Ch 2 – Who am I?

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Author: DarkGodEM Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Who even am I…”

A small girl sat on a ledge. Her legs dangling as she stared at the beautiful scenery of mountains covered in thick woodlands. The tips of the large trees poking through the dense fog as the sun rose in the background. Her purplish black hair falling over her shoulders as she played with a black ball of thick mana.

‘I wish she was here to see the sunrise with me…’

Earlier today, Necro was assaulted by a massive headache, and with it, all the memories she’d forgotten surfaced.

Her earlier failure. Her ultimate loss.

But one thought troubled her the most… Would she still be the same person even after remembering all that?

The thought of losing herself over who she was previously haunted her the whole night. She couldn’t sleep at all. So, she jumped out from her window onto the roof and sat there, staring at the moon the whole night, until now.

“Necky! It’s time for the morgenmete!”

The call from the maid woke her up from her daydreaming. The ball of mana quickly dissipating.

“Your father has already told you not to go to the roof! It’s dangerous!”

Necro jumped back inside, and only nodded to the maid as she walked towards the door. The luxurious room she was in was already normal to her.

“I wonder if I’ll ever hear your voice…”

Necro turned herself back, leaning onto the door trim as she uttered a single word to her head-maid.


The maid just stood there, aghast.
She became completely entranced by the cuteness of her little master. Her face turned red as she held her face with both hands. She realized; she was the first person, apart from her Majesty, to hear her voice.

Necro was the last one to arrive to the dining room, her parents and brothers were already waiting for her.

“Sup Nec.”

Her middle brother was the first to talk to her.
She nodded to him as she pulled her chair by his side.

“Today’s a very important day. Mihnea is leaving to study in the Ungri’s royal capital school! He’s going to become a great Voivode one day.”

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“But father-!”

Her brother stood up to complain.


A single word from his stepmother was enough to shut him up and make him sit back down.

“Sorry… But you still haven’t taught me, father…”

“Everything will come at its time. You are not ready yet to learn anything despite being 17.”
“There’s a chance you will never awaken, like your mother.”


Their conversation piqued Necro’s attention… What were they talking about?


She asked. tilting her head.


All the men on the table stood like loose springs.

“Since when!” (Mihnea)
“How?!” (Middle brother)

“Ara… It seems out little flower is finally blooming” Said her mother.

Jusztina was a dazzling woman. Despite being way past her thirties her beauty had not yet faded. Her gorgeous facial features were complemented by her balanced figure and gorgeous black hair. She’d married Vlad for less than a year before the birth of little Vlad, Necro’s middle brother. Jusztina had inherited the Transylvanian Estates from her deceased first husband, Pongrac. Her marriage with Vlad was part of a peace treaty between her cousin, Corvinus, the King of Ungri and Vlad, once it came to light his innocence in the last war. Vlad was recognized as a hero by his people but demonized by his foes after he impaled thousands for the murder of his older brother. This dark side of him re-lit the fire in Jusztina’s heart.
However, their happiness would be meek. After the birth of both their children, less than a year apart, Necronomia’s illness completely changed the dynamics of the family. For over a year, Jusztina never left the side of her 3-year-old daughter’s sickbed. Not even the legendary Life Attribute Healing Magic was able to cure the little girl… That is, until one day, when she was declared dead. That day, Necronomia was cured by a miracle. Her black hair gained a purple hue, and her Amethyst eyes turned a purplish red. And her illness was miraculously cured. From that day, Jusztina became a pious person. But above all, she loved her family.

“This is a grown-up topic sweetie, when the time comes, you’ll learn about it.” She followed.

Necro sulled a bit at the answer. She was very curious as to what they were talking about. Her daily life hardly ever included these moments with her whole family.

“One more thing” Her father started saying. “I’ll have to spend some time at the Cetadea… Sorry for not being a more present father. Some issues have come to light and foreign ambassadors are coming… I don’t want expose you to them.”

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“We understand, Honey… Good luck with dealing with those.” Jusztina showed an expression of disgust… She hated dealing with that kind of people. Especially after her first marriage.

The family had an amazing meal. The food in this mansion was incredible. Necro enjoyed the meal, not knowing this was the last time she would see her father in years.

‘Boring’ Is all she could think.

Her education was based on the knowledge required for royalty… She already knew all of it from Soleir’s memories but had to spend whole days reading and memorizing the same stuff over and over… God was this boring.
Years passed by without anything worth mentioning. As she grew, Necro became more aware of the political situation around Wallachia. Her father had cut all ties with the Sultanate to the south, making Wallachia an easy target. He was also not exactly friendly with the Papal States and its backed countries. Just like with Soleir in her previous life. His memories made clear he died somewhere in Burgundy and that his lover was waiting somewhere in the Small States. It would be a long journey from Wallachia… Reaching that far would require her becoming an adventurer… Not exactly the expected course of action for a princess… That it, until this day.

“Now, please try putting your mana in this sphere.”


“Yes. Just imagine pouring something in here.”

‘It’s not like this body’s mana-pool is large… I haven’t been able to use magic where people can see since nobody taught me…’

As she poured mana into the crystal, many colors sprouted in the crystal.

Red, yellow, green, blue…

“Wow… You have some affinity to all attributes but light! that’s amazing!”

In her last life, she was only able to use Dark magic and some Earth and Water…
‘Fire and Wind magic should’ve come from this body’s former self…’
‘But where’s my…’

“Tomorrow we start your magical theory classes… I need to tell this to Her Highness…”

As the royal mage chosen as tester and possible instructor turned around to leave the room.
The sphere turned completely black.

An evil smirk became plastered on Necro’s face as she realized the meaning of this.

Her affinity towards dark magic had increased many-fold.


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