Chapter 81.5 – A Physical Examination

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Author: Robinxen Original Source: Robinxen’s Delusions Word Count: Countless characters
Translator: Nobody English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2519 words

Nanako was wrapped in a sense of euphoria as she took in the scent of Lily’s clothes. Her racing heart and flushed face displayed no semblance of guilt as she enjoyed the aftermath of the intense training session.

The sight continued for some time, the small loli twisting her legs as she brought the clothes even closer to her face, before blushing red with shame instead of arousal.

“H-how improper of me.” She silently scolded herself, quickly putting back the clothes and turning on her heel. “That’s right, I was just checking if they were safe to give to a maid for cleaning, I had no indecent thoughts. As Lily’s future master I must preserve her public dignity.”1

Having successfully cleared herself of guilt, her face lit up and she moved back towards the sleeping Lily. It would be bad for her health if she stayed in the water too long, and she couldn’t bring herself to wake her up. Leaving her no other option.

Although she was smaller in stature than the others, she was still a samurai boasting of great strength, it would not be difficult for her to lift Lily out. But the difference in height would make it difficult to move her, thus she needed assistance.
After being sure that Lily wouldn’t slip beneath the water and drown in her sleep, Nanako quickly left for a moment, intending to bring Shiu back with her.
Unbeknownst to Nanako, once she had left the room Lily mumbled something softly in her sleep, yet nobody was around to hear it.
A serene silence, disrupted only by Lily’s soft breathing, then wrapped the room.

Shiu’s voice rung out not long later, as if to break the silence entirely, “So Senior was bathing Master? How enviable…I mean honourable.”

Nanako having recomposed herself with an air of dignity faltered slightly at Shiu’s blissful attitude and shook her head. ‘It’s not worth retorting to this airhead.’ She reminded herself in her heart, holding her hand to her chest. “Sister fell asleep though, so I need your help preventing her from getting a cold.”

Somehow, when Lily wasn’t a concern she acted more natural, but she was still on guard with Shiu, and had a sharp attitude.
Almost delighted, Shiu responded affirmatively. “Yes, Senior, I will make sure to take care of Master’s body.”

Before removing her from the water, Nanako laid out a dry towel over a bench on which they could lay her on, and even rolled up a second to serve as a pillow. The care and attention in the action betrayed her true feelings which even she seemed unaware of.

Then the two of them nodded to each other in order to lift Lily out. Shiu used her slender arms to lift Lily from beneath the shoulders, while Nanako assisted by holding her below the waist. Despite the rough and unpractised movement, Lily slept soundlessly and allowed herself to be moved with ease.

The water that tried to cling to her attractive figure lost to the pull of gravity, cascading down her skin and dripping to the floor. Though some drops succeeded in stubbornly clinging to her, leaving trails along her entire body. Both the girls were entranced by the way the water droplets from atop her breasts slowly flowed down into the valley between, then out to rest atop her flat stomach.

With careful movements, they lowered her onto the bench, her wet skin giving her a seductive allure different from usual, and her naked figure demanding attention. Even the way her hair had sprayed out seemed as if straight from a painting.

Lily’s chest was rising and falling in her sleep, and she had no awareness to cover herself, allowing herself to be a feast for the eyes.
Shiu was trying to compose herself, but her jaw had already slackened and her thighs clenched together. Nanako could have sworn the genin was about to start drooling.

Taking charge of the situation, she kept one eye fixed on the suspicious girl, and pointed at a small pile of towels. Quickly giving her instructions, “We can’t leave her wet, so we should start drying her off. You can begin with the hair.”

It shouldn’t take long to dry someone off, but either out of self-interest or servility neither Shiu nor Nanako seemed to have any sense of urgency. Nanako especially.

Having long hair herself, though inferior to Lily’s silk strands, Shiu knew how to handle it and begun work immediately, with care and precision. While Nanako had started with her feet, as if some form of magnet had drawn her there.

Gliding the towel over the smooth curved sole, and gently cupping it round the heel to the ankle, she left no droplet remaining. Lily didn’t stir in the slightest, leaving her to question if she was just trusting or not very ticklish. Even when she began to pry between Lily’s delicate and uniform toes there wasn’t even a twitch.

Suppressing her own breathing, Nanako moved up from her ankles along her calves and thighs. In order to get underneath she had to raise Lily’s legs, placing her in a compromising position that left nothing to the imagination, and only exacerbated the small lolis own arousal. Shiu only spared because she was still straightening and drying their master’s hair.

It didn’t end there, as she was forced to continue up to the torso, even her delicate hands were subject to the service.
‘Why do I have to dry off these big breasts for her? Couldn’t she at least do it herself?’ She complained in her head, when she finally reached that far. The towel in her hands being switched for another one before she reached over to the voluptuous mounds. Though she didn’t know it from experience, she had heard other women complain about sweat getting trapped beneath and between, so she put extra effort into making sure they were dry.

To an outside observer, it only looked like she was groping an unconscious girl, but she was truly working hard. Her small hands cupping and supporting Lily’s breasts as they swayed beneath the towel, fitting snugly between them when she drew back down to their base. Though she had a sour expression of jealousy on her face she seemed to be enjoying the feeling. ‘No wonder she’s so powerful, just how large are they?’

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Just as she was getting lost in her thoughts, Shiu chirped up from her side. “Senior, I have finished drying Master’s hair.” Her face was almost innocently beaming, and Nanako felt like she had been dumped in cold water.

Thinking quickly, Nanako spoke, “R-right, I’ll be done shortly. Why don’t you get a yukata for us to wrap her in so we can carry her back?” Though she had trailed off towards the end and made it sound more like a request, she felt she had managed to keep her appearance.
Shiu nodded immediately, climbing her feet along her long legs, giving a short peek at her creamy thighs beneath. Though her figure was hardly as impressive compared to Lily, she was still a beauty in her own right. ‘Sister took her in like a stray dog.’

Not wanting to get caught up in her thoughts again, Nanako gently lifted one side of Lily to dry her back and rear that she couldn’t reach before. Even from this angle one could tell she was well endowed. Her back was smooth, and curved femininely, and the sides of her breasts still presented themselves. Even her rear was shapely and plump. Nanako could only grit her teeth in vexation at how beautiful Lily was.

The next problem was dressing the girl.

When Shiu returned with a yukata that’d be easy to wrap her in, the two had to work together once again, with Shiu lifting her by her shoulders to sit upright so that Nanako could dress her. Even the slightest movement would cause her breasts to jiggle, and every so often her head would tilt, seductively exposing her neck and causing her hair to tantalisingly slide down her skin.

Though it took some effort, eventually they had dressed Lily. They had been unable to tie it properly, leaving her chest exposed as it slipped to the sides, and her legs were still free, but she was dressed enough to move to her room.

“Senior I’ll carry Master to her room, so you should go prepare her futon.” Shiu offered, beginning to piggy back Lily as she slept.

To her surprise Lily was as light as a feather, but that wasn’t all. In order to support her she had to place her hands beneath her rear, groping and holding Lily’s soft ⓐⓢⓢ. While Lily’s breasts pressed against her back. Either side of her slender figure Lily’s white legs were displayed, the yukata having ridden up slightly due to the posture. Even her head, resting helplessly on her shoulder, released soft seductive breaths directly into her ear. It was an assault on the senses.

Breathing heavily, and trying not to think about her, Shiu took long and balanced strides towards the room. Though part of her was tempted to slow down, to see how Lily would react should she awaken on her back. Maybe she would get punished?

After carrying her through the paper door, Lily was finally laid in the futon, still fast asleep. All the hard work put into dressing her had gone to waste though, as between moving the yukata had undone itself, and Lily’s front was completely free once more.

An awkward silence wrapped the room, Shiu seemed to be deffering judgement to Nanako, and Nanako seemed to be unwilling to make a move first as she eyed the sleeping girl.

“Ahem.” Nanako spoke while clearing her throat. “Shiu let me teach you something important. As a slave it is very important to make sure your master is healthy, and since Sister has been straining her body with her new training it is important that we give her an examination.” She lied fluently, hiding her sinister smirk. Using this plan she could locate any weaknesses or secrets Lily kept on her body.

Shiu’s eyes widened in surprise, as if hit by a grand revelation and she nodded profusely.

Continuing to speak, Nanako explained further, “It’s good you understand, the most important thing is to check her physical wellbeing through an examination.”

‘Though I may not be able to make a move on a sleeping woman, that does not been I can’t gather intel for the next engagement.’ She thought to herself as she kneeled beside Lily, removing the front of the yukata.
The small loli placed her hands on Lily’s hips and began to rub them in circles. “As a result of tensing her thighs and holding a stiff posture for long periods it’s possible for the hip to come out of alignment, that’s why you need to make sure to relax the muscles like this.”

Following her seniors advice, Shiu clumsily began to mimic Nanako’s movements, her larger slender hands covering more ground than the delicate lolis. While Nanako changed her target to the thighs.

‘Hmph. You already have big breasts and yet you want to have creamy thighs too, well now I’ll find out for sure if mine are softer or firmer.’
All her hopes were dashed the moment she started to stroke them up and down. Despite all her belief, Lily was both softer and firmer than her. An entirely contradictory sensation ran through her hands. Out of desperation she even grew bolder, and moved further upwards and inwards, almost brushing Lily’s virtue, causing her to stir slightly.

Nanako’s breathing heightened when she realised how close she was to Lily’s most precious and private place, and found herself starting it at involuntarily. It was perfectly kept, smooth without a blemish and perfectly symmetrical. The gentle pink blended flawlessly with her white skin.
Slightly aroused and entranced, the loli curiously outstretched a finger and slowly traced around the outside of the slit. Her cheeks flushing red and breathing heavily. While Shiu was locked into following her earlier instructions, dutifully caressing her master’s pelvis.

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At the sudden touch, Lily gasped and raised her chest slightly, trying to twist her legs before settling back down. Both slaves paused for a moment but, after realising she had not woken, didn’t hesitate to continue. Nanako, wanting to push her luck, decided to use Shiu as a scapegoat if anything happened and stood up.

“Shiu come here, I’m going to teach you how to inspect Sister’s insides, don’t worry it’s nothing weird.” She began, pulling Shiu between Lily’s legs and kneeling her down. “I’m sure you already know the basics, but it’s very important we make sure Sister’s virtue is intact. That’s why you need to spread it open and put a finger inside, then make sure to taste for any contaminants.”
By having Shiu do the most dangerous act, Nanako would not only be able to pass the blame, but also remove the potential threat. It was a dark and sinister plan.

Shiu, either out of naivety or self interest, began to act immediately. She started with slowly wetting her finger inside her own mouth, almost sensually sucking on it, before starting to push it inside Lily, the virgin lips parting slightly to accept it.
Due to the era, there were a lot of misconceptions and loaded concepts about purity. Lily’s modern sensibilities did not apply here. Though she knew it was possible for the ⓗⓨⓜⓔⓝ to get damaged during strenuous activity, it was unlikely for Shiu to be aware of that, as it was used as a form of test before marriage.

The beautiful ninja had only got her finger in just over a centimetre before she felt some resistance and had to pull back, naturally Senior Sister’s body hadn’t been used yet. With the insertion check complete, Shiu had to proceed to the taste examination.
At the same time, Nanako had moved back to Lily’s voluptuous chest, and was gently fondling the large breasts. Her jaw slightly fallen as she gazed at the pink peaks atop the fleshy mountains. Biting her lip and controlling her heavy breathing she too leaned down, and took the tip into her mouth, starting to gently lick and suck.

A warm seductive moan of pleasure leaked from Lily’s lips, and her body twisted towards the source, offering herself up to her two slaves, even her legs spreading.

Shiu having received what she believed to be permission, panted heavily and gently kissed Lily’s skin. However at that moment, Lily rolled her head to the side and moaned out. “Senior Sister…” A single tear rolling down her cheek, shocking Nanako.

The little loli quickly stood and brushed her clothes, before quickly excusing herself from the room to cool down, leaving Shiu to clear up. As she stood outside the door, she leaned on a pillar and brushed a finger over her lip. “Senior Sister?” She mused to herself, looking up at the moon.2


  1. Robinxen: Did I get you? This is something I wrote for fun, jump to this footnote for the link to the real chapter 82. Or keep reading for a full chapter of yuri goodness!
  2. The real chapter can be found HERE.

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