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Chapter 4 – The Girl and the Sword

Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library

“It looks like that female samurai is intending to challenge the demon alone.”

“Th-That bull-headed idiot! Hmph, challenging the demon alone, and a woman no less, she’s done for!” Hojo spoke softly in a condemning tone.

On the other hand, for some unknown reason, Lily had a vague feeling that this silver-haired girl was emitting an unusual aura.

The Blue Demon and female samurai stopped with several tens of meter between each other.

“Roar—!” The Blue Demon let out a drawn-out roar! 1

A powerful wave spread all around, causing the sand and gravels to be blown away. Even the thick trees were rocked by the intensity of the roar.

Lily, who was hiding behind the willow, was scratched by the leaves that glided along the wave. It was extremely painful, and her long hair was blown by the strong wave. Even the Sanskrit Cloth was almost blown away!

All they saw was the soil scooped up by the foot of the five meters tall Blue Demon as it made a straight dash towards the female samurai.

The tall female samurai looked so petite in front of the Blue Demon. It appeared as if she would collapse at the first blow!

That female samurai drew the big sword from her back. The patterns engraved on the sword flickered under the curtain of night. It was a beautiful yet dangerous light.

For some reason, when Lily saw the patterns of the steel sword that caused one’s heart to tremble, she felt her body heating up and her heart beating faster. It was as if somewhere deep in her heart, she was being called out by this demonic pattern…

While facing the mountain-like demon which was rushing straight towards her, the female samurai lifted her big sword. She took one step forward with her slender leg and shifted her center of gravity. Then with a powerful kick towards the ground— she suddenly jumped higher than the roof!

That giant Blue Demon also stomped on the ground and rose to the air. Even the ground was shaking due to the sheer force of the jump!

Under the full moon, the figures of the female samurai and giant Blue Demon were about to clash!


The giant sword drew a beautiful arc!

The female samurai’s silhouette was pointing the giant sword towards the sky, and that fierce demon’s powerful figure was cut in half, only its lower half flew past the female samurai. As for its upper half, it was cleanly cut and hanged powerlessly in front of the female samurai. The blood spurted out from its mouth looked like ink that spilled on the moon!

That Blue Demon, which was much stronger than the one Lily encountered at the night parade, was cut in half by the female samurai just like that!

Looking at the female samurai with extraordinary sword skill, Lily felt as though, at this very moment, she and her giant sword had become one entity. The girl and the sword, who blended together as one, radiated a murderous radiance under the curtain of night.

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“So beautiful!”

Lily looked at the female samurai who just landed on top of the roof with a blank expression. She looked like a Valkyrie who was protecting the night city under the reflection of the full moon. Lily had carved that scene deep in her heart.

“So… a girl can also be that powerful in this world!”

“If I have that kind of power…”

These thoughts welled up in Lily’s heart. She had always admired girls who were strong since she was young. Wasn’t that senior sister the high achiever her feeble male self always longed for?

In a strange world with rough people all around, what could a lone girl rely on in order to protect herself?

Forming a good relationship with big shots? Hiding in the red-light district?

Hmph, the only way was to get stronger, just like this female samurai in front of her, graceful and valiant!

Lily’s gaze was fixed at the night sky as that female samurai jumped down towards a desolate area. Her heart was full of longing. To her, this was a scary and gloomy night, but to this female samurai, it was a stage for her to blossom. Seriously, she was so cool!

Now that Hojo was sure that the danger had passed, he put the Sanskrit Cloth away. After he got up, he said with a sigh, “Blade Maiden, I never imagined that girl is actually a Blade Maiden! Although I don’t know her origin, that bizarre pattern on the sword is precisely the trait of a Blade Maiden. It’s no wonder that she can kill such a terrifying demon alone. Every time when the night parade is here, some powerful warriors from all over the world will also be gathering. The strongest among them can defeat a giant demon single-handedly, is capable of holding back an army by themselves, and can sweep the whole world alone! Blade Maiden is the most gifted among these top warriors. They are extremely dangerous, but also very sparse in number.”

Hojo shook his head helplessly, “I am ashamed. As a man, I could only hide behind a tree and watch a girl kill the demon… This world, just how much more do you want to turn things upside down before you’re satisfied! Isn’t that right, Miss Kagami?”

Lily didn’t respond to Hojo. Her face was flushed, breathing rushed, and heart palpitated. She was still immersed in an absent-minded state from that female samurai’s gallant figure. In her heart, it appeared as though she could see hope of surviving in this dangerous world.

A Blade Maiden huh? A maiden with Cursed Katana! 2

Even among the numerous demon-slaying warriors of Heian, they were well-known and gifted! A female samurai who blossomed in the battlefield. 3

Could she do nothing but look up to those kinds of existences hopefully?

For some reason, this admiration also carried some kind of… thirst! The kind of thirst that made her body burn up and her brain to go blank.

At this very moment, for the first time ever, Lily was determined to become a samurai, a female samurai!


  1. meh… I’m so creative~ I’m so bad at translating onomatopoeia 
  2. TLC: 一柄妖刀,一瞥魅影! 
  3. TLC: 以杀戮之美来绽放自我的女武士! 

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