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Ch 16 – Necro’s drunk friends

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Author: DarkGodEM Original Source: Scribble Hub


Necro’s throat started burning as soon as Ace grabbed the canteen.

‘The hell did I just drink?’

Her stomach growled and her insides felt weird.

“Err…. What was that?” She asked. In retrospect, she should’ve asked it beforehand.

“Spirits!” Answered Mary, cheerfully. “You like it too right?”

“I mean… It’s not bad. I just never drank it before. My throat feels like it’s burning.”

“Yeah. I love it!”

Necro looked to the side, to see Ace taking a very small sip with a serious fAce.

“Why are you so reserved, Ace? Drink more!”

“I’m… weak with alcohol… I will but you have to take responsibility.”

Ace and Mary blushed… Necro got a little curious as to what had happened. But she made the wise decision of not asking.

After the initial surprise settled, the group started chatting about their day. The hunts and all that. It was pretty eventless as they passed the canteen around, and the second one, until almost empty.

“And then, and then: PAHHH. There’s a huge motherf̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g wolf right there and I’m like. Holy f̲u̲c̲k̲, if it comes straight for us we are dead. But them, But then it goes and wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezes past us and a tiny girl is running from it and she wabam! dodges the thing and I’m like holy f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲gmoly.”

“Bid… I think it’s about time for you to go iiiiiiieeen… uou, that almost diiidn’t come out. Aaaanyhow, Yoou seem to be dhurunk.”

“See those two goofers? They are as weak as it gets. Fu̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g wimps.”

Mary said to both Necro and Ace.

Hal and bid were literally swaying around like leaves about to-.


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“hehehe He fell…” Ace laughs with a s̲h̲i̲t̲ eating grin that doesn’t suit her.

“Hey, Hal! Take’im in will ya?”

Mary says. Her and Ace laughing their a̲s̲s̲e̲s̲ off as they watch the pair scramble to their tents, almost falling countless times in the process.

“Heeee that was fun.”(Mary)

“You two are brutal…”

For some weird reason, Necro is the only one still somewhat sober.

Ace stops laughing and throws a side smile at Necro, sliding her hand up her dress.

“Hey! Ace. W-What are you…”

“Boy, oh boy. Seems Ace is getting spicy… That’s my time to go before she comes this way.”

“Wait! Mary! Help me here!”

“But you said you’d take responsibility for making me drink…”

“I… did, didn’t I.”

Mary was already walking away when she noticed something. Turning around talking halfway to her tent.

“Hey! You guys realized Necro doesn’t have a tent right?”

“Huh?” (Necro)

“No problem. She’ll sleep with me tonight.” (Ace)

‘Why am I not so sure about sleeping though?!’

Ace’s hand slowly slid up her legs all the way to her thighs.

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“Your skin is so soft…”

Necro blushed, bidding farewell to her own self control.


Ace made a cute noise as Necro jumped on her, laying her on the grass and sitting on top of her.

“You sure you don’t wanna take this inside?”

“I-I… Carry me there…”

Necro was taken aback by Ace’s incredibly cute expression. Seeing her blush while asking to be carried was like a thousand love arrows piercing straight through her heart. Drunk Ace was naughty but also so cute!

Necro let go and started to stand.


But was thrown to the ground by Ace, their positions reversed.

“Hehe… My turn now.”

Ace’s hand slid over her dress. Slowing down as the reached her small breasts.


Necro moaned as Ace caressed them.

“Let’s go in, please.” She pleaded, embarrassed.

“Ookei~!” Ace agreed much easier than she thought, with a huge smile or her face. It really didn’t feel like the Ace from earlier. She felt much warmer.

‘She behaving like this reminds me of Nebby-girl…’

Nebby was a small kid Soleir had known in his time. She was the daughter of a dear friend of his. Nelphta, a fellow student of the Royal Magician School in the Holy Capital. She was also an academic at the Divine Institute but she studied the use of Water Elemental Magic for first-aid magic. She was a genius in her own field, and taught Soleir the little he knew of Water magic. It’d been over three decades since the last time Necro had met her as Soleir…

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‘I wonder how Nelphy’s doing…’

“… Are you not carrying me there?” Ace’s voice awakened Necro from her daydreaming. She’d been standing there in front of Necro, waiting for her.

“Sorry… I was just thinking about something.”

Necro stood up, hitting her dress to get rid of any stuck up grass. She grabbed Ace’s face, giving her one more wet kiss.

Ace’s body felt like it was burning. She’d been provoking Necro for a while now while pretending not to be, but she was so excited she was almost taking her clothes off right there and then. Necro’s kiss pushed her over her threshold, making her body burn with desire.

Necro felt Ace’s legs shivering and rubbing against hers.

Albeit not a hundred per cent comfortable with Ace’s drunk state, her own was not so pristine, so overthinking about that was simply impossible for her at the time.

She parted the kiss and picked Ace up, who touched her face with affection.

“Ah… What’s yours though?”


“Your tent, which is it?”

“The last one. Next to Mary’s.”

Necro carefully walked towards the tent in which they would “sleep”. Occasionally stopping when Ace prompted her for a kiss. The cuteness of the two was heartwarming and made Necro completely forget her problems and the issues that plagued her family, bringing her back to a happy moment.

As the couple arrived at the tent, Necro crouched down, still carrying Ace, and brought her inside.

The tent was rather simple, and a thin straw mat covered the bottom of it, giving a little more comfort than the bare yet soft ground beneath. The tent was enough for one large person, but since the two were particularly mignon, it could fit the two rather nicely.

Necro laid Ace in the mat, waiting for her to make a move.

Her expectations were quickly exceeded by Ace’s words.

“Are you not going to strip me down?” She said. A lascivious smile on her face.

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