Chapter 28 – Trap

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library

It was very peaceful during the following week.

There was only one day left until the competition organized by Matsuda Nagahide.

During this evening, a layer of light blue enveloped the backyard.

Night time in summer got dark later than usual so the sky was still dimly lit at seven o’clock.

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As of this moment, Lily secluded herself in her room and did push-ups with the doors closed.

This was a training style never seen before in this parallel world. However, though the 《Moon Grace》 Lily possessed did not mention any body-strengthening method, it did emphasize since the beginning that the physical strength was very important. The quantity of Spirit Power one could absorb was decided by one’s physical strength.

She tried asking Matsuda Nagahide about the body-strengthening method used in this world, but there was none aside from boxing, fencing, jogging, or lifting a rock. That’s why Lily might as well use the training method of the modern world.

According to the《Moon Grace》, the girls could temper their body to the utmost with relieve. As long as they continued to practice Moon Grace, their figure would become more beautiful and their skin would become more exquisite. They wouldn’t need to worry about building up muscles or their fingers becoming rough.

And that’s why Lily could train at ease.

Apart from strength, one’s appearance was also very important when it came to a girl’s pride and confidence. Even if they were strong, if they looked like a man, then it would be hard to gain the people’s acknowledgment.

No, it’s not important even if they were not acknowledged by the people. However, according to the natural order of life, a man was supposed to be masculine while a woman was feminine. Her accomplishment wouldn’t be too great if she was to defy the natural order.

Just because she was in her own room, Lily’s clothing was unbearable to look at.

Her breasts were wrapped by a white sarashi1 and she was wearing a tight g-string on her bottom.

Her sensational body and tofu-like skin were completely exposed.

Lily normally didn’t wear a sarashi, this thing was so tight that it almost gave her a chest pain.

However, she had no choice but to wrap it up during push-ups. The reason was naturally due to the size of her breasts… if she didn’t wrap them up, just a little bit and her breasts would touch the ground, that was just…

Moreover, the yukata would only be a hindrance during the exercise. That’s why she was more free-willed and didn’t wear any clothes when she was in her own room.2

Her plump butt and slender thighs were covered by beads of sweat. The sweat dripped onto the floor and traces of water could clearly be seen.

Indeed, Lily was working extremely hard. Due to the effect of 《Moon Grace》, she could increase her strength drastically and didn’t need to worry about building up muscles. That’s why she was able to train without worry.

At this time, however, Lily heard the sound of hurried footsteps transmitted from far away.

Those footsteps clearly didn’t belong to Hiroko and granny Ayashi.

Lily wrinkled her brows, “A man? It doesn’t sound like the heavy footstep of an adult, is it a child?”

She felt that those footsteps were rushing towards her direction. Before the arrival of the other party, Lily stood up and put on her yukata.

“Sister Kagami! Sister Kagami!” As expected, that child stopped in front of Lily’s room and knocked the door in a hurry. She could see his petite figure on the other side of the paper door.

This voice belonged to Hiroyasu, one of the feral brats who trained together under the guidance of Nagahide.

“What is it? I am resting.” Lily said with an annoyed tone. She couldn’t treat this kind of pubescent brat as a child anymore, as they were starting to develop an interest in the female body at their age. That’s why she couldn’t invite them into her room so easily.

“Sister Kagami! This is bad— a big problem occurred! Open the door quickly! This is seriously bad!”

Big problem?

Lily finished sorting out her clothing, so she went to open the door. Lily was in a seiza position at the doorway as she asked, “What is it?”

Hiroyasu’s eyes were squirming around as he saw the black-haired goddess in a white yukata, then he said in a hurry, “Sister Kagami, Miki he… he… his foot got clasped by a leg-hold trap designed to catch bears. He is bleeding non-stop! I-I cannot wrench it open and there are no other people in the house. Sister Kagami, quickly go take a look! Miki will die if we don’t do something quick!”

“What?” Lily was surprised. Miki was a tanned youngster who also trained under Nagahide.

Miki’s foot was caught by a trap? He’s on the verge of dying due to excessive blood loss?

And coincidentally, all the men in the Matsuda Clan were not available at the moment. All of them went out with no reason?


This was really fishy and Lily guessed it almost instantaneously.

They normally never spoke to her, but with so many coincidences piled up just one day before the competition and instead of going to the village to cry for help, the first thing they did was to look for her? Did they think she was an idiot?

However, Lily didn’t refuse. Since knew just how dangerous was it in this parallel world, she might as well play along with their petty trick and test her reaction speed in real combat.

Lily said, “Hiroyasu, don’t panic. Where is Miki… take me there.”

Hiroyasu revealed a cruel yet naive smile at the corner of his mouth, “Sister Kagami, follow me. Miki will die if we are late!”

Hiroyasu ran towards the corridor while shouting.

Lily got up and picked up the wooden sword that leaned against the wall before following after Hiroyasu.

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  2. Well… looks like someone adapts quickly… or more like… way too quick!
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