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[Arc 4] Chapter 122

Chapter 122

Training Camp Rules

After Chu Shen, Su Gagi, and Lucas returned to the camp they were immediately surrounded by the teachers. “How is the forest?” “Will it work?” “Is my plan feasible?” Chu Shen and the others were immediately bombarded with questions upon their return.

Su Gagi immediately took the lead. “Hold on. Let us go in and sit down before we have to answer all these questions. It took us two days of riding to get here and I imagine we’re all sore.” The teachers backed off, though they still seemed eager to have their questions answered.

They went in and sat for a while. One of the teachers got them all some tea. Finally, one of them couldn’t take it anymore. “So, what did you find?” She asked eagerly. Everyone looked at her. “What, you were all thinking it. I just said it.” She said defensively.

Su Gagi smiled at everyone. “Well, it seems like it’s feasible. We already have some crude log cabins set up for everyone to move in. All we need to do is to get the kids together and move them. We checked out the hunting zone and there is plenty of beasts they can hunt and none that are out of the normal expected power levels.”

All of the teachers started grinning. “Well then, when should we move?” The female teacher asked. After that everyone started talking about specific and boring details. Chu Shen, who was tired from riding a horse all day, decided not to stay and to go to bed.

The next morning the kids were sat down and given a talking to by Su Gagi. “Listen, because what I tell you next is probably going to decide your future. I know most of you has lost someone to the Asura Sect. We”, he swept his hand behind him to include the other adults, Chu Shen, and Lucas, “have a way for you to get revenge on them.”

Upon hearing that, most of the kids perked up. Chrissa and Aslo were noticeably calmer about it though since they already knew they would have the power to get revenge soon.

“You must hear me out though.” Su Gagi  immediately tried to curb their excitement. “This training method will be tough and it can even be said to be cruel. Some of you might die. We plan to have you hunt magical beasts to train. Are you still willing?”

A couple of the kids were hesitant. Some were nervous. The vast majority seemed to still not get what hunting magical beast meant. Su Gagi understood that. “If you have any questions you can ask a teacher at anytime.

“We plan to leave to the hunting zone to train first thing tomorrow morning. If you don’t want to do this training then you can see one of the teachers and tell them. We won’t take you with us. Be warned though, once we arrive to start the training, you can’t change your mind.”

Immediately some of the kids faces paled. This new training regime sounded hard and possibly fatal. Some of the smarter ones thought they could try it out and then quit if they didn’t like it. With this new information, more than a few lost the courage they had mustered. Aslo, who had been watching from the back, rolled his eyes.

Standing up, he started to scold them. “How come you guys are all cowards? My mom was killed in front of me. Even if I might die, I still want to try and get revenge for her. If this new training can do it, then even if there is a chance of me dying, I would still do it. Can you all forget the faces of your parents when they died? Or the teachers when they died trying to save us?”

“Aslo, sit down!” Su Gagi yelled at him. “You go too far. Maybe you can call them cowards but whether they go or not is up to them. We cannot force them or even try to shame them into going.” He turned to the kids. “Well, you already heard everything you needed to hear. You’re dismissed. Remember, tell the teachers if you don’t wish to go. Otherwise, you will be coming with us tomorrow.”

Chu Shen could see the difference in the kids attitude as they left. Those kids who had been hesitating seemed as though they had made up their minds. Whichever way that was, Chu Shen didn’t know. He wasn’t a mind reader after all. Either way, it was good that they didn’t have doubts.

The next day everyone was packed up and ready to go. There was only a single child that didn’t want to go and she was only seven years old. It was understandable for someone so young to not want to fight to the death.

It was decided that she would be taken with them but a private cabin would be made for her and one of the teachers would watch her. She wouldn’t be forced to join. Altogether, there was now 80 kids and 9 teachers that would be going to train.

After hitching the horses to the wagons, everyone departed from Garson to the hunting zone. It took three days instead of two to arrive at the hunting zone. The reason for the slower travel was, of course, because the wagons were slower than horseback.

They arrived at the log cabins in middle of the afternoon on the third day. The teachers quickly got to work upon arriving. They cut up a couple of trees into even planks. Using a glue they had bought at the hunting town, they put the planks into the cabins for a floor. Using scrapers they smoothed out the floor so as to keep the kids from getting splinters. All of the kids were sent to bed after that, using the blankets they brought along from Garson.

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The teachers, along with Lucas and Chu Shen, continued working. They created a small cabin a little ways off for the little girl who didn’t want to train. They also created a large log cabin that was rectangular in shape. It was very long and not very wide. It was big enough that everyone could live inside it with some room to spare. After it was built, they joined the kids and slept.

The very next day, the kids were brought into the large cabin. There Chu Shen stood in front of them. “Hey kids. So today we are going to be starting the training. Before we do though, we should probably go over the rules first.

“So here they are. Rule 1. We will provide all your meals. The weapons, armor, and meals will all be very basic. Essentially there will be a biscuit and some vegetables for all your meals.

“Rule 2. You must hunt in teams. For now the teams will be made up of five people with a teacher

“Rule 2. If you want better food you must hunt it for yourself. Any meat from the beasts hunted will belong to the group that killed it. We will cook it for you.

“Rule 3. You can sell the beast core to the store to earn contribution points. Using the contribution points, you can buy spells, techniques, additional food, toys, weapons, armor, private lessons, or even have me open up additional mana rivers.

“Rule 4. If there has been no attempt to hunt for a beast for two weeks then there must be an explanation. If there is not an explanation, then all equipment except the ones originally provided will then be taken from the offender.

“Rule 5. Every week there will be a teaching and duel session. This week there will only be teaching with no hunting. This is so we can prepare the equipment you will all need for hunting. The teachers will use this room to teach you all a little bit more about your powers. Pay attention because what you learn here can affect your life outside. That’s all”

All of the kids seemed a bit confused. Su Gagi immediately took over and started teaching as Chu Shen left the room. He was waiting for materials needed to make the armor and weapons they were going to give the students. They had sent the teacher back to the town  With this last purchase their funds would be down to zero.

It was time to start equipping these kids so they could learn how to fight.


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