Part 1

The competing schools had already arrived about a week ago now and all was peaceful and the three champions had been selected. It looked like it was going to be a peaceful year yet for the Golden trio.

One such Hermione was out that day enjoying whatever sun the Scottish day had to offer and resting peacefully by the Black Lake all by herself. All that surrounded her was the sound of the rustling leaves and wind and distant chatter that it could hardly bother her. Although that seemed to be increasing in volume as if someone had begun a shouting match or were gradually getting closer to her. When even in this distance, she was starting to be able to hear some indistinct sounds of spells, she decided that she would find elsewhere to go relax, maybe the library.

However, as soon as she sat up and opened her eyes, a bright light flashed before her. Before she could even utter a scream, she was hit right in the head with the spell. She groaned lowly before she swiftly passed out again in almost the exact same spot and position she was relaxing in just then.

The next time she woke up again, her head was blurred, she couldn’t quite remember her name or where she was. All she knew was… well… a bright flash before everything went dark. She stood up slowly, wobbling a little on her legs. Almost as if a fawn was walking for the first time, it felt like she was learning to walk for the first time too. She took a few stumbling steps and giggled to herself.

She had been wandering aimlessly for quite a long time now, having no idea where she was or where she was heading to. She then stumbled upon some beautiful Abraxan horses. She laughed gleefully and ran unsteadily towards the horses and began cooing and trying to pat them. The horses were cautious at first, but after sensing her child-like mind and behaviour, like an innocent little lamb, they eased up the tension and allowed her to pat them gleefully, like a tiny ray of sunshine.

An hour before the sunset, Fleur had walked up to the stable to check on the horses, as she was instructed to every day. Although something different about it today was that, once she had gotten closer, she heard the laughter of a girl in the direction of the stable and there were no horses grazing outside of the stable. Curiously, with a raised brow and wand, she pushed the enclosure door open and walked in, then entering the stable. She saw all of the horses congregating to one area of the enclosure, looking rather relaxed. The high pitched laughter was heard in the middle of the congregation. She walked closer to take a look, to find no other than the brains of the Golden Trio, lying on top of a pile of hay, with her hair fanned out around her and laughing cheerily as some of the closer horses napped beside her and throwing bits of hay onto her, as if playing with her. The rumours going around about this girl sounded nothing like this carefree girl playing with the horses now. Knowing she was of no harm to her or the horses, she hid the wand back into its usual hiding spot on the wand holster on her left thigh.

Once Hermione finally calmed down from her laughter and noticed the blonde girl standing in front, and slightly to the left of her, her eyes widened. But it wasn’t in shock or fear, it was in wonder. The young girl cooed gently, “Oohhh, what pretty hair.”

Fleur tilted her head to the side, watching the girl curiously… Although she had never conversed with the smartest witch of her age except during that one opening night of the Tournament, she left like something was different about the girl.

“Merci mademoiselle, to what do I owe the pleasure of having you at the stables today?” Fleur smiled endearingly at the happy looking girl. Hermione made some grabby hands at Fleur, looking as if she wanted to grab Fleur’s hair, or like a toddler wanting to be picked up. Fleur tilted her head again at the brunette’s behaviour.

Seeing Fleur not moving from her spot, Hermione pouted and then patted the spot beside her, a gesture asking Fleur to sit. Fleur grimaced slightly at the hay before she released a tiny huff and then proceeded to sit down by the little brunette.

Hermione then started playing with Fleur’s hair as she had originally intended, “You have such pretty hair, miss.” She grinned brightly at the blonde.

“Please call me Fleur, ‘ermione,” the blonde smiled gently at the brunette and allowed her hair to be messed with. A thoughtful look appeared on Hermione’s face before she gave a resolute nod and then resumed running her hands through the silky tresses.

“I wished I have hair like yours! Mine is all frizzy,” Hermione commented.

“I find your hair rather adorable, ‘ermione, like a little lion,” Fleur found herself unable to stop smiling at how adorable one of the golden trio really is. She had always thought of Hermione Granger as a bit of more of a serious studious uptight person, not in a bad way, of course, she actually quite like Hermione Granger.

Hermione let out a cute little roar with her hands beside her head making claws, looking adorable as all hell. Fleur couldn’t help herself bursting out in laughter and patted Hermione’s head. Hermione looked pleased with herself, having made the beautiful blonde lady laugh and then continued playing with the long golden hair. The horses had remained by the two girls’ side, relaxing and watching over them. One of them even playfully nipped at Hermione’s hair, which Hermione swatted at it softly, laughing.

Finally, Fleur’s hair was put up into a messy bun but no less beautiful, Fleur then informed Hermione that it was almost time for dinner, and they should be heading back to the Great Hall. As soon as the food was mentioned, Hermione’s stomach grumbled in a loud growl, and she clapped excitedly in the prospect of food, asking if Fleur was going to cook for her. Fleur hadn’t laughed so much in a long time and Hermione loved the sound of it, like soft chiming bells. Once her laughter had subsided, she answered, “Non, but the house elves are going to present us their best meal.” Upon a particularly sorrowful pout from Hermione, Fleur promised that she would make a meal for Hermione one day which instantly brightened the little witch.

Hermione jumped up unsteadily and offered her hand to Fleur to help her up. Once the blonde got up, she carefully dusted the bum of the skirt to clear it of dust and hay, and she picked out some of the hay from Hermione’s mane too. She was leading the way to the Great Hall when she felt a smaller smooth hand slid itself into her own. When she looked at the younger witch, an adorably bright grin was on her face, so she held her hand as they made their way to the Great Hall.

Once they arrived at the Great Hall, Fleur was expecting to part ways with the brunette and loosened her hand entwined with the other girl. But instead, the girl only held on tighter and looked at her expectantly. With a small amount of confusion, Fleur walked to the Ravenclaw table, towards where the Beauxbaton students were seated, with the little brunette still holding onto her hand and following her there.

The Ravenclaws and the Beauxbaton were surprised by Fleur’s new companion wanting to sit with them but were otherwise happy. The Ravenclaws had always thought that Hermione should have been sorted to Ravenclaw instead of Gryffindor anyways. Hermione waved shyly at all the new faces and was given a seat beside Fleur.

All along while that was happening, Harry, Ron and Ginny were watching as Hermione made her way with the new gorgeous blonde, champion of Beauxbaton, hand-in-hand to the Ravenclaw table. They were all confused and wondering when she had made such friendship with the blonde and why she was not sitting with them.

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Hermione happily ate dinner and conversed a little with the group about the beautiful horses in the stable, how soft their feathers were and how gentle and playful they could be. The Ravenclaws were surprised that she had interacted with the Beauxbaton’s Abraxan horses.

After dinner was done, Hermione held onto Fleur’s hand again, expecting Fleur to play with her again. Fleur chuckled softly and said, “Non, ‘ermione, it’s late now, we’re not going back to see the horses. We both should rest for the night now.” Hermione looked confused and almost heart-broken, but otherwise, let go of the blonde’s hand.

Fleur conceded, “Alright, ‘ermione, how about we go to the library to study instead?”

Hermione’s face showed apprehension, she didn’t like the idea of studying but then she did want to spend time with the pretty lady. Then she finally decided on excitement and nodded her head, happily with a grin holding back onto Fleur’s warm hand. Fleur then led Hermione back to the Beauxbaton carriage, Hermione was marvelling at the size of the carriage inside, it was grand, shiny and almost golden. Fleur made her way through several hallways until they reached a beautiful library, not as big as the Hogwart’s but big enough, considering this was only in a carriage. Fleur settled herself on a comfortable couch by the fireplace and Hermione sat right beside her. Fleur then accio’ed a few books over to the little table beside the couch and picked out the top one to read.

“Can you read it to me?” Hermione asked almost shyly.

“Sure, ma belle,” Fleur smiled at the girl before she began reading softly in the silence of the Beauxbaton carriage library.

Slowly, but surely, their position changed as Hermione’s head laid on Fleur’s lap as she listened to the French speak slowly lilted words with her accent. Fleur would sometimes absently run her hand through Hermione’s scalp, relaxing the girl even more.

When Fleur had finally finished reading for the day, she put her book away and noticed that the brunette had fallen asleep on her. She tried to gently wake up the sleeping lioness but to no avail. Finally, she decided to just transfigure the couch into a bed and a blanket for them to sleep for the night.

When morning came with the morning sunshine softly streaming into the library, Fleur felt her cheek being poked, again and again, trying to wake her. She grumbled a few times and swatted at the offending hand several times but it just kept coming back. Finally deciding to give up, Hermione sure was very stubborn, she concluded, she finally woke up and glared at the younger girl.

The girl only grinned brightly at her, “Morning Fleur, I’m hungry.” Fleur let out a hearty laugh, “Alright, ma belle, we shall find something to eat soon. But first, let’s get ready for the morning.”

Fleur had to take Hermione to her room to get cleaned up and ready for the day before they finally left the carriage and back to the Great Hall for breakfast. Once they arrived, there was not a lot of people yet, seeing how early it was, however at the Gryffindor table, Ginny, Harry and Ron were already seated there, worrying as Hermione never made her way back to the tower last night. Upon the sight of Hermione entering the Great Hall with Fleur, hand-in-hand again, Ron’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Ginny and Harry were no less surprised but hid their reaction better.

“I think you better eat with your friends this morning, ma belle, it looks like they were worried about you last night,” Fleur said, motioning to the three Gryffindors. Hermione looked over at the three, almost as if she didn’t recognize them and then looked back at Fleur almost pleadingly, “But Fleur… I don’t know them.”

Now even Fleur appeared to be shocked, they were her best friends, what did Hermione mean by she didn’t know them? “They are your best friends, non?”

With wide eyes, Hermione shook her head, “I’ve never seen them my whole life.”

“Ma belle, how about you sit with them for breakfast for now and then I shall come to get you later?” Fleur bargained. Hermione looked like she was going to cry but nodded, and then Fleur led her to the three worried Gryffindors. As Fleur was approaching them, Ron’s face became redder and redder until it was almost purple, Harry just stared and Ginny was glaring.

“Je suis désolé, I had borrowed ‘ermione last night and had forgotten to return her,” She smiled at the three while pulling a chair out and seating Hermione at her usual place. She then leaned into Hermione’s ear and reassured her in a whisper that she would be back later.

Once the french was out of earshot, Ginny shot out of her chair, “What were you doing last night with her? Where were you? We were worried sick.”

Hermione looked shocked at the outburst and seeing her face, Harry quickly settled Ginny down and said in a much gentler tone, “Morning Hermione, how is your day so far?” All he got from her was a shrug.

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When their breakfast plates popped in front of them and revealed scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages, mash potatoes and corns. Hermione’s face immediately brightened up. She then looked up and looked at the others’ plates contemplatively and asked them a very odd question, “You are my friends, right?”

The three looked at each other with even more concerned expressions and Harry was the one who answered, “Of course we are, Hermione.”

“Okay,” Hermione nodded resolutely before she did the oddest thing ever. She moved her plate closer to Harry’s, took some of his scrambled eggs, gave him her bacon. She then moved her plate to Ginny’s, took some of her scrambled eggs too, gave her the sausages and corn. When she was going for Ron’s plate, Ron quickly moved his plate away, she then looked at him with sorrowful kitten eyes. Ginny nudged her brother roughly before he gave up and moved his plate back. Hermione then grinned widely and took some of his scrambled eggs and replaced them with her mash. Ron could be heard grumbling but otherwise ate his own breakfast.

Finally, after she was done, she happily munched away at her scrambled eggs breakfast. The three shared another look again and this time Ron was the one asking, “Are you alright, Hermione?”

She nodded happily and continued eating. Once she was done, she hopped up and skipped her way over to the Ravenclaw table where the french was chattering with some of her friends. As soon as Hermione left the Gryffindor table, Ron started to protest but it was left unheard by the brunette. She quickly slid her hands over Fleur’s shoulders and hugged her from behind, easily nuzzling her cheek with Fleur’s.

Fleur chuckled softly, “I see you are done with your breakfast, ma belle.” To which the young witch nodded happily but snatched a french bread roll off Fleur’s plate and munched on it. Fleur quickly finished her breakfast and as soon as she stood, her hand was stolen by the brunette who smiled brightly at her. She smiled back at her and then led her to the hospital wing. There was something definitely wrong with Hermione.

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