Chapter 65: Let’s Go to the Desert

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Okaasan! Love you!”

Aww! She’s just too adorable. Himeko and me were hugging on the bed. She probably could have snapped me in 2 right now, but she was very gentle. When a maid came in and saw us together she suddenly dropped the tray she was holding and blushed.

“Your Highness… I’m sorry… I…”

Hmm? Is she new? I don’t recall her face. Well I don’t want to scare her off so…

“Don’t worry. Just clean it up. I won’t punish you. I won’t let the head maid punish you or whatever, either. Just pretend it never happened. You don’t need to worry.”

“R-Really…?” The maid fearfully raised her head. She maintained her tight grip on her dress. Still scared, she quietly said:

“I once heard a rumour… that if this sort of thing happened with you, that everyone who enters your room… then I would have to… with you… I… I… I have somebody I love… So…”

What the…!?

“Were did you hear that?”

“Everybody says it.”

I face palmed myself. I didn’t know who started that sort of false rumour, but I had to punish whoever said it. It was definitely a false rumour; it was one-hundred percent false. Yes, I might have my way with the girls around me and the situations kind of went that way, but I wouldn’t threaten somebody into sex over something so trivial!

I waved my hand: “That’s a false rumour. Ignore it. How could I threaten a maid into doing that? Moreover, my daughter is with me, so how could I do that in front of her? Just clean up, bring us some drinks and leave us alone.”

“Understood! Thank you!”

Even so she tripped again once she exited my room. Seriously, were did Grace find such a dizzy girl? But I don’t mind.

“Okaasan… will you do lewd things with me?”

“No! Absolutely not! You’re still too young!”

Although I had Himeko watch me a few times when I did it with others, that was only to imprint the yuri mentality in her head.

“Okaasan… does not like me?”

Gwaa… don’t give me those puppy eyes.

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“Of course I do! I love you lots. Listen… I will have to go on a trip soon. But I promise when I get back, I’ll make you a proper woman.”


“Umu! I promise.”

“Just… come back safe. Was scared. All my life I was alone. Never had parents. Yet since you found me… I only knew happiness. Don’t want to lose you… Okaasan must come back!”

“Mommy will be back as soon as she can. Now come. Cuddle with me for a while longer.”

Yeah. There’s just no better medicine than cuddling with a loli. I’m truly blessed to have such a cute daughter.


As soon as I was able to stand Shiori bumped into me, jumped on top and pinned me to the ground.

“Shiori, you’re not supposed to call me that.”

“I’ll call you anything, Milla, husband, wife, my love, my dear, whatever you want; just don’t die, okay? You said everything will be okay. Doesn’t this mean you lied to us?! You liar! You Liar!! You don’t have my permission to die! I absolutely won’t allow you to die! You’re telling me you’re about to die now?”

I clasped Shiori’s face: “I don’t want to die, either, Shiori. I don’t want to leave you, either. I love you. I love you as I always have. I love everyone. Everyone here is my family. I promise I’ll find a way. So stop crying, okay?”

“How… can you stay so calm?”

“I guess I’m just optimistic. I’m going with the flow here. And now… would you mind getting off me? You’re heavy. You should go on a diet.”

“How rude! That’s not what you are supposed to say to a girl that is worried about you!”

We both looked in each other’s eyes and eventually we kissed.

“Just promise to come back no matter what…”

“I promise. I’ll come back alive even if it kills me!”

“That… doesn’t make any sense at all… but you never break your promises so I will wait for you. As long as needed.”

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Greeting everyone again was really tiring. I went and met with everyone. Lorina, Sue, Irina, Momoyo, Tengu, Felicia, Odin, Persia… they all told me the same thing. Come back alive. I don’t intend to disappoint them. I made as many preparations as I could. First I made arrangements for the worst case scenario. I made sure that Grace will rule this place and Odin and Persia will guard it in succession. They can’t stay here permanently since they need to look after they’re own lands, but if Grace calls for them, they will rush over.

Then I handed to Tengu some more laws to make sure the military and public order troops keep this place peaceful. A month out of the 3 passed in the blink of an eye. Specially now since I had to eat and sleep like normal people. It was almost time to go. But I also made sure to give everyone a good sex experience before I left. I might not come back so I made sure to enjoy a nice orgy, fufu~♪

But I had no intention to give up on life.

I started to pack my things. Food, water and some provisions. Last but not least, I went out to pick out a horse. I didn’t know how the desert looked like. Was it a wasteland or sand everywhere? So I went with something Felicia picked out for me.

“Milla-nee, please, at least take Fenrir with you! You can’t go alone.”

“Sorry, Grace, but no. Odin will need Fenrir.”

“Then at least take Felicia instead of a regular horse.”

“You know as well as I do that we’ll need her here. Tengu has to also go to the villages part of my land and apply the new rules. Someone here needs to be in charge. Felicia is the only one I trust.”


“Grace, I’ll be fine.”

I picked a sturdy horse breed. A breed that doesn’t even exist back on earth. A horse that can also carry a lot of luggage and run in bursts if the need arises. I packed special biscuits and bread that won’t rot, thanks to Lorina. Elves don’t have fancy food, but they are sure practical.

“Very well…”

“Everyone, you know what to do. Try not to get in trouble while I’m gone.”

“Milla-nyan, come back soon.”

“Stay safe!”

“Onee-chan, don’t do anything reckless!”

“Remember your promise Milla!”

“Your Highness, we all will be waiting for you!”

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“Okaasan… don’t make me wait!”

And so, with everyone seeing me off, I mounted my horse and headed for the desert, in search for my second life… or is it my 3rd? I don’t know anymore myself…

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