon.
However, when Dijon gradually approached, a murderous aura and the shining sword in his hands made them afraid again.

“Your Highness, Your Majesty is asleep… ”

Blood spattered on both sides of the corridor.
Hojo Tokitaka who was sleeping in the innermost room of the floor woke up and opened his eyes. Before he even fully understood what was happening, the door was opened.

The giant figure of Hojo Dijon lowered his head and entered into the room with a fresh smell of blood. He stood in front of Tokitaka who was still lying on the ground covered with a quilt.

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Tokitaka opened his eyes wide and looked at Dijon with a little disbelief in his eyes, “Dijon… what are you doing?”

Hojo Dijon’s eyes were like a vengeful spirit and his hair stood up because of resentment and ambition. His thick arms raised the sword with so much force that it caused it to directly stab into the ceiling of the room.

“Old man, your time is over. The weak are unable to survive in this age!”
“Dijon, Dijon, what are you talking about, you—”

Dijon’s eyes glared at his father angrily, engulfing his family love and blood relationships with a strong hatred and cruelty.

“So, you go to hell—!!!”

The Nodachi directly tore the ceiling and slashed towards Tokitaka!

“Argh!” Hojo Tokitaka’s blood dyed half of the room red!


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